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On the second day of Sparklemas... blogger gave to me: two feline chagrins and an article written by the AP. With my "team" preference, as promised.

Team Edward vs. Team Jacob: Which side are you on?

Christy did tell me that the article was edited for space--although she did insist on keeping my team preference in, because I told her y'all were looking forward to that--so my thoughts on Jacob were cut short and look a bit dismissive in the context of the article please don't hurt me. I also pointed out that Jacob, too, is a combination good boy/bad boy--he's the werewolf next door, and in the movies, he's played by this apple-cheeked kid who, for all his attempts at romantically frustrated brooding, looks a lot less rebellious than Vampire Without a Cause over there; he's most appealing (IMO) in the first half of New Moon when he's all smiles. But, as has been proven with other characters in the pack, Jacobwolf could also hulk out and claw your face off. So the way the characters look and have been cast in the movies has really highlighted the dual nature they both have, and yet they still fulfill separate fantasies.

What I also said--and a lot more of what I said made it in than I thought would--was the "team" you choose in a rivalry like this has a lot to do with what you feel is missing in your life. That is to say, that's the point of fantasy; we don't fantasize about things we already have. And... all broodings being equal, I could really use someone who's educated, well-read, financially stable, and hygienic in my life. (I hate to pull an inside reference on you guys, but good God, could I use someone who cleans up nice. Someone who cleans up, period.) If you could surgically remove the fuckwittery from these two characters--I think you can tell which type I would prefer. But unless this third movie--where a large percentage of the asshaberdashery happens--underwent some drastic rewrites (and it sounds like it didn't), you can't, so I'm firmly Team... well. You've read the article.

(Let it also be noted that I am available for sensible, well-informed quotes on a vast number of non-Twilight topics, including but not limited to Harry Potter, LOTR (omg breaking news: Peter Jackson directing, y'all), Narnia, Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, Dracula, True Blood, vampires in general--hell, 19th-century literature in general. I studied Renaissance drama, sentimental literature and two foreign languages! I have half a master's degree! I WAS A LIBERAL ARTS MAJOR. WILL OPINIONATE FOR FOOD.)

Speaking of rewrites, word from someone who's seen the movie is that there is no werenose fistbump. I am disappoint.

Meanwhile, Edward Cullen Cat is losing his will to dazzle:

LOOK AT THAT PRECIOUS BABY FACE. I have never before seen a cat that had puppy dog eyes. I'm withholding the link to his location at this point because a reader is going to call the store and see if she can adopt him for her mother, so maybe we'll have a happy ending after all.

OMG BREAKING NEWS: In case you didn't see the link buried in a paragraph above, our long international nightmare is over: PETER JACKSON WILL DIRECT THE HOBBIT.

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