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Okay, what?

Someone explain to me what just happened. I mean, yes, I get it, Jack died. Was it just Jack? Was it everyone? What about his kid? Was Sideways World real? Was it all in his head? Was everyone happy and reunited in his head or was everyone happy and reunited in Sideways World or was everyone happy and reunited in heaven? What about Desmond back on the island after they fished him out of the glowcave? What about Ben and Hurley? WHAT ABOUT BEN AND HURLEY HELPING DESMOND GET HOME? Did the Ajira plane get back to wherever? Does none of this matter because it was or was not real? That last shot after the title card--did everyone die in the original crash? I don't? What? WHAT?

ETA: Yes, I know it was purgatory, MATTHEW FOX, WHO SPENT SIX YEARS SHOUTING AT PEOPLE THAT IT WAS NOT PURGATORY, I just don't understand how much of it was purgatory--was it all purgatory in Sideways World? Was Jack's Kid just totally imaginary? Was it not purgatory at all? Are we going to split hairs, MATTHEW FOX, and claim that it is not literally purgatory, it's just something where They Were Really Dead All Along WHICH IS WHAT WE ALL MEANT BY "PURGATORY"? I JUST WHAT I DON'T KNOW.

I actually really liked it. I'm just not sure what happened.

Oddly, it reminded me a little of the ending of Places in the Heart. Or that last shot of V for Vendetta.

However! There will apparently be three alternate endings on Kimmel in about twenty minutes? MAYBE ONE OF THEM WILL BE A NON-PURGATORY ENDING.

ETA: Okay, the clearest consensus I am getting--in case passersby are getting confused--is that everything on the island was real, and Sideways World was everyone getting ready to move on after they had died, in this weird kind of all-times-collapsed-together thing where people who had died and were dying and would eventually die all came together at the same time to move on. And lo, Christian Shephard (NO REALLY) led them all into the light. Or something.

ETA: Oh! Sideways World was Titanic Heaven! Now you're speaking a language I can understand.

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