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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Sparklemas approacheth
twilight lolcat
One of the things that impresses me, as a fanthropologist, about the Twilight SAGA WTF series is that the fandom is constantly able to overwhelm all resources and expectations before the studio can even start trying to whip them up. Summit's all like, yeah, we're gonna have a big movie premiere on Thursday, all the stars will be on the carpet, hope you guys turn out for HOLY SHIT WHY ARE YOU ALREADY CAMPING OUT IT IS ONLY MONDAY. Thus, I bring you seasonal Twi-spam.

Twilight Fans Create Tent City Waiting For Premiere; Total Eclipse: Twihards take over the LA Live courtyard. Twistock, if you will.

(And it really is probably a big moment for the fandom, because, let's face it: it's all Renesmee from here on out. This is kind of the last hurrah before the series goes all to hell.)

Meanwhile, the official @Twilight account on Twitter merrily instituted a #TentCity hashtag. By David Slade's estimate, there were about 700 people camping out there as of Monday night. (I initially heard 9000 wristbands in terms of total attendance, but now I'm hearing 1500. I have no idea. If the real number is 1500, however, that means that fully half the crowd is already camping out, which would make sense. However, this does not take into account people who have no idea that such protocols exist and will try to gatecrash tonight.) The BBC slideshow and ONTD pictures, by the way, are terrifying. It's like an open-air Hot Topic out there. I can't decide if I like the cardboard standup or the Edward blanket with a lawn chair of its very own the best.

Clearly, Summit feared civil unrest and/or cannibalism the same as I did, because they sent Burger King (and, if I am reading this correctly, THE Burger King. I still want a commercial where the King wakes up to find a cardboard Edward watching him sleep and begins to sob) to hand out sustenance to the people. The Hilton Garden Inn brought humanitarian aid in the form of blankets, pillows, and water. Also, someone ordered pizza. And then, to appease the masses, Jackson Rathbone, Billy Burke, Julia Jones, and Peter Facinelli visited Tent City. But then, Carlisle always was compassionate.

They're also live-streaming the premiere on several sites; I don't know offhand, but I'm sure @Twilight will say later tonight. I watched a stream of the first movie's premiere back in the day--I had a deep foreboding that something terrible was going to happen--and nearly died of boredom, so who knows. However, I will let young Nathan have the last word on this one:

“I’m just here for Bella. And I’m going to propose to her,” he said with a beatific smile. After a perfect pause, he added: “And if she turns me down, I’m going to ask Jacob.”

Meanwhile, Summit to host 'Twilight' parties during Saturday's lunar eclipse.

YOU GUYS. Edward Cullen Cat has not yet been adopted! And is still named "Edward Cullen"! LOOK AT THAT FACE. HELP HIM. I'm not sure which pet store in Seattle it is, but apparently they have a partnership with the Humane Society? You could probably call them up and be like, "Seriously, this Edward Cullen cat, where is he and WHY DID YOU NAME HIM THAT? Do you realize you may have doomed him to a perpetual coat of fur glitter? Does Hot Topic make litterboxes? Because he's about to find out. Someone may do terrible, terrible things to him if you don't tell me where he is."

'Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows' Trailer To Premiere In Front Of 'Eclipse' Next Week; Paranormal Activity 2 Teaser Coming with Twilight: Eclipse. Well played, Summit. Well played.

Meanwhile, Stephenie Meyer says she is "burnt out" on vampires. GODDAMMIT I WANT THE REST OF MIDNIGHT SUN. I DIDN'T SIT THROUGH 1200 PAGES OF THIS BULLSHIT NOT TO FIND OUT WHAT EDWARD THOUGHT OF THE SPARKLE MEADOW. COME ON. YOU KNOW THAT HAD TO BE EPIC. Although she might be hung up on trying to actually write the action scene that Bella was unconscious for, I don't know.

And finally, from the "Links Everyone in the World Emails Me" Files: Robert Pattinson and Dracula are distant relatives. And, apparently, so is Stephenie Meyer. And probably 45% of the Western hemisphere. And no, he still doesn't want to bite you.

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Yes, this is why I love you, Cleo. ;-D

Exactly what i wanted to say

I thought that the girls who followed *NSYNC's tour in an RV one summer were nuts. Then Twilight happened and they suddenly seem vaguely sane.

At least those girls were going to see them perform. These chicks are turning up just to snap some bad Myspace photos & take turns pointing and crying hysterically.

Edited at 2010-06-25 03:35 am (UTC)

Young Nathan is win.

I've heard good things about Eclipse, mostly because of the director involved. They've apparently focused less on the bullshit love triangle and more on the action, which (if it is true) is probably a very good choice. Although Taylor also gets plenty of shirtless scenes in there, so they still know their audience.

I am very, very tempted to adopt Edward Cullen Cat. Except I live in Los Angeles. This could be a problem.

david slade actually directed a shitload of muse videos from their second album back in 2001-2002. he's a... strange visionary, we'll say. but it wouldn't surprise me he went more for the action and the gritty stuff than the romantic stuff. those videos were WEIRD. (but awesome - if you get a chance, check out "new born" or "plug in baby," they're a total head trip.)

Tent City......I just....I dunno. I like the pizza idea but I just don't understand lining up to see the actors....they didn't see the movie did they? They are just seeing the red carpet??

I think I might want a hot topic litter box now. I really hope he gets adopted soon. Like I said on twitter...I don't know how some crazy twilight addicted cat lady hasn't scooped him up yet considering that sounds like it goes hand in hand.

Well, to be fair, I have been up close with some famous people before. It is neat.

these people scare me. SO MUCH.

There was some Demotiovational poster pondering about how the media would react if it was middle aged guys screaming over high school girls.

as a fanthropologist

that is a very accurate interpretation of what you do, actually. i like that word.


i would like this, too. also, is she freaking serious? what else is she going to write? i read about two chapters of the host and wanted to stick a needle in my eye, i was so bored. the only thing she knows how to do is sparkles and fade-to-black sex scenes!

I thought it was silly when I saw some people camping out overnight for some ChikFilA sandwhiches. At least ChikFilA is realtively honest about their religon stuff.

And their sandwiches are delicious.

I cannot even begin to tell you how amused I am by both these happenings and your commentary on them. Twilight fandom is so epic.

(Deleted comment)
I can understand collecting horses. I don't get collecting horses with graffiti.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Nice try, Summit, but not even a Harry Potter trailer will get me into a Twilight theater any time soon. lol

Thank goodness it's gonna be online.

I agree completely.

There's always the sneaking into the cinema to see the trailer and then just leaving. I'm fairly sure I did this with one of the Lord of the Rings trailer.

I still want a commercial where the King wakes up to find a cardboard Edward watching him sleep and begins to sob

Okay, THIS is the only valid, sane and desirable concept for a Creepy-Assed Burger King Dude commercial, EVER.

Bravo, and someone should get on this, chop-chop.


I'm glad that I'm not the only person who thinks those commercials are terrifying.

I still want a commercial where the King wakes up to find a cardboard Edward watching him sleep and begins to sob

I wrote this 100-word drabble on this very subject!

Soooo . . . Robert Pattinson's name isn't Twilight but he is, in fact, a Dracula.

:( Poor Edward Cullencat.

(Deleted comment)
I think they're giving Trekkers and Juggalos a run for it. Forks, WA may be the first town declared a disaster area due to psychological trauma after the movies are done.

This is kind of the last hurrah before the series goes all to hell

Yup. Breaking Fail. I can't wait.

And this tent city? They won't even get to see the movie! They're there to meet a star for maybe a minute? And they're camping out for four days? Where is the logic?

Seriously, no matter how enamored I may be of something, I won't waste four days of my life to get a minute of it.

And Stephenie Meyer, gosh. I don't even know what to say the "I can't escape Twilight anywhere!" comments. Um, YEAH.

"Yup. Breaking Fail. I can't wait."

I'm kind of looking forward to it myself. I was a bit too close to the action with the seventh Harry Potter book to properly enjoy the madness.

I wonder if Cleo would be able to live-blog the reactions somehow...