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I am so incredibly tired and overloaded right now. So much for the concept of weekend-as-leisure.

A few things, including pictures of Sam: Florence + The Machine's deadpan (for lack of a better word) cover of "Addicted to Love," which I can't stop singing along to.

Edward Cullen needs a good home, likes his chin scratched. The entry there on my Tumblr is an explanatory email and the two pictures, which a reader sent me. Look at that FACE. That SAD, CHAGRINED FACE, wanting to know who named him this and WHY.

(click to enlarge)

(He has secrets in his past AND all his shots.)

ETA: YOU GUYS. No one has adopted him yet! Surely SOMEONE reading this can go over to Seattle (of course it's Seattle) and rescue him! Look at his sweet little face! It's saying, "Please, don't let one of them take me home. You know the ones. Please don't let them put a sparkle collar on me. I won't even watch you sleep, I promise. Seriously, I'm a cat, I'm the one who does the sleeping."

I also got a couple of small packages of doll accessories in the mail, although I'm not sure who from. One of them did include this, however. This, which is a real thing.

I cannot even believe I am looking at this. This is real. on Twitpic

Meanwhile, Sam has gotten a fresh summer cut and is snugglier than ever, if a little wary of the camera/phone.

Sam's fresh summer cut on Twitpic

Prior to his trim: spot the pomeranian.

Sam's favorite shady hiding place on Twitpic Hello! on Twitpic

And now, I'm going to... I don't know, sleep, or stare at a wall or something.

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