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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Checking in with links
So. It is time to catch up.

First of all, I have taken Betsy (my previous computer, lost to the Compocalypse) to the Data Resurrectionist, and he says that the OS (which is pretending not to exist) isn't just the problem--some of the files are corrupted as well, perhaps 10% of them, but he'll retrieve what he can. God knows how much this will cost. Footnote-writing takes on a new urgency. I wanted to have the Vampires e-book out before Eclipse, but then, I also wanted it done before last Christmas. This is something else entirely.

Meanwhile, the asshole kids down the street (we are pretty certain) have now started tampering with my stepfather's tires, creeping up to our yard and cutting off one stem valve at a time (you know, where you pump air into the tire). It costs $30 to replace a stem--and that's if you notice it. That's if your tire has helpfully gone flat while your car is still in the driveway, which is not what happened last week--rather, my stepfather was out on the interstate when the tire gave up the ghost. He could have had a blowout, could have crashed, could have been seriously hurt. As it was, the tire had to be immediately replaced. For $300. Which we so totally could afford right now.

Yeah. The police have been called. And if you're reading this, assholes, this particular officer's mother used to work with my stepfather. They know each other. He's taking it seriously. So these four tire-slashing shenanigans have been documented by the cops. When you get caught, you're going down for all of them, and your asshole parents who won't rein you in--who deny that you threw bricks onto our patio and left a ladder to climb over our fence and rang our doorbell at all hours even though we saw you running back to their house--are paying for all of it. Yeah, YOU. I hope you're reading this and you DO recognize yourself and CUT IT THE FUCK OUT. I don't care if you're fourteen. Hope you enjoy juvenile detention.

So... um. Meanwhile!

Sam has gotten his summer cut!

Let us document Sam before he gets his summer cut this weekend on Twitpic Sam's had his summer cut! on Twitpic

Speaking of which, I think I must have tripped over the dogstacle course that is our house and hurt my right foot--maybe landed on my toes or the ball of my foot weirdly, or too hard--because it's been bothering me since two Wednesdays ago. Basically, since the funeral. And I've been limping a little. It doesn't feel like the bones are the problem--maybe I've pulled a muscle or a tendon? I don't know. It doesn't hurt very badly, but enough to be a pain in the ass. Well, figuratively.

A quick way to catch up on my Tumblr: The infinite-scroll photo collage archive.

Let's have a little linkspam:

Lynn Redgrave succumbs to breast cancer, age 67.

Alabama joins Louisiana, Florida in declaring state of emergency over Gulf of Mexico oil spill

Rubber: the best movie about a vengeful tire blowing things up with the power of its mind that you'll see this year. Maybe we can roll it over to the BP headquarters.

Nightmare on Elm Street remake reviewed: "I don't want to stereotype creepy gardeners living in cave basements of preschools here, but..."

EXCLUSIVE: 'Sherlock Holmes' Sequel Going To Paris, Switzerland, Maybe 3-D. And y'all Holmes fans know what Switzerland means...

Shankman and Mendes Battle to Direct 'Wizard of Oz' Prequel focusing on the Wizard.

Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower' Coming to Theaters as a Trilogy with 'A Beautiful Mind' Duo.

Exclusive: See the first photo anywhere of Chris Hemsworth in costume as 'Thor.'

Here's Hank Azaria as Gargamel in The Smurfs.

3055 Facebook comments later, Bill Condon Has Heard Enough of Your Questions Now, Twilight Fans. GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!

Ah, speaking of which, this just in: "Uma, you should never leave your neck vulnerable to a Mormon vampire."

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Re: asshole who are messing with your tires--

People really suck sometimes. There are some thug teens in my building who've been systematically breaking the lock so anyone can just walk out. They literally tear off the panel and rip out the wires. It's a big ol Eff You to the landlord and anyone who, you know, wants a secure building. I hope they catch your tire-tamperers and throw their thug asses in jail.

Your neighbourhood kids sound irritatingly sneaky and patient. Ours just get a bunch of keys and run with them down a line of parked cars. I hope they get caught.

Well, someone also smashed in a car window (ours) a few years ago one Christmas Eve. I can't swear that it's the same kids, because that's a bit much even for them, but...

(Deleted comment)
Oh my lord I really want to see that article.

Ugh, that sucks about your car. And your computer.

Our neighbour slashed our tyres once -- for some reason he went on a rampage through the neighbourhood slashing everyone's tyres in a spirit of youthful hijinks (only not that youthful -- I think he was 20!). Because he was an idiot, he also vandalised the car of a much-feared local gangster, who politely suggested he might like to leave the country for a while. In conclusion: you need a local gangster.

I love that you have a local gangster.

Ugh, destructive people suck. I mean seriously suck. I hope you can get some resolution on this soon.

OMG, plush puppy Sam is ADORABLE. He's lucky he isn't mine, I'd want to do nothing but snuggle him all day. (My dog, who is four times his size, has enough trouble with me.)

If I didn't think he was already insanely overwhelmed, I'd be tempted to ask Bill Condon if he plans to bring David Cronenberg on as a consultant for the birth scene.

And I'm damned curious to know how or if he's going to handle the whole Jacob and Renesmee thing. Speaking of which, this line from the article made me laugh:

Joanne Cruz: Awwww!!!!! Are you pro-JacobxRenesmee?

Why? Because in the most recent series of Godzilla movies that Toho put out, instead of doing the traditional "versus", they'd do an "X". For instance, Godzilla X Megaguirus (which was changed back to the more traditional Godzilla vs. Megaguirus once it got stateside) and Godzilla X Mechagodzilla (which became Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla over here, since there were already two movies called Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla).

So while the person asking the question probably meant it as, "Jacob/Renesmee", I'm now picturing it as "Jacob vs. Renesmee". And picturing a giant werewolf in a life and death battle with a super-powered toddler just sort of warms the cockles of my heart.

Are you guys able to set up a nanny cam or somehthing to catch them in the act? I used to work for a local camera store and we would rent cameras for the weekend with low light/infa-red settings and devices that triggered them remotely for things of that nature.

You can rent something that cool?

Hank Azaria is FREAKIN ME OUT! Nightmares I didn't even know I could have.

You have an oil spill, we have insane flooding. Obviously God is angry over the whole Twilight thing.

Sorry about the assholes.

But, your puppy is really cute with his new haircut!

In totally unrelated news... I watched "New Moon" last night and I couldn't get your M15M commentary out of my head. Heh.

My work here is done!


I urgently counsel you to set up a waist-high tripwire system in the vicinity of the car that will splatter non-wildlife trespassers with a nontoxic but lost-lasting dye similar to those used in antitheft clothing tags. Ideally there would also be a motion sensing camera so you could post delightfully amusing photos of the aftermath.

I love that you updated the day all my finals ended and I'm just sitting waiting for graduation. It made today (beautifully improved with a nice bottle of Spanish cava) so much sweeter!

Sam looks like a baby sheepie after spring shearing! Eeee! ::resists urge to snorgle monitor::

(edited for spelling)

Edited at 2010-05-03 10:01 pm (UTC)

WHOA What kind of garage are you taking your car too? I've replaced 3 valve stems in the last 6 months (I drive an old car, they were dry-rotted.)

The first time they charged me nothing. (I also needed an oil change and a fuel filter so they tacked it on for free.) This was at a Goodyear dealership.

The second time I was on the highway and had to stop at a Wal-Mart Tire Center (the closest place I could find.) They charged me $10, and that was just for labor.

The 3rd time I took it to the same Goodyear place. They charged me $15, 5 for the part and $10 for labor.

That totally sucks about these dumbass kids and I hope you catch them, but $30 for a valve stem?! THAT is ridiculous.

Seconding this. And $300 to replace a tire? A tire? New garage, stat.

Ugh, I hate teenagers. I even did when I was one. Sorry about that. :\

RDJ, potentially speaking French? I AM OKAY WITH THIS. \o/ Honestly, I didn't ADORE the first movie, but there's no way I'll be skipping the next one(s).

Bah, Smurfs! I couldn't get into my favorite sekrit little bookstore on Houston today because they were shooting that movie! And I didn't even see any celebs. WTF. (I do love Hank Azaria, though. And NPH. I should do a better stalking job tomorrow.)

Why the HELL would Condon open that door, ever, at all?! Has he not been paying attention to the insane fuckery going on with the first three movies?! Maybe he's just trying to poke the crazy as much as possible to make the movie as batshit as it can be. IDK.

Hey, he already speaks French in the first movie.

I like to think that Summit had him get out on Facebook knowing exactly what would happen, and now they're like, "This is what you're dealing with. Enjoy."