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It's not Tonner Alice. ) :

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(Wow, Twitpic, way to go with the weird-ass thumbnails.)

I think this is meant to be Bryce Dallas Howard/Eclipse!Victoria. Which makes me sad, because I thought Rachelle Lefevre was pretty fierce. Good job on Alice's hair, though.

(Speaking of which, this just in: There's another new Eclipse still, and--I don't know who on this production hates Peter Facinelli and Jackson Rathbone, but someone hates them bad.)

Meanwhile, I think I'm sliding into a depressive phase again. This is a lot less grim than it sounds; it's almost more of a physical problem than a mental one, as it makes me feel very draggy and unmotivated, which is kind of THE LAST THING I NEED RIGHT NOW. I mean, I know there are ways to cope with depression--medication, therapy, exercise, sunlight, vitamins--and I'm pretty much using all of them. I'm just saying, I think we're going into that direction again.

ETA: Oh, the Resurrectionist says that he can get 94% of Betsy 2 and 100% of Betsy 1 for $315. Which is what I was expecting, and less than I had feared. I can probably even scrape it together, even.

ETA 2: ~Dramatic~ headshots. It is just an Eclipse kind of day, apparently. I'm going to try not to think too much about what June will be like.

ETA 3: Come with me if you want to dazzle.

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