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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Checking in
To start, we're okay. The tornadoes seem to have hit Mississippi the hardest. We had some scary-looking skies, strong winds, and hellacious rain, but that was it.

Second, the funeral for my great-aunt was on Thursday. (Wednesday was Pallas Cat Day on my Tumblr, because I needed a Pallas Cat Day, quite frankly.) It was held in a little churchyard cemetery up in north Alabama, not quite as far up as Decatur, but pretty close. It was the kind of place that had more cows than people and more churches than cows. I enjoyed the cows a lot. 

Also, my estranged father was there. I did not enjoy that as muchCollapse ) 

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Mostly a lurker here, but I just wanted to say I'm so sorry for your loss. Good for you for getting up to speak at the service, and also good for you for handling the nerve-wracking situation of being in the same space as your father. Peace to you.

Congratulations on making it through that ordeal, and sorry about your great-aunt.

It's always interesting, at least to me, to hear from people whose parents split up in their teen or young adult years (my parents divorced when I was four, and I only have one or two memories before it). I guess I got kind of lucky - my dad walked out, but he's stayed in my life and regularly paid child support and that type of thing.

glad to hear that the situation went as well as could be hoped for <3

That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

I can completely sympathize with you on the whole father situation. I was fortunate (or maybe unfortunate) enough to have my father around when I was growing up. However, when I moved in with him at the age of 24, my view of him completely changed. Not to mention, he stole 3 of my 4 cats while I was living there and shuffled them away, never telling me what he did with them. I haven't talked to him since, but my reaction to him would probably be similar to yours.

I helped my mom move this past weekend and my father showed up to drop my brother off. I tried to ignore him at first, but after a short while I hid myself on the back porch to cry. Every time I see or think of that man, I can only remember the bad crap he did to me and my cats....I know it sounds petty, but my cats were my babies. :/

Oh my God. If someone made off with Scout and Shelby, I would KILL. That's not petty AT ALL.

Agreed. I would be raining down bloody vengeance is someone did something to my dog. Bloody and Fiery Vengeance.

I understand *totally* about your dad.

My birth-dad essentially cut himself out of my life...well, long time ago. [mom and he divorced when I was *five*, saw him as we could, but when he married wife #3, it was made clear that my sister and I Were Not Really Wanted Around, by the wife. And he pretty much backed her and not us.] I felt pretty much the same as you for a long time. Heard from the sister that he wanted to try to get ahold of us. I didn't care. He died...oh, a few years ago now? And as cold as it sounds, I really didn't feel anything about it when I found out, and still don't now.

YAY on you for not inviting the drama by talking to him. All it probably would have accomplished is making you upset, and you certainly didn't need that, considering why you were *there*.

LOL Hog Jaw. And I thought Missouri had some strangely named towns. LOL

To say no is a very powerful thing, but, not that you need to be told this, you made very good use of that power. I've been in a similar situation (with not one, but both parents) and it went bad. Fast. Intense situations coupled with a taste for the dramatic are possibly the worst combination for me, and it came out in that situation. Everyone I talk to will agree that I'm in the right, but I know deep down that there's nothing right when it comes to yelling questions at someone about how you're not good enough for them. There are some situations that should be avoided and things that don't have to be and aren't wanted to be said. It's wonderful to see that you have better self-control and didn't fall into the same trap I did. Reflecting back, nothing would have been more satisfying than to be able to just say "no" and revel in the fact that the situation is there, and you are ~in control~ of what's going on. I s'pose a bit of a lesson for the future? :)

I forgot to give you hugs! I shall soon begin the process of seppuku, but first, *hugs* :)

I'm glad you got through it OK. *hugs*

"appropriate responses to bad situations" ... the perfect tag for this post. Major hugs to you.

Good. All good. I hope there's more good coming to you.

You are awesome. That's all really.