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I did it!

Clash of the Titans in Fifteen Minutes, which We Were Not Speaking Of! And it only took me, uh, NINE DAYS. Given my times on the last four or five 15Ms, I think I'm just going to have to accept that that's how long it takes--a week, more or less--and just come to terms with it.

I mention Eclipse above the cut, because I know people will ask for it--yeah, it's on my calendar. (Literally, on my iPhone calendar.) We're kind of to the point where Twilight and Harry Potter are mandatory. There could possibly be one other 15M between this and Eclipse (we will not speak of it, but there's a really obvious candidate between now and June), but keep in mind that 3-4 parodies in a year is normal for me, we've already got two "mandatory" ones booked, and then there's this one already. I can put out a ton that are really shitty, or I can put out a very few that I feel good about, and I'd rather do the latter. And sometimes I can't even make the ones I want to do work. Which is my way of answering, "Are you going to do [movie]?" in advance.

Meanwhile: it ain't high art, but I feel decently good about this one.

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