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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Checking in
To start, we're okay. The tornadoes seem to have hit Mississippi the hardest. We had some scary-looking skies, strong winds, and hellacious rain, but that was it.

Second, the funeral for my great-aunt was on Thursday. (Wednesday was Pallas Cat Day on my Tumblr, because I needed a Pallas Cat Day, quite frankly.) It was held in a little churchyard cemetery up in north Alabama, not quite as far up as Decatur, but pretty close. It was the kind of place that had more cows than people and more churches than cows. I enjoyed the cows a lot. 

Also, my estranged father was there. I did not enjoy that as muchCollapse ) 

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Your reaction to your father makes total sense to me. Likewise the peace of mind that followed. I mean, it must feel a little bit good to be able to reject him after he rejected you. I would enjoy it, anyway, though perhaps your're a better person than me.

I saw grace mentioned in the comments, I'd like to add dignity. Great job preserving yours. Your post was inspiring--thanks for sharing. (And I'm glad you and yours are all OK. I actually thought of you last night when that wicked storm came through our part of Florida).

Good on you! I must say that you continue to impress; I'm not sure I would've been able to face that kind of family/emotional situation with that much dignity and composure.

Might've been channeling a bit more of Anne Elliot than Elinor Dashwood, there; with the I-saw-him-again-finally-and-the-world-didn't-end thought process. Either way, well done, you! :)

*BIG HUGS* for you and your family. And I'm glad you're feeling at peace.

Sidenote: Pallas Cat Day should be a national holiday. Just sayin'. :)

I'm so touched by this. And so proud of you, even if I don't really know you


"I don't want to see him, but I'm insulted that he doesn't even want to make the effort. But I don't want him to make the effort! But I don't understand why he won't! My emotional baggage, let me show you it."

that is exactly how i feel about my dad (who walked out on me when i was a kid but keeps in touch with my siblings)

Reading your blog for the last few years has made me have more respect for The South, and the cool things one may find there. I'm glad I have more knowledge of Alabama than the usual steriotypes.

I'm so glad that the funeral gave you some closure about your dad and the awful thing he did.. I think you needed to feel that you were in control of the situation, for once, instead of him choosing when and how or your relationship will go. And to smile and think good thoughts about your great aunt seems like the kind of thing she would have liked. She'd want you to feel at peace.


I am a terrible, terrible person for laughing.

"Well, I first noticed something was up when I was the one who got the milk off the porch. 'Cause, y'know, you usually did that. But honestly I was kinda sleepy and cartoons were on and, long story short, it wasn't until American Bandstand came on that I even thought about it again. So I was heating up a can of Spaghetti-O's for lunch, and...am I boring you?"


You are awesome.

thank you so much for having the strength to post this about your aunt's funeral, and your relationship with your father. :) it really made me feel a bit less alone in my current family situation, and i really appreciate it.

I'm glad it went well. *hugs*

Just a whole lotta love and good thoughts for you.

I am incredibly sorry for your loss and incredibly awed by your strength. You did her proud, I'm certain of it.

I'm glad you didn't need to go full Sookie at the funeral, and I'm going to second the grace and dignity posts.