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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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A few things to follow up on
1) The United Airlines debacle: As of this writing, they have gotten in touch with evilpuppy, given her the number of a representative to call, and seem to be taking this seriously. I'll update you more fully once the dust settles on that; I'm in a wait-and-see mode at this point. Y'all's comments from yesterday are an eye-opener, though.

2) I posted Clash of the Titans in Fifteen Minutes on Sunday. I can't make icons at the moment, as I still haven't put anything spiffier than MS Paint on this computer.

3) I am still nominated for a thing! Voting seems to close on Thursday?

4) Speaking of Thursday, word on the street is that the U.S. Post Office intends to close at 5 pm, instead of staying open until midnight to let people get their taxes mailed out at the last minute. Be advised.

5) Made of Fail has a Formspring account! As do Kevin and Dayna individually! I have not answered questions on mine for a few days, but I've already answered 400, so I think I can take a little break!

5b) Please, guys, I love y'all, but don't ask me for psychiatric advice on Formspring. I'm not qualified. I can talk about my own experiences, but I really can't give out medical advice. All I'm going to be able to say is, "If you are concerned about this, you should talk to a doctor and/or therapist."

6) Speaking of Dayna, she sat through the New Moon porn "parody" and texted me through the whole thing, as you might have seen yesterday (NSFW). (With a special appearance by Kevin, who was on the phone with me on unrelated matters during the second half! "So I'm thinking it'll take a week to write that, these things... just... do... ... ... uh..." "Dayna texting you again?" "She says they miked... Rosalie." "Uh.") Also, I owe her five actual dollars now. (I was playing the odds, people!) The screencaps are safe for work, but the general conversation is graphic, crude, mind-scarring, and frequently devolves to "Ah," "Argh," and "Oh dear" on my part. The movie squicked Dayna, if that tells you anything.

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ARRRRGH. No, that was typed correctly, they had a mike on her.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Is that the one with me whimpering that she likes to play for people?

Regarding #6... I am now scarred for life. In a funny, oh-god-my-eyes-and-brain kind of way.

Two things, in regards to number 6 I giggled because it was funny. If I'd sat through it I probably wouldn't have thought so. and now I need to track down the first porno itty bitty recap so I know contextually who was involved.

And Item number 1, the photo that evilpuppy included of her luggage and how she only packed it for a weekend, the excuse that it was too heavy is bull. Four days worth of clothes and some make-up and other weekend needs would fill that case but it's not like she's packing bricks and books and other things that would make it heavy. Those cases can hold a lot of stuff, I usually put them to the capacity test. I hope the end result is good, and props to whoever name dropped Kevin Smith because that's another thing that ticks me off. Kevin's not what I would classify as fat, a bit chunky yes but not fat. Unless you are going by the super-model weight guide in which case he might be considered grotesquely fat next to Kate Moss or some other stick-thin girl.

I finally got around to renting New Moon and watched it all the way through. I'm looking around for a used copy now because I'm not paying $23 for the movie, not even with my discount. Besides if it hadn't been for the M15M of New Moon I would have been lost. And some of the lines were right on the money for both a parody and a sparkle dramedy.

I think I have to bleach my eyes out after reading Dayna's recap. *cringe*

And it's pretty bad when more things happen in the porno version compared to the movie it is based off of.

I'm thinking they're saving the werewolf gangbang for the third one. You know, instead of ~epic~ ~vampire~ ~werewolf~ ~battle~ it's going to devolve into one.

Glad to hear things are better on the United Airheads front. (...Best I've got at the moment.) Behold the power of the internet.

And...really? People are asking you for psych advice? Not that you're not a knowledgeable, upstanding lady and all ("DOROTHY MANTOOTH IS A SAINT!"), but that seems...random. IDG Formspring and its decorum, I don't think.

(And hell, I drunk-viewed the real New Moon; I might as well hit the hooch again and watch the other version. Maybe.)

I honestly don't know what kind of questions other people get (I mean, in a widespread "culture of Formspring" sense). It may be that I get those kinds of questions because I talk about mental health, so other people don't. It may be more comparable to me getting really disturbing emails last year.

I don't want to sound callous, but if you're coming to me to say "I need help," then the answer to that is, "Please go see a doctor." I can't give you medical or psychiatric help.

Edited at 2010-04-13 11:47 pm (UTC)

As of this writing, they have gotten in touch with [info]evilpuppy, given her the number of a representative to call, and seem to be taking this seriously. I'll update you more fully once the dust settles on that; I'm in a wait-and-see mode at this point. Y'all's comments from yesterday are an eye-opener, though.

I hadn't heard about the original incident, but I'm very glad to hear they're looking into it instead of just blowing it off as "shit happens."

That said, this is hardly the only time I've heard of people - disabled and not disabled alike - being mistreated at airports. I heard a story while back where someone from England was almost arrested because (s)he was going to a convention in the states, because apparently that's a cause for suspicion. A friend of mine was almost arrested for no apparent reason. It feels like ever since 9/11, flight attendants and airport security have been misusing their permission to question when necessary.

Being not in-the-know on porn I took "miked" as a much more vulgar thing they did to Rosalie. Your way is better.

OH GOOD GRIEF I WISH I HAD NOT READ THAT. Begorrah, I'm not surprised Dayna was squicked.

Dayna deserves a medal for that. Or at least a healthy round of drinks.

Also, is it bad that when I saw the picture of Porno!Jane, my first thought was "sparklepires don't have fangs, duh"?

Well, it's like me and the "But Edward and Rosalie don't even LIKE each other!" moment. Facts are not allowed to get in the way of porn.

(Deleted comment)
Well, you don't have to, but you can.

Best porn recap/screen cap I've ever read! Thought competition is limited.....but still, very funny! Thank you for torturing yourself remotely for our amusement (which will perhaps be in the next...oh, never mind....)

UNITED AIRLINES- Good. I hope heads roll for this, or at least they get a gremlin on the wing of their planes...