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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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A little lunch linkspam
Many things to discuss (I have been busy, sick, and enveloped in drama, as is usual):

The first Voyage of the Dawn Treader trailer! Also: the Star's Daughter (who appears in it) has been named Lilliandil. I see "dil" on the end and think "Tolkien warrior king," but there you are.

More trailers: Never Let Me Go, Somewhere, Legend of the Guardians, Centurion, Flipped; New International Trailer for Scott Pilgrim; Sylvain Chomet's Animated Film 'The Illusionist' First Trailer. Also: Neil Patrick Harris introduces the teaser trailer premiere for 'THE SMURFS: WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW.' The subtitle is silent.

HBO Greenlights 'Hemingway & Gellhorn' Starring Clive Owen And Nicole Kidman. 

Robert Downey Jr. Confirmed For "Oz: The Great and Powerful"; Sam Raimi Confirmed to Join Robert Downey Jr. in Oz; Mysterious 'Wizard of Oz' Teaser Announces Yet Another Oz-Related Project?; Lea Michele's 'Dorothy of Oz' Character Sketches -- FIRST LOOK; Lea Michele as the new Judy Garland, and other surreal dispatches from the modern 'Oz' renaissance.

'Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead' Hits the Remake Pile.

“Bree Tanner” Set To Be Year's Bestseller in the UK, according to Waterstones. I am very disappointed in all y'all over there. It's online for free and it's not very good!

'Breaking Dawn' officially split in two films; Screenwriter Teases PG-13, Vampire-Babyless Breaking Dawn. Robert Pattinson has other ideas.

Vera Nazarian (norilana)... well, her 2010 is looking a lot like my 2009 did, when a different calamity befell us every few weeks. Not only has she written Mansfield Park and Mummies to dig herself out, she's giving away one of her earlier novels,the well-reviewed Dreams of the Compass Rose.

Tonner's Mad Hatter doll finally revealed! NIGHTMARES FOR DAYS. They also posted a Tangled trailer on their Facebook, so I suspect they'll be making a Rapunzel doll with that character design. I also saw where Tonner Alice won't be released until November, most likely, and Galadriel might not be until--September? I can't remember. Not any time soon, is my point. So there we are.

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I can't decide if I want them to cut out the birthin' scene or not. It's both the best and worst part of the last book. Ol' Sparkleson will show us the way, though!


What's with all the Oz stuff?

IDK, but we're going through a weird glut of competing movies right now. Oz, fairy tales, ancient mythology...

(Deleted comment)
'THE SMURFS: WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW.' The subtitle is silent.


They should probably reuse that subtitle for the new ~edgy~ Fraggle Rock movie, also.

(Deleted comment)
I thought they weren't making Voyage of the Dawn Treader, so this came as a happy surprise. It's my favourite of all the Narnia books!

Mine as well--the Dark Island sequence is one of the single most terrifying things, like, EVUH. "Not daydreams-dreams." I think the trailer looks great, can't wait! I just hope the movies continue to do well enough to take us to The Last Battle (I could take or leave The Silver Chair and MN, tho' I love TH&HB).

(Deleted comment)
Is anyone else vaguely amused that in the Narnia trailer, Edmund is mocked for looking less than 18? Poor Skandar must have been about 18 already when they filmed that...

AHAHA RPATTZ, YOUR SPARKLY FACE. This is why I adore him so, and finding out the other day that Muse really hate Twilight too has just made my week.

Honestly, I don't know how I feel about baby-less Breaking Dawn. I can sort of see how the execs would sit down and go, "Well, we want to do this movie in 3D, so maybe having the male lead chew the infant out of the female lead on the screen would be a little bit much for the demographic to handle," but on the other, I keep giggling hysterically about how they'd try to do 5.1 Dolby surround windchimes to go with 3D sparkle.

"5.1 Dolby surround windchimes to go with 3D sparkle."
You make me smile.

(Deleted comment)
Am still in a state of perma-squeeee over the VDT trailer. I mean, I have quibbles and a few concerns but it exceeded my hopes!

I want to comment on your post, but I'm too busy staring at the icon. Susan Love.

I've really come to love her. I feel like the movies gave Susan back to us.

Tonner, great job. You succeeded in making Hatter look even more like Elijah Wood than he already does. *shudders*

Aw, you beat me to it!

But really, it just looks like Frodo the Clown.

"Papa Smurf, when will the stars be right?"
"Not long now!"

Oh, RPattz. Stay gold.

I'm equal parts LOLing and nostalgic for the first time I read The Outsiders...

Narnia! (Since when is this movie actually happening?)

Actually, I see Narnia in general and think LotR, especially with all the info about Tolkien and C. S. Lewis teaching English classes in Oxford University at the same time and all, they're just linked in my head for some odd reason. But I must say, this franchise doesn't get the love that it deserves :( I am excited they've made VDT - it's my favorite of the series.

On a more negative note: I was counting on BD being one film. Somehow, I can't see it bringing on the lulz - it's more likely to bring on the ick factor. And now it's two movies?

IIRC, Tolkien and Lewis discussed both serieses ummm....sets, and each criticed the other.

VDT was my 2nd favorite - THaHB is my hands-down favorite. (I'm just not sure what Peter and Susan are doing in this trailer.....)

(Deleted comment)
'THE SMURFS: WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW.' The subtitle is silent. cracked me up!

Seriously, though, where is it?

Oz linkspam! I luff you.
(Is it too early to start wanting Tonner Oz dolls?)

And no, I will NOT be clicking the Mad Hatter link. Your nightmare warning is enough for me. (Still haven't forgotten Bella's felted womb...)

Why do they keep bringing up the White Witch? It's been a looooooooong time since I read the Narnia books, but did she even get a mention in Price Caspian or Dawn Treader?

I don't think so. Narnia Fans is saying that it's a dream sequence in this one. I love Tilda Swinton, so I'm not really complaining.