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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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galadriel doll
A comment from tanz_fanatika: OT: Tonner doll news from the convention


Highlights: ALICE (FINALLY), Galadriel, Legolas



(No, I would not try to work them into The Secret Life of Dolls, because I've already got too many multiples running around, nor would I replace (heaven forfend) the current Galadriel and Legolas with them. I just want a Tonner Galadriel of my very, very own to satisfy my general Galadriel obsession.)




Tonner had planned on doing all 5 of the Cullen Teens, but they are having some issues with the actor that played Emmett. So if he will get made is unclear.

Would "LAWL" be too undignified/netspeaky a comment here? Because LAWL. I really don't actually want one, but... if you don't have one, you can't have Dude Bro Growing-Up-Cullen Tonner Emmett, and that would be a shame. Maybe I can find a cheap NECA figure at some point.

Interesting how no one's too fussed about making a Rosalie. I actually think she'd look better as a doll than the actress does, since you wouldn't have the "trying to cover up dark hair and olive skin with pancake makeup and a blonde wig" issue.

There are no plans as of yet to make Carlisle or Esme, and would only be made if they start getting lots of demands for them.

I think the only reason I wouldn't want either of them is that I just don't see their dolls turning out well. I get enough of the Uncanny Valley effect seeing the real people onscreen in their Ill-Advised Vampire Makeup. And, let's face it: male dolls are always problematic. They just almost never turn out right. That said, I've always kind of had a soft spot for the Carlisle character. I think Galadriel would like him. The problem with Esme, of course, is that she never gets to do anything.

They said that Alice is done and will be made on a small busted regular Tyler body with a different outfit then they had originally planned.

Well, no kidding. They're probably going to have to put her in an Eclipse outfit now, they've taken so long. At least it's not a New Moon outfit, and some enterprising crafter will probably put together the grey dress from the first movie THAT MY SOUL CRAVES.

A new Bella will also be released soon, and she has a new face sculpt. She too will be on a small busted Tyler body.

Okay. This is a problem. Look, I didn't want to say this, but I am a year behind on working her into the story. Tonner Bella #1 is precious. She is darling. No, she doesn't look much like Kristen Stewart, but I luff her. Also, Tonner Bella #1 has got it goin' on, so if Tonner Bella #2 has a different, smaller body mold, we are going to have problems getting new/future outfits to fit, and I am NOT using two Tonner Bellas in the story, and I am NOT forsaking #1, because I LOVE HER. Do you want to see a picture of her on the premises? Because I have one that I took last March. DARLING.

Jasper is completed, so we should be hearing about him very soon. There was some disagreement over his hair, so they had to rework it.


... I'd buy it. If you gave it--and I cannot believe I am saying this, but this is how bad the Hair Situation has gotten--if you gave it the hair from the first movie, I'd buy it.

Oh my God. I can't even bring myself to think about how much money this is. How much money this is that I don't have. HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU SPEND NON-ESSENTIAL ENTERTAINMENT HOBBY OF YOUR CHOICE? GAMERS, I'M LOOKING AT YOU.

omg don't judge me

brb, must work faster.

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OMG! I dont even really like dolls and Im excited for this. (SloD or not). THIS SHALL BE EPIC.

and also


Music. I spend way too much on sheet music.
Also, Im lusting after a new flute. NOOOO MY MONIES.

Oh my God. I can't even bring myself to think about how much money this is. How much money this is that I don't have. HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU SPEND NON-ESSENTIAL ENTERTAINMENT HOBBY OF YOUR CHOICE? GAMERS, I'M LOOKING AT YOU.

You really don't actually want the answer to this. I mean, there's my gamer hobby. There's my "sharp pointy collection of daggers" hobby, and my "anything related to Maleficently or pirates" hobby and then there is my frightfully expensive oh my god so much money soul sucking asian ball joint doll hobby. That alone.... over $2000- in a YEAR.


I'm a Rennie, so... does Far Too Much Money cover it?

Haha I am too! And a DnDer... though with that I just keep buying die. XD

I also have 2 horses to support, so I live off...well, nothing. :( And I show. Yay working horse shows....


One word: Knitting.

Okay, I lied, a few more words. Some people are like "wow! you must save a lot of money knitting your own sweaters!" and I laugh and I laugh and I laugh.

Mr. Kellinator buys all the gaming books and we are not even going to get into how expensive they are. AND WE DON'T EVEN HAVE ANYONE TO GAME WITH. This is so sad.

I concur! People have no idea how much it actually costs to knit even something simple. If I charged people for my annual Christmas scarves, I'd be rich.

From the link: if they do make an Angel doll then I hope they saved the mold from the first Edward doll.

When I had a job, it was all bad news. I'm a bookaholic and a gamer AND I collect all those Spooky Dolls (living dead, little apple and bleeding edge) The good part of this is my mom, my sister and I have formally worked at a thrift store and someone was lovely enough to donate an entire back stock of comics so my comic collection came completely free.

As for TCG (like Magic the Gathering) We DO NOT speak of the price all of it has amounted to because I'm pretty sure I would feel even more like a nerd.

Games...it's rather pathetic. I just spent 45 bucks on a Playstation One game. Granted, it was Final Fantasy 7 (which is highly awesome, so I understand in some form.) but I usually pick up games used from 2-12 bucks at my favorite second hand store.

My book collection came from the thrift store, or different used sections on Amazon. Last I checked the collection came to a surprising amount of money.

I think you should look at Anime kids. You will feel much better if you have a conversation with them regarding their hobbies....

I forgot to mention my boyfriend, who is bat shit obsessed with tabletop gaming. It's way too much money and I cry whenever he wants a new book..but at least I can shut him up temporarily with different pc games, most of which we just torrent.


Please don't ask me that. Or about how many non-essential entertainment hobbies I have.


oh wow. I just watched the movie your icon is from a few days ago....it was interesting, never thought I'd see an icon for it :P

I don't really want to think about how much I've sunk into my DVD collection, or the very sudden rapid growth of my collection of Doctor Who figures (I went from none to five in a very short space of time). Let's just say more than I probably should have spent.

Tonner Bella is adorable. Is her shirt different or has the white one just been removed for the picture?

I do love Amazon for dvds though. <3

Girl, you don't wanna know how much I spend. Wait, is jewelry considered entertainment ?

It's a collection, and that's a hobby. I love my mom, she does payroll work for the Salvation Army and they also designate her the task of sorting jewelry. She always has a new piece for me when I see her ^.^ (which is often, since she lives next door.)

Still, Cleo's tumblr makes me weep. So much pretty that I want in my collection.

I loooove the original Tonner Bella, I wouldn't worry about the new one.

I wonder why they are changing the body? The original Bella is on Tonner's "teen" body, maybe they think Kristen Stewart is too mature looking for that now? Hmm.

I have really gotten sucked in to collecting these dolls now, and there are so many cool ones coming out that I could see spending A TON of money if I had the means to do so. But mostly I wait for deals on ebay.

same here. I'm lucky I got a Living Dead Doll 2-pack for pretty cheap, the only sad part is one of them had a broken accessory

Erm, I spend an absolutely OBSCENE amount of money on corsets, teacups, and old books. It's really embarrassing, but not quite as bad as the top hats omgsendhelp. Lots of top hats.

And yet that's totally awesome.

I made the mistake of adding up how much the dolls on my "planned" list will cost me, nearly seven grand before shipping from China and Korea. And at that much they'll still be naked, bald, and faceless. And that doesn't count the "would like to get if I can find the perfect sculpt" dolls for existing characters OR the "OMG I WANT" list of dolls without existing character personalities which is getting rather horrific in its length.

This makes my yarn habit for my knitting look like the change you find in your couch. *sigh*

Aw, she really is darling.

I just bought Tonner basic Jeremy Voss, and once he arrived I took one look at him, dressed him in a black shirt & black boots (no black trousers, had to settle for khaki), and then ordered a Duncan McCloud mini replica sword for him.

This is after getting Huntress at C2E2 and then getting the Wonder Woman costume for her.

I don't dare look at anything new!

ALICE!!! JASPER!! (OMG he could only have the hair from the first movie because comparatively, that was the only time it looked decent. Poor Jackson.)