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I just saw this and I am so blown away by it that I up and ran to Semagic JUST TO POST A LIVEJOURNAL ENTRY FOR IT:

Paul W.S. Anderson Casts His 'Three Musketeers.' Okay, stand back. Are you ready for this? I don't think you're ready for this. Here we go:

Logan Lerman will play D'Artagnan, the young man who leaves home to join France's elite fighting force, and gets hooked up with the three titular musketeers. Porthos, Athos, and Aramis will be played by Ray Stevenson (one of my very favorites, and the perfect Porthos), Matthew MacFadyen, and Luke Evans, respectively.

It's the villains who will have film geeks really lining up, though. Everyone's favorite Nazi, Christoph Waltz, will be playing the dastardly Cardinal Richelieu, and Mads Mikkelsen will be playing Rochefort. Orlando Bloom has been offered the part of the Duke of Buckingham, but has not yet accepted. Of course, since this is an Anderson movie, Milla Jovovich has nabbed a part. She'll be playing Milady de Winter, whom Anderson describes as "a 17th century Bond girl." Er, I guess.


Meanwhile, I'm trying to catch up with Made of Fail, which has just come out with Episode Twenty-Nine: If you liked it, you should have put a Power Ring on it. I think this is the one with Lewis Lovhaug (aka Linkara) (again). I listened to about three different shows yesterday, so I'm not sure which came out when anymore. I believe I will be on the July episode; the next one will be Dayna having a meltdown over the Nightmare on Elm Street remake, IIRC, and then there's the June anniversary ep (which I might be on, albeit briefly? I don't know?). So there's that.

Toy-Release: 1/6 Black Widow Limited Edition Collectible Figurine by Hot Toys (Iron Man 2). Not only do they have Scarlett Johansson--THEY HAVE FREAKISHLY LIFELIKE MICKEY ROURKE.

Must Watch: Full Theatrical Trailer for Chris Nolan's Inception. I'm not watching any trailers or clips myself, because I want to go in as unspoiled as possible.

First look: Let the Right One In remake "Let Me In." 

Colin Farrell Brings Back The Vampiric 80s In Fright Night Remake. Also cast: Anton Yelchin and Toni Collette.

New Pics from 'Last Airbender,' 'Prince of Persia,' 'Tron Legacy,' 'Inception,' 'Jonah Hex' and More.

More New Posters & Photos for The Last Airbender.

Second Clip From Prince of Persia (I think the first is linked within the article).

First Look At Peter Sarsgaard As 'Green Lantern' Villain Hector Hammond. I... huh.

Muppets Mess With 'Lost' Creators Carlton Cuse And Damon Lindelof; The Gashlycrumb Losties ("A is for Arzt who was blown up sky high...").

'True Blood': Meet Claudine; New 'True Blood' Goodies: A Jessica Minisode And A Vamp Stamp Promo Poster; Third minisode with Tara and Lafayette. (No, I haven't read the new book yet. I'm trying to save it until after I get some more work done, but I may crack before that. If you spoil me, I will smite you.)

First look: Helen Mirren in lead role in Julie Taymor's 'Tempest.'

Kristen Stewart Going 'On the Road' for Kerouac Adaptation.

As a segue, I have a few Twilight links I've been saving up to get them over with all at once:

‘Eclipse’ tickets go on sale at midnight Thursday. Six weeks in advance. Uh huh.

So. Breaking Dawn. Which is happening. (The date for the Sparkledammerung, Film Adaptation, Part One, is November 18, 2011. I suspect it's taking so long because 1) the actors can't all be herded into one place until October because of their schedules and 2) Summit is desperately trying to avoid going up against Harry Potter movies--which is why Eclipse is in June instead of November this year--and The Last Harry Potter Movie Ever Zomg is next July. Thus, they're going back to the "traditional" Twilight release date of Thanksgiving weekend.) I had read that unnamed actor(s) were holding out for more money, and Summit--not the most generous of studios at the best of times--was threatening to "throw one of them out on the street to make a point." Well, now we know who it is: Ashley Greene (Alice) and Kellan Lutz (Emmett). And the one who only got two lines in the last movie might want to reconsider his strategy, is all I'm saying. Good luck, kids!

Hey, you know what would be the BEST IDEA EVER? Making Robert Pattinson show up unnanounced at fans' houses. ("The poor man -- they practically tackled him. I don't think he'll have his hearing back for awhile." Video.) OH, OPRAH.

funny pictures of cats with captions

Also, Simon Pegg is working on a book:

86000 words and counting. Figure it will be more like 100-110K. Jacob and Edward have only just kissed and there's so much more to describe!

Thought you should know.

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