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Holy shit, I had no idea that you could sell/publish books through CafePress. Where have I been? I have a damn store for the Digest!

The attraction of CafePress in all areas of merchandising, of course, is that they never require funds up front to do anything. And obviously this isn't the same as getting a book published with a real house (see also: "Thou shalt not boast to thy Cleo that hast 'published' thy work and expect thy Cleo to fall down with admiration"), but it would be a great way to get your work out to friends and friends-of-friends and so on. You've heard of starving writers selling self-published books out of the trunks of their cars? This is that. Only with no money up front. I like. I'm not in any position to throw together a pdf file right now or anything, but with some revision, I could see putting Black Ribbon out in single-chapter installments with the material from the website, or in a single-volume version... seriously, once this becomes more feasible, I will definitely run a few polls to gauge interest levels. Which, hell, might be nil. But the possibilities are exciting.


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