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Iron Man 2: Discuss!
msauvage purple
Things blew up and I am tired. However:

1) A lot of people are saying that they saw a little Tom Cruise in Sam Rockwell's performance (maybe it was the insane grinning), but I saw Gary Oldman circa The Professional + Dana Carvey. I really started to dig him once I realized this.

2) Scarlett Johansson, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, does some really fantastic things with her legs. I am pretty sure she went to the Sayid Jarrah School of Ankle Death.

3) Don Cheadle: A huge upgrade.

4) So Mickey Rourke is holed up in Sam Rockwell's factory lab garage whatever thing, and he's got his Russian prison Eastern Promises tattoos and his cockatoo and his mouthful of gold teeth and he's tinkering at this little table with these grannyish little glasses, and... so help me God, it was weirdly hot. Please, help me. Between this and the Sam Worthington at the Oscars thing, it seems certain now: you find yourself the dorkiest pair of glasses on the premises and I am yours.

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2) Scarlett Johansson, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, does some really fantastic things with her legs. I am pretty sure she went to the Sayid Jarrah School of Ankle Death.

That's EXACTLY what I was thinking. That may have been even more badass than when Sayid killed that dude with his legs. She got a guy around the neck with her legs, in midair, then landed on her feet. Awesome.

3) Don Cheadle: A huge upgrade.

Ah hah! I knew that would be the case. Take that, naysayers.

Dude, I just saw Charlie's Angels and was all, "Wait, wasn't that Justin Hammer?" He plays basically the same guy in both movies.

I thought the most awesome part in the movie could have been when Pepper climbed into that car with the Iron Man suitcase and ordered the chauffeur to drive her into a maelstrom of death.

It was loads of fun.

That scene got so weird--it was like, you got your slapstick in my grim lightning-whip death!

I really wasn't impressed with it. Sure, it was entertaining and all, but it just didn't live up to the hype for me. The story line just didn't suck me in the way the first one did and it seemed like it took forever to get going.

First one was better, IMO.

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Sam Rockwell OWNED that part, he was every phony gladhanding jerk in the history of the world rolled into one. If he couldn't be Tony Stark he'd try being a Bond villian- which he also sucked at.

Did you catch the self-tanner stains on his hands in the scene where he met Vanko?

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I admit, I enjoyed it. I think it suffers a little from sequel syndrome, but it was still good. Still funny. I thought RDJ was amazing in it and I can't believe how much I loved seeing Ivan. He turned out so interesting. I loved when he kept demanding his bird.

I have to say, though, I would have enjoyed it so much better if the guy in front of me hadn't gotten a handjob from his girlfriend during the big battle sequence. Who the fuck DOES that?! I'm still boggling over that.

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I sense a little Gary Oldman, but Gary Oldman as JEAN-BAPTISTE EMMANUEL ZORG. With the guns. You could tell he was so thinking of the "That's mah fayvrit" scene with the guns in Fifth Element.

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I can actually kind of see the hotness of the glasses. It was nevertheless terrifying hotness, because even in glasses, he can snap you like a twig. In general, it was just a great performance from him.

I like that bit where we were shown a photo of Ivan Vanko in his pre-prison days and he's all "I am inteligentzia, therefore, a whimp with a soul patch" and now he's hacking your drones and killing your puny guards.

Is it time for me to post pictures of me in my loupes (those magnifying glasses thingies) to get you all swooning?

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I have to admit, I kind of fangirl Jarvis. He's like a tiny robot voice version of Stephen Fry. :D

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but I saw Gary Oldman circa The Professional + Dana Carvey. I really started to dig him once I realized this.
The whole movie I was trying to figure out why Sam Rockwell was so familiar to me - I'd forgotten he was in Frost/Nixon - but I so see the Dana Carvey.

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Just swooping in to say SQUEE I LOVE YOUR ICON

this movie would not have been half as much fun as it was without me being as much of a massive comics geek as i am. that being said, with the captain america reference, war machine exisitng, plus the tony/pepper actually happening, and then the thor after the credits, i was left explaining a lot to my non-geeky friend i dragged to see it with me.

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I totally loved it! But then again, Im pretty easily won over by movies.

Also, me and my friend decided we wanted to be Scarlet Johansson's character when we grow up. End.Of.Story.

My husband dragged me to watch it because his friend bailed the last minute, and it only reminded me how much Twilight (I said TWILIGHT, NOT Bad Moon) has ruined me for any other movie. Again, yes it was shit, but it was magical shit. Damn movie had spoken straight to my ovaries. In IM I kept facepalming myself (much to the chagrin of my husband)

Don't worry it will pass

It was hard for me to start reading again out of the sentiment, but then I reminded myself that not all books should be about emotions as plot. Now I'm back at reading again.

I like your icon but for the life of me I can't understand the joke...care to explain?

I came out of it actually liking Scarlett's character. I went in thinking I was going to hate her, but now I can't wait to see if they actually make her an Avenger or just keep her as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

Pepper's still cuter, though...

Our AMC actually played IM1 at 9 pm, then IM2 at midnight, so I got to be reminded of the Howard/Cheadle bit. I actually came to appreciate Howard a little more in the most recent viewing. Cheadle was an upgrade, to be sure, since Cheadle trumps Howard and pretty much 90% of the actors in Hollywood, but he also played the character itself a lot differently. I could never see HowardRhodey swiping Stark tech, beating up Boozie at the House Party and bringing it to the Air Force, but CheadleRhodey seemed perfectly capable of doing something so... I don't know if underhanded's the right word, but...

*puts on nerd glasses* Well, she actually at one point is an Avenger, since she's Black Widow. So... probably they will. They need some female hotness on that team!

Also, I did notice that the script itself did a hat tip to the Howard/Cheadle changeover. It was in the courtroom scene when Rhodey walks in:

Tony: "Hey buddy, didn't expect to see you here."
Rhodey: "It's me, I'm here, deal with it. Let's move on."
Tony: "I.. I just, I'll drop it."