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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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More new Tonner dolls!
galadriel doll
... Oh dear.

I forgot to mention it the other day, but they also came out with Tonner Mal and Convention-Only Inara, plus a couple of convention-only steampunk Ellowynes.

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I still don't even have the money to buy the Doctor and Tonner has come out with at least 20 new awesome dolls in the meantime. I need to win the lottery.

Are you going to get that awesome Tennant one with the coat? Cause I am jellis. =P



But it looks like Thomas Hayden Church! Why does it look like Thomas Hayden Church? That better be a work in progress.

. . . it took me a minute of squinting before I realized that that was not, in fact, Will Turner but rather the Honky of Persia. *sigh*

Honky of Persia

All of the LOL's are belonging to you.

Y'know, I love me some Mal Reynolds, but...he looks like he's been through a lot to me. Sad day. Inara looks kinda cool, though.

Am I the only one who thinks the Mal and Inara dolls look totally off? I guess the blinding hotness of Morena Baccarin and Nathan Fillion is just TOO MUCH for the medium of molded plastic.

Well, one has to sort of make compromises. The Tennant doll isn't anything to write home about, either.

Those Mal and Inara dolls really don't have any likeness to the actors.

Ugh. Stupid Prince of Persia movie.

Wow. They've really captured Jake Gyllenhaal's vacant, glazed look.

He almost seems more suited to being a doll than he is to being an actor.

And now I wants them. I'm not even a doll person I'm a tomboy! Tonner Mal's nose and jaw seem to be even more pugnacious than usual, and they seem to have used generic exotic face for both Inara and Gemma Arterton, and yet still I kind of have a desperate need to have them all sitting on my desk. Send help.

Knowing nothing about Prince of Persia, I read that as "Gemma Atherton", and was trying really hard to figure out why I couldn't remember when we would have met one of Atherton Wing's relatives in "Shindig".

It's not weird to want the Mal and Inara dolls to bang against one another at the crotch, is it?

I want them to the point of finding someone in the states who can receive the package for me lol

The hair on the Mal doll doesn't work at all. It's too Ken-doll shiny and perfect.

It's more Captain Hammer hair, then it is Mal.

The steampunk Ellowynes are beautiful! Wee doll goggles and watches! I also love the costume on the male doll, but his eyes are waaay too freaky.

Unsurprisingly, I've seen better pictures of him since. Just ordered one to complete the set. (Amber's in the house, Ell's in the mail... and Jenn is broooooooke. ;)

Amber, for the record, is gorgeous in person. Love.

The Mal facial structure looks more like Simon, and Inara looks like Demi Moore. My money is safe from you, Tonner.

I really wanted to like the Mal doll, but he looks like he is wearing Donald Trump's toupee.

It was all a dream...

Re: Need to share...

I always feel like such a terrible person for laughing at that dog.