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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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The State of the Cleo
pallas cat - intrigued
I am not doing so well today. Well--it's funny, I actually feel really good in writing/working terms. Even though the recap of the new Twilight book ate up two days of my life, I feel a sense of accomplishment akin to the glow you get from a really good workout. I feel limber, in other words. Which is good for getting back to gainful employment. I'm having ideas for a fresh round of novel (re)drafting, I'm moving pretty steadily on organizing links for the Vampires footnotes--and I have a slight tingle in my scalp, which makes me wonder if I'm entering a pleasantly hypomanic phase of productivity. The problem is just that my stomach is really, really upset, and I feel really nervous, but I don't know why. Actually, this might also support the hypomania hypothesis, now that I think about it. I am also super, super behind on Google Reader, Tumblr, LJ, email--pretty much everything you can think of, and also, Twitter is fussy today. And I depend on Twitter--LJ is still my base of operations, but Twitter is a very quick, easy way to keep up with news and friends when you don't have a lot of time to spare. GET IT TOGETHER, PEOPLE.

(I think it also helped to just post something--I mean, not any crappy old thing; something I did put a good bit of effort and polish into--and get feedback. Earning positive feedback from people--anything from outside your own head--helps you get off the hamster wheel of your own anxiety. Or maybe "echo chamber" is a better metaphor.)

(Seriously, though, I am not really having a meltdown over the "dark red hair" thing. It's fun to indulge in "What? What? WHAT?" for a day, and a vehement reaction is more entertaining than "Well, that's a bit odd," but I'm not losing sleep over it or anything. This is not on the level of The Rocking Chair Revelation or Oh My God the Wolf Kid Just Imprinted on a Newborn, What in the Sweet Name of Sparkle Just Happened.)

OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. I'm on the phone with my mother right now--$752 has been stolen from my parents' checking account AGAIN, and it looks like someone from Pizza Hut stole the numbers off Mom's debit card. (The only people she pays in person with a debit card and presents her driver's license to are pizza delivery people.) It was spent at Home Depot in Pelham, which we have never been to, so they're going to pull up the surveillance video there and see who it was. This happened a while back as well, as you may recall (in fact, rather than someone stealing checks, as we had previously thought, it's entirely possible it was Pizza Hut employees back then, too). It's actually Home Depot (or whoever else the thieves hit) that's been stolen from, because they'll then go return the merchandise and get refunds of money they themselves did not actually spend. It's just that now Mom has to close the account, get a new one, get new debit cards, have no way to pay for things for a couple of days, borrow my checkbook and pay me back later, smite down the wrongdoers, see them driven before her and hear their lamentations, etc. Very inconvenient.

Back to what I was saying. Twitter is having issues, so I am cut off from a lot of news. (I wonder if it's being denial-of-service attacked?) Fnarr. Not that it matters, because I didn't check Google Reader at all yesterday in my determination to knock the recap out, so now I have 1000+ items to wade through eventually. It actually stops counting at 1000; there might be 2000 headlines in there, for all I know. I didn't even hear about the latest Joran van der Sloot development until my mother started talking about it.

Let's spend a moment on that. The Natalee Holloway case is something of a local obsession, since she was from here--from Mountain Brook, a wealthy suburb of Birmingham that is right up against my (more modest) suburb. I know people who knew her. We're both deeply invested in it and, five years later, a little sick of it going in these endless circles without any justice or closure. So it is deeply satisfying to finally see this guy get nailed for something, although I wish it hadn't been for murder. I mean, this is a guy who recently demanded $250,000 from Natalee's mother in exchange for the location of her daughter's body (he has been charged this week with extortion). My understanding is that he has currently confessed to the murder of the girl in Peru--a girl whose father is, apparently, an influential public figure. So, whereas van der Sloot's father, a lawyer training to become judge in Aruba at the time, allegedly pulled strings during the Holloway investigation... what goes around comes around, and irony is about to bite this kid in the ass.

On a more positive note, brainchild129 writes that a friend of hers is working with the Peace Corps in Niger, and they're trying to raise $1200 for a goat microfinance program, which is probably the most awesome combination of words I will hear today--that is to say, a program that helps Nigerien women learn business and teamwork skills and earn income of their own, by raising goats. Go to the link if you're interested in helping out.

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For the record, I didn't think you were overreacting to the redheadedness thing. While my brain did jam when I read that bit in the book, it is, as you say, more entertaining to flip a little than to just be like, "Oh well that's odd." *shrug* Just my two cents so you don't feel self-conscious or anything.

psst -- tiny, nit-picky thing. Nigerians are from Nigeria. Nigeriens are from Niger. :)

Ah! "Nigerians" was the word she used, so I didn't notice. I'll go change that.

Goats make everything better. Especially if they're those awesome fainting ones.

I think most stores have a policy that if people try to return stuff, it either goes back on the card that they used, or on a home depot gift card, which doesn't do them any more good than buying the stuff outright with the stolen card numbers. I'm not sure that's any comfort at all, but at least the thieves might not have an easy time making money.

If you can get a store credit/gift card, you can sell those on ebay

The redhead thing made me meltdown because of the inconsistency. The rocking chair and baby imprinting were fucked, but completely in line with SMeyer's brand of crazy. But to be five books and three movies into your outrageously successful, wildly popular series, and then suddenly change the hair color of the sparkly dream man of literally millions of women around the world? That takes it past crazy and into incomprehensible.

The redhead thing makes me think that she's writing from RPattz now; he has darker hair than what I imagined Edward to have (bronze ≠ red! My hair is red; Amy Pond's hair is red). That's how my brain is rationalizing it because it doesn't want to spend time thinking about it or it might explode.

I'm willing to bet that Natalie Holloway and Stephany Tatiana Flores Ramírez aren't his only victims - five years between kills is a hell of a long cooling off period; too long.

Yeah, I have severe doubts that he was just twiddling his thumbs the whole time, although I do think a good year or so of that was taken up with his legal troubles. But once he was at large again--at the very least, he was probably wreaking more havoc with date rape drugs.

I pity the fool who will indure the wrath of Mama Cleo.

(Deleted comment)
Aw, yay!

I am trying so hard to keep my Echo Bazaar addiction quiet, but me shouting at the computer is not helping.

Last year I read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. Loved them. Recently I went to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in Swedish with English subtitles. Loved it. Next I find out that Hollywood is in preproduction for a version of the trilogy and none other than Kristen Stewart is being bandied about for Lisbeth Salander's role. So, I'm curious if you have thoughts on the subject, inside info, etc. If nothing else, read the books. They're awesome. Lisbeth is fascinating.

none other than Kristen Stewart is being bandied about for Lisbeth Salander's role.

Oh, god. NO! Bella Swan as Lisbeth? I cannot see it.

I can't imagine a better adaptation than the Swedish film. The books were excellent (I ordered a copy of Hornet's Nest from Amazon UK so I wouldn't have to wait), and I loved the film version. I'm cautiously optimistic about the remake, but I really can't see Kristen Stewart in that role.

I just want to note that my hair is reddish-brown, though I'm not sure I'd call it bronze, and that everyone outside my ginger family considers me a redhead. Perhaps by dark red, she meant, "darker than orange-red, which is what my sister has?"

that reminds me of the "red hair" discussion from Requiem for a Dream. "It's a red. It's not a RED red, but that's red. That's red? Then what's orange??"

I didn't comment on the previous entry, but I'm happy to add my positive feedback- your recap was all-around hilarious. (Literally laughing while reading it.)

:-( Sorry about the return of the asshat Pizza Hut thieves.

I was pretty invested in the Natalee Holloway case too because I'm a justice student strictly because I wanted to help strengthen women against things like this...

Possibly they're experiencing a Twitterquake caused by everyone ranting about Edward's hair retcon, or gushing about how awesome Smeyers is and totally ignoring the retcon?

It's just that now Mom has to close the account, get a new one, get new debit cards, have no way to pay for things for a couple of days, borrow my checkbook and pay me back later, smite down the wrongdoers, see them driven before her and hear their lamentations, etc.

Let's face it, it's the last two clauses right there that have us sitting up in anticipation.

So awful that this piece of filth had to claim another life before they could catch him. But thank God they *did* catch him. My mother's family is from Mountain Brook and she's been very interested in this case. That poor girl.