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A few things

I discovered yesterday that Sam has been moonlighting as a superhero fighting crime. And that his masked alter ego is... Red Panda.

Meanwhile, Tour of Terror III is about to culminate in the Eclipse premiere in LA on Thursday. The last I heard, the tent city comprises 350 fans (no drugs, alcohol, cooking, or amplified music, plz), and OVER 9000 wristbands have been passed out. (For comparison, 6000 fans showed up for that San Diego Comic-Con panel in 2008.)

@emokidsloveme: Paging @cleolinda RT @ktla: Eclipse Premiere: Fans Form Tent City Outside Nokia Theater  

@cleolinda: @emokidsloveme And it's on Thursday. THURSDAY! Two more days of this!

@emokidsloveme: @cleolinda Oh damn, it's Monday. These people are DEDICATED, to... something.

@cleolinda: @emokidsloveme I expect civil unrest by Wednesday evening. Windows smashed, trash cans on fire, sparkle running in the streets.

@rustincolor: @cleolinda RIGHT OUTSIDE MY WORK! i need to bring my camera tomorrow & take pics. i'm scared to come in thurs.

@rustincolor: @cleolinda the ones camping out aren't here to see the movie. the movie pass was $1000 for the la film fest. they're here for the red carpet

@cleolinda: @rustincolor Yeah, I'm a bit perturbed by the $1000 film festival thing. I'm pretty sure cannibalism will set in by Thursday morning.

And then I felt mischievous and decided to troll Twitter.

@cleolinda: They're still camping out to see a better movie than Phantom Menace. YEAH I SAID IT. #ducks

My favorite part about this (admittedly inflammatory) statement is that it is genuinely hard to argue.

@ant122992: @cleolinda Ohhhh man. That's a low but accurate blow.

@NoelCT: @cleolinda Only sad, sad individuals in Jar Jar Binks underoos will disagree on that PHANTOM MENACE point.

@GeekToMe: @cleolinda #blasphemy #turninyourgeekcard

@GeekToMe: Just revoking geek cards everywhere RT@ant122992: @cleolinda Ohhhh man. That's a low but accurate blow. #buffyhasabettervampire

@geekgirldiva: @cleolinda @GeekToMe Dude, c'mon. What's worse? Jar Jar stepping in poop or Sparklepires? Search your heart, you know it to be true.

@cleolinda: @geekgirldiva All I'm saying is, Eclipse is gonna have to be Plan Sparklepire from Outer Space to be worse than Phantom Menace.

Meanwhile: The Associated Press has asked me to state whether I am Team Edward or Team Jacob. It looks like you will find out on Thursday. I think I did a better job of answering than Emma Roberts did, but I am prepared to stand my ground rather than be run off Livejournal, so.
A little afternoon linkspam:

Watch Seth Rogen in the trailer premiere for 'The Green Hornet.'; First images from The Green Hornet; What Happened To Badass Action Heroes Who Could Actually Win A Fistfight?

First Official Look at the New Conan the Barbarian.

Entertainment Weekly: "The 'Footloose' remake finds its star. (They were not in fact holding out for a hero. Just a newcomer.)"

M. Night Shyamalan casting next project: Can he get his mojo back?

Reese Witherspoon on the set of Water for Elephants. HORSIES! One of the things I really envy actors is that they get to learn to do all kinds of awesome stuff that most of us will never get to do. I would kill to have, say, Orlando Bloom's skill set.


And, finally: The National Pork Board demands that ThinkGeek stop using their slogan to sell unicorn meat. "We'd like to publicly apologize to the NPB for the confusion over unicorn and pork--and for their awkward extended pause on the phone after we had explained our unicorn meat doesn't actually exist." 

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