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Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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pallas cat - chagrin
Oh my Lorrrrrrd. I usually wake up--without needing an alarm, no less--somewhere in the vicinity of 6:20-6:40 am, and I get up and haul Lizzie downstairs and get breakfast and let the dogs outside, and so I'm well settled in by the time my mother leaves for work an hour later. Today, she woke me up at quarter of eight. I then passed out on the couch until 9:15 am, at which point I could finally raise my head high enough to attempt sustenance. I've been conscious since then, but just barely. In fact, I keep nodding off right where I'm sitting for two-minute micronaps. The massive headache isn't helping. I've had an upset stomach for a few days now (long story, but it's not a big deal. It happens from time to time), and it kept me up all night, which I think is part of it. But I'm also stiff and achy. I don't know if I'm coming down with something or what. Because it's not like I had some kind of partyriffic Memorial Day. I didn't even have so much as a Woodchuck. I did go to see Prince of Persia, but I didn't even have a headache afterwards. Apparently I have a delayed hangover from Jake Gyllenhaal's abs or something.

(I don't have a whole lot of thoughts on Prince of Persia, but only because I feel like hell. I would have more thoughts if I felt better. It was at least as good as Clash of the Titans, and probably better, although not as unintentionally funny. Gemma Arterton again, though! I like her. She pretty. And I like when she explains things in mystically plummy tones. If Tonner upgraded their Tamina doll to her full princess outfit at the beginning, I would buy the shit out of that. And Jake Gyllenhaal brought a pleasing combination of parkour and puppy-dog eyes. It's not the greatest movie in the world, and I still want to know why they couldn't just hire darker-skinned actors rather than tan up the ones they did have, but it's pretty, and I've paid to see worse.)

Speaking of microsleep (it's a topic!), the new Made of Fail podcast is up; the gang discusses the Nightmare on Elm Street remake, and DC comics writer Sterling Gates is also on hand to talk about Supergirl and War of the Supermen.

Also, there seems to be a shakeup in Middle-earth: Guillermo del Toro quits 'Hobbit' film over delays; Peter Jackson Might Direct The Hobbit… Only If He's Allowed; Hollywood Ink: No, Peter Jackson Won't Take Over The Hobbit.

I am hideously late on mentioning this, and I'm not sure how it slipped my mind when I meant to post it last week: remember the United Airlines thing? Well, they're still being vile. Here's the part that is diabolically brilliant, in my opinion, and was only thwarted because evilpuppy paid closer attention than a lot of people would:

Now, I DID receive the check [to cover taxi expenses] she mentioned, however, there was something printed above the endorsement line that stopped me from cashing it.

"Endorsement of this check is in full settlement and release of all claims that payee has asserted or may assert against United Airlines, it's connecting carriers, agents, and employees for loss, damages or delay arising from any UA Flight or the airwaybill associated with this claim."

Really? Really?

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Holy effing ess.

Her family complained about the incident to United Airlines, which gave Cabot a $250 voucher for future travel.


So, you have Gyllenflu. Or maybe Fluenhaal?

In any case, stay hydrated and take it easy!

You know, I have a terribly hard time taking Jake Gyllenhaal seriously as a badass when the giant puppy eyes make me sort of want to cuddle him. If I'd trust him with the preschool carpool, I'm not sure he qualifies as a badass. Unless the fact that he can parkour everywhere AND conduct the carpool has moved him up to an entirely new level of badassery.

If I'd trust him with the preschool carpool, I'm not sure he qualifies as a badass.



Yes, really. As in, "United is really vile."

Thanks for the follow-up. I'm sorry, but not surprised, to hear that they're still acting like jerks. And WTH is with the anonymous poster who accused evilpuppy of just being greedy? Seriously? Seriously?

Expecting to be treated with dignity and respect? Of course, that's greedy.

I still want to know why they couldn't just hire darker-skinned actors rather than tan up the ones they did have

Word. These days the only parts Middle Eastern actors see are the baddies du jour in action flicks. Or maybe the wise local guide/sidekick.

Also, I know we're innernet strangers and all, but- is it just me, or have headaches/tiredness/other ailments been coming up more than usual lately? Are you OK? (Totally none of my business, but I worry.) Feel better!!

Kind of, but I also know why--a lot of it has to do with a combination of stress, more stress, depression, PCOS, and eating too much sugar (*hangs head*). And, at this moment in time, having gotten back into the habit of drinking soda over the last week, and I need to break that before I get hooked on caffeine again. I'm going in to have some blood work done this month, but mostly, it's a combination of known factors, some of which I need to ride out (the depressive cycle, the work that needs to get done), and others of which I just need to deal with better.

Gemma is so kicking Keira's ass in the period films department, at least IMO.

Conditional endorsements are made of EVIL. I really, really wish they were legally null mostly for the selfish reason that I would then no longer have clueless clients who've cashed them try to file suit for the remaining balance.

I like the bit about "any UA flight". Not just the incident she's complaining about now. Any UA flight in the future. She can never complain about them again! I mean, that can't be enforceable, can it?

Ya know what I kind think is a hoot? That most major corporations and such- excepting the cel phone people who want to make bank off of us and the celebrities/movie stzudios who are now finding that shame moves muuuch swifter with citizens carrying around cameras- seem mostly oblivious to the growing power and influence that the internet has given to the consuming public. The internet has unified us, and if you get royally screwed you can now complain to a much broader audience, and damage yourself even further.

Do not piss off the internet community, for they are loud and vengeful..and have no problem sending letters and/or random flotsam to support their causes in truly prolific proportions.

and be damaged, actually. Ye stupid corporations/business, that is. My brain took flight there for a moment.

A propos of nothing whatsoever--I was at a store yesterday and spotted the Edward-and-Bella Barbie dolls. I thought of you! I will refrain from sending you any, however.

Hee! Apparently the Jacob is something of a collector's item, though, as they printed his arm tattoo upside down.

It'll be interesting to hear your thoughts (should you have any after the hangover) on Prince of Persia as I'm gonna guess you're someone who hasn't played the games? I just finished the latest game and saw the movie today, and...I like it, but at the same time it could have been so much better. Not to give too much away, if they stuck with the same kinda plot as the first Sands of Time game, it would have been a fantasy zombie movie in a palace. And then it probably really would be Pirates of the Desert, because Black Pearl was totally fantasy zombie movie on the high seas.

Yeah, I don't know that I've ever played any video games, period. Well, I mean, I have, but like, "Here, I need someone to play with me, try not to get your character killed for five minutes." I did hear some fans of the game talking about cursed zombie sand monsters.

What I do think is interesting is that the free-running so looked like something a character in a video game would do (dodge the arrow, make the jump, avoid the trap), and yet it was incorporated into the movie in a really organic way. I don't know that I've ever seen a movie that succeeded at that while still working as a movie--as a mix of the two mediums. (Well, maybe a mix of the aesthetics, rather--in order to mix the mediums, you'd have to turn the viewer into a player as well.)

Oh, United! Collectively die in a fire.

On the note of Prince of Persia prettiness, someone was proposing person-of-colour castings, and I thought I'd share this appealing proposal.

I was sadly disappointed by the shameful lack of shirtlessness in that movie.

What, none of this?

I too am disappoint.

That is such a vile thing for united to do.

Have you changed anything in your meds dosage, added new ones, anything like that? (I know I turned into a zombie when given the wrong anti-deppers, or even when my dosage was upped...)

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