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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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twilight lolcat
I am so incredibly tired and overloaded right now. So much for the concept of weekend-as-leisure.

A few things, including pictures of Sam: Florence + The Machine's deadpan (for lack of a better word) cover of "Addicted to Love," which I can't stop singing along to.

Edward Cullen needs a good home, likes his chin scratched. The entry there on my Tumblr is an explanatory email and the two pictures, which a reader sent me. Look at that FACE. That SAD, CHAGRINED FACE, wanting to know who named him this and WHY.

(click to enlarge)

(He has secrets in his past AND all his shots.)

ETA: YOU GUYS. No one has adopted him yet! Surely SOMEONE reading this can go over to Seattle (of course it's Seattle) and rescue him! Look at his sweet little face! It's saying, "Please, don't let one of them take me home. You know the ones. Please don't let them put a sparkle collar on me. I won't even watch you sleep, I promise. Seriously, I'm a cat, I'm the one who does the sleeping."

I also got a couple of small packages of doll accessories in the mail, although I'm not sure who from. One of them did include this, however. This, which is a real thing.

I cannot even believe I am looking at this. This is real. on Twitpic

Meanwhile, Sam has gotten a fresh summer cut and is snugglier than ever, if a little wary of the camera/phone.

Sam's fresh summer cut on Twitpic

Prior to his trim: spot the pomeranian.

Sam's favorite shady hiding place on Twitpic Hello! on Twitpic

And now, I'm going to... I don't know, sleep, or stare at a wall or something.

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I first heard that Florence + the Machine cover on SYTYCD last week, and I was so mad that I hadn't found it earlier. I'm in love with it.

That poor, poor cat. I hope his new owner changes his name.

Have a good sleep/stare/flop.

I feel guilty for laughing at a homeless cat, but oh my god, that picture on the poster. *cracks up* SO MUCH CHAGRIN.

Awwww, lookit Sam!

I can't stop posting it everywhere I go, because it is SO SAD. The feral cats didn't understand him, you guys.

I want to take him in and rename him and feed him all the mountain lions he wants.

I'm torn between laughing at Edward Cullen the cat and wanting to cuddle it.

I worked today for the first time in a month and a half. My feet!

Awww, that poor kitty. I hope he finds a loving home soon.

Sam is so adorable.

Awww. Edward Cullen! I would take you home! But, alas, my family of catpires would eat you alive.

And since I can't edit comments:

Now that I've listened to that song, I must say I LOVE when artists cover classic songs in a way that seems to completely change the meaning.

Like Greg Laswell's version of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. That's one of my faves. He makes the song from this, like girl power thing to a sad view of a girl ruining her life. Florence and the Machines take a love song and make it SO CREEPY.

Oh, how I wish I could cuddle Sam!

They make...doll-sized condom boxes?!?

Do I really want to know more?

(Deleted comment)
Oh...that poor kitten! I hope a family finds him soon and renames him!


unfortunately, until the Daughter's Ugly Dog moves with her (not until after Christmas we expect) I can't look at getting a new kitty. Ugly Dog is not kitty-trained and I'm not going to adopt a cat only to have it terrorized by the Ugly Dog.


Edited at 2010-06-21 01:46 am (UTC)

(Deleted comment)
.... ewwwww.

i saw edward cullen cat yesterday when i walked by the store, and that picture is just too much. i really hope someone adopts and re-names the poor sweetie.

Dude! He's STILL THERE? I thought for sure someone would have grabbed him up.

(my exact words)
"oh God! and he's neutered! OH GOD!" *helpless laughter*

Meanwhile, Sam manages to look cuter every time.

Does no one else find it kind of LOLarious that poor Edward is NEUTERED!?!?

Kind of? Try utterly and completely.

I take great amusement in the fact that Edward Cullen is neutered.

Ahaha, and just scrolled up and saw a bunch of other people made the same observation.

Edward Cullen
Male (neutered)

'nuff said i think!