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Despite being woken way earlier than I wanted to be (on account of some no-good electricians), I am in a fabulous mood and feel fresh as a daisy. I think I roxored the exam last night (thank you to everyone, so much, for wishing me luck--I totally meant that as just a rhetorical expression, and didn't actually expect people to, you know, wish me luck. That was so sweet of everyone), but I couldn't remember anyone's name from Uncle Tom's Cabin (well... UNCLE TOM, yes), and that was the last essay I wrote anyway, and I was sort of dead at that point. I got home, fixed myself a plate of spaghetti, and stared at my f-lists until I came down off the exam anxiety-high and could sleep. And then my subconscious even favored me, for once, with a dream about a hot guy.

I have an angry post to make, but I feel too good to harsh my mellow right now.

Have just signed up for a PanFandom account. The "My Headlines" news aggregator makes me happy, because it's got both sites I already check and sites I should be checking, and having them there on one page will make updating the Digest a lot easier. Does anyone else hang out at PanFandom? I probably won't get on the message boards, because God knows LJ and JF take up enough of my time, and I ought to go back to FT once the boards are upgraded this weekend. Not unless there are some folks I know already on them...

On the blog, just a couple of interesting things: John Malkovich will not play Voldemort (awwww!), Kate Beckinsale is happy to deliver a crotch to your face, and the first picture of Christian Bale in the batsuit is up.

Well, the electricians are gone now--I'm going back to bed, and when I wake up, I get to decide whether I want to catch up on my DVDs or my reading first.

P.S. I'm sorry, this still makes me cry with laughter. (It will help you to know that someone was bitching about voilà commonly being spelled as "wa la.") From more of the Crystalwank metaquotes:

voodoo_in_tx: But she did manage to use both "whilst" and "I seen" on the same page. Is there a new school of speech? Something like "Redneck Queen's English"?

"Whilst tripping through the daisies, I seen a big ole wank. Walla!"


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