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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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lost by frodosgoosegirl
Okay, so I have lost track of how many episodes we have until THE FINAL LOSTNESDAY (WHICH IS ACTUALLY A SUNDAY), and I'm not sure what this one's about, except that I hear it's about the Man in Black. Faux Locke (Flocke). Mock Locke (Mocke). UnLocke. Smokey. Esau, as some have so cleverly named him. Puffy, as Terry O'Quinn calls him, which I really wish I had found out about sooner because that is AWESOME. I don't know how many answers we're supposed to get this week; all I know is that, after last week, I'm a little scared of what they might be.

Meanwhile, every Lost finale party should involve paparazzi, fraud, and a manhole.

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Oooh it's going to be a wrench to not watch this one live. But Showgirls at my local theater wins out.

After this week, there is literally one more Tuesday and then the Sunday finale.

*sad face*

Puffy, as Terry O'Quinn calls him, which I really wish I had found out about sooner because that is AWESOME

HEE! Did you read the EW article about the making of the pilot? Terry O'Quinn only had a couple of lines, but he said something along the lines of "I had no money and no jobs, and now I've been told that there's a role specifically for me? THANK YOU."

A manhole?

My brain has suddenly gone to a Lost/TMNT mash up.

And now *I'm* casting Lost characters as TMNT characters. Sayid/Donatello, Raphael/Sawyer, Leonardo/Jack, Michaelangelo/Hurley--somebody stop me!

You forgot Lockeness Monster.

Why does he call him Puffy?

Like "Smokey," because the Man in Black turned out to also be the smoke monster.

That link . . . my head is spinning. A MEDICALLY INDUCED COMA for LEG INJURIES?? As one of the commenters said, House must be really desperate for his Vicodin money.

I AM INTRIGUED ALREADY. *basks in Latin*

What the fuck is this language?

I AM DISAPPOINT (I was starting to think they might be Romans)

Every birth scene in the history of birth scenes on TV makes me more and more not want to have children.

Every question I answer will lead to more questions - That sums up Lost right there.

On a side note, as someone 6 months pregnant, I just love watching births.

AND A QUESTION IS ANSWERED. There's that, then.