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Cleolinda Jones

A few things to follow up on

1) The United Airlines debacle: As of this writing, they have gotten in touch with evilpuppy, given her the number of a representative to call, and seem to be taking this seriously. I'll update you more fully once the dust settles on that; I'm in a wait-and-see mode at this point. Y'all's comments from yesterday are an eye-opener, though.

2) I posted Clash of the Titans in Fifteen Minutes on Sunday. I can't make icons at the moment, as I still haven't put anything spiffier than MS Paint on this computer.

3) I am still nominated for a thing! Voting seems to close on Thursday?

4) Speaking of Thursday, word on the street is that the U.S. Post Office intends to close at 5 pm, instead of staying open until midnight to let people get their taxes mailed out at the last minute. Be advised.

5) Made of Fail has a Formspring account! As do Kevin and Dayna individually! I have not answered questions on mine for a few days, but I've already answered 400, so I think I can take a little break!

5b) Please, guys, I love y'all, but don't ask me for psychiatric advice on Formspring. I'm not qualified. I can talk about my own experiences, but I really can't give out medical advice. All I'm going to be able to say is, "If you are concerned about this, you should talk to a doctor and/or therapist."

6) Speaking of Dayna, she sat through the New Moon porn "parody" and texted me through the whole thing, as you might have seen yesterday (NSFW). (With a special appearance by Kevin, who was on the phone with me on unrelated matters during the second half! "So I'm thinking it'll take a week to write that, these things... just... do... ... ... uh..." "Dayna texting you again?" "She says they miked... Rosalie." "Uh.") Also, I owe her five actual dollars now. (I was playing the odds, people!) The screencaps are safe for work, but the general conversation is graphic, crude, mind-scarring, and frequently devolves to "Ah," "Argh," and "Oh dear" on my part. The movie squicked Dayna, if that tells you anything.

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