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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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galadriel doll
It's not Tonner Alice. ) :

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(Wow, Twitpic, way to go with the weird-ass thumbnails.)

I think this is meant to be Bryce Dallas Howard/Eclipse!Victoria. Which makes me sad, because I thought Rachelle Lefevre was pretty fierce. Good job on Alice's hair, though.

(Speaking of which, this just in: There's another new Eclipse still, and--I don't know who on this production hates Peter Facinelli and Jackson Rathbone, but someone hates them bad.)

Meanwhile, I think I'm sliding into a depressive phase again. This is a lot less grim than it sounds; it's almost more of a physical problem than a mental one, as it makes me feel very draggy and unmotivated, which is kind of THE LAST THING I NEED RIGHT NOW. I mean, I know there are ways to cope with depression--medication, therapy, exercise, sunlight, vitamins--and I'm pretty much using all of them. I'm just saying, I think we're going into that direction again.

ETA: Oh, the Resurrectionist says that he can get 94% of Betsy 2 and 100% of Betsy 1 for $315. Which is what I was expecting, and less than I had feared. I can probably even scrape it together, even.

ETA 2: ~Dramatic~ headshots. It is just an Eclipse kind of day, apparently. I'm going to try not to think too much about what June will be like.

ETA 3: Come with me if you want to dazzle.

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Man...I kinda want Victoria coat. Its awesomely epic!

actually scratch that. I want Vicoria's whole outfit.

Thank God Barbie's feet are no longer the tortured, toe-pointed stiletto feet of my childhood. She was one step from ancient Chinese foot-binding. Although I do think Alice would choose way more fierce shoes. ^_^

Is anyone else picking up the Tom Cruise!Lestat vibe from Jasper?

That production still...what. Is Peter Facinelli a mannequin? If so, that's terrifying. I'm going to see if I can work some photoshop magic on this to make it be...not this. Possibly with zombies.

He does look like a Ken doll, doesn't he? That hair is more unreal than the ongoing miracle that is the RPattz Hair!

Looks almost like they want to give Jasper Matthew Gray Gubler's hair. Which is really weird.

I've been of the opinion they're long lost brothers since Jacksper guest starred on Criminal Minds. Maybe the makeup dept was trying to highlight that? But in a really bad way?

Peter Facinelli doesn't even look like he's alive. I don't mean that in a vampire-y way, I mean he looks like a waxwork. Or an animatronic version of himself. WHAT IN THE WORLD.

Yeah, seriously. Have you seen the actual Madame Tussaud waxwork of Robert Pattinson? Because... it's a similar aesthetic.

Sorry about the depressive phase, but at least you know it will be over sooner or later. :-(

Yeah. It may have even been going on for a couple of weeks now, it's hard to tell. It's so easy to rationalize away feeling bad as "Well, of course I feel this way, because [whatever]."

Is the make up artist a drag queen? I can't actually think of another explanation. Even Kellan Lutz looks like a woman in that picture. The eyeliner...the lipstick...
I would recommend jumping on the bed as a short term solution to lack of motivation. It always makes me feel better, even though I will admit that my problems are more with attention deficit tendencies than depression. But hey, it may be worth a try...

Those wigs actually make them look like living barbie dolls... or ken dolls, whatever.

I kind of love Victoria's whole look. Especially the coat. Alice, on the other hand seems to be missing a nose.

Be good to yourself.

To be fair, Ashley Greene really does seem to have a pretty small nose.

Maybe if Barbie!Alice sells well Tonner will get a move on with their Alice. Maybe.

Ummm, at least Jasper's hair looks a bit shorter than it did in that still of them in the forest (with the matching denim outfits)? Yeah that's the only good thing I can say about that still.

I suspect BarbieAlice will sell really well, not just because she's Alice and there are no competing Alice dolls yet (*shoots glare at Tonner*), but because she's brunette and she has seriously, seriously cute hair. I can see little girls begging for this doll, not just fangirls.

Oh my God, Peter Facinelli is FRIGHTENING there. He looks like an actual wax figure.

Wow, between the promise of some honestly kick-ass werewolf-on-vampire violence and the hilariously awful hair, make-up, and outfits--I am no longer dreading Eclipse. The love triangle may still be insipid, but I won't be bored!

The hair on Peter Facinelli! The face! The... *flails* how do we know he's not a waxwork stand-in? And poor Jackson. They were supposed to be beautiful beyond words! And now, whilst definitely being beyond words, I wouldn't call them beautiful.

Also calling him the Resurrectionist makes it sound so wonderfully sinister. Does his work involve a lot of lightning? (:

I sincerely believe Jackson did something that ticked off the hair/makeup department royally, and ever since then, there's been a game of "How Much Can We F-- Up Jasper." Each movie, they're one-upping themselves with hair horrors.

It's a sad day when we can look back and go, "Man, but he looked so good in the first movie."