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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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pallas cat - *catface*
We have a Breaking Dawn director, and it is Oscar winner Bill "Dreamgirls" "Gods and Monsters" "Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh" Condon.


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I just felt a shiver of fear. They really are going to inflict this hot mess on movie viewing audiences. Oh god.

I feel like the "where is your god now" tag is highly appropriate.

I would like to second that thought, with barely-controlled terror and/or swallowed gorge.

Ooo, points forever for posting the actual opera! So apropos.

The "where is your god now" tag slays me!

Aside from that, can someone hold me? I don't think I am able to process this news today :/

I'll hold you. Or at least, I'll hold your wallet. Nice, nice wallet.

MUTANT BABY BIRTH IS A GO. Be back, buying a year's supply of vodka for the imminent drinking game.

Yes! Oh ye gods and little fishes, it's going to be so beautifully awful.

Oh, this is going to be glorious. GLORIOUS.

I totally agree. I don't understand all the hate for something that is going to give us all unlimited laughs. I was dancing around at work when I read the news!

SHIT. I really love Gods and Monsters, too. The direction of it was superb.


I'm still not watching it. I'll just have less respect for the man as a person. Unless he did it for stacks of cash, in which case, he wouldn't be the first person in Hollywood to sell his soul.

*eyes RPattz*

*eyes Michael Sheen in a similar vein*

(Er, pun NOT intended.)

Poor Bill Condon. Still, he has to pay the bills.

I still having a hard time envisioning how anyone can bring this book to the screen without making every viewer physically ill.

I am reminded of an article about two greats of the film industry where they start talking about a word-association game where you say a movie title, and the other person picks a single word that best sums up the film. They go through a couple titles, and then this happens:

" 'Mortgage'."
"...very well done."

There ain't no rest for the wicked, and money don't grow on trees--still. I await that film with baited breath. Mostly because by the time they're all out on DVD, I'll be of legal drinking age.

I can't freakin' wait. Between seeing the Eclipse zombie trailer and this announcement, I am clapping my hands and barking like a seal.

Cronenberg would have been wonderful.

and worth it or the invitable brain-breakage...

Well, at least I'm guaranteed another bad movie drinking game out of this....

Having that Candyman credit gives me hope the birthing scene *might* be okay...but it's slim. Maybe Cronenberg could guest direct the scene?

(Deleted comment)
I am torn between being terrified and excited about the filming of this birthing scene.


... i thought god abandoned this franchise when it was first greenlit tho?

I'm thinking god abandoned humanity the moment the books hit the bestseller lists.

Pallas Cat's face says it all, doesn't it?

Still no word on whether it'll be split in two, right? I think that'll knock me to the floor, if it happens. :(

Oh man, the yahoo article today said "no word on if the plot heavy fourth book will be split in two a la HP Deathly Hallows."

Yes, plot heavy. Did they read the same book as I did?