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Even thy Cleo follows the principles of Cleoism: "If thou hast been mistaken, thou shalt say, 'Oh, that was dumb. Sorry about that' rather than defend thy idiocy to the death." Thy Cleo shalt be flogged with noodles and sent to bed without chocolate.

God, I couldn't sleep at all last night. I was just bolt awake, but I didn't want to work on my paper, so... I just lay there. And tossed. And turned. Got hot. Kicked off the covers. Got cold. Pulled them back on. Slept late, to make up for it. Hope I have enough time to finish the paper (I leave a little after six pm for the class).

I did get a lot written yesterday, and it's mostly just blending the old paper with the new material. Temple actually said, "The exam [tonight] is not something you should worry about," but I'd still like to review a few of the critics we went over. You know, put some names with basic theories.

All in all, the paper's gone a lot more easily than I expected. I still hate writing it, though. Feels like I'm wasting time when I could be writing things I want to write.

By the way--can anyone advise me on copyright law as it pertains to nineteenth-century paintings, like Tissot or Sargent? Is there such a thing as "public domain" for paintings, where you can use them without charge?


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