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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Two things
YOU GUYS. Pictures from shadowmaat: Edward Cat is still precious. And homeless.

The famous Edward Cullen cat on Twitpic Fuzziest Edward can see you looking; JUDGING him. "I'm behind... on Twitpic


We may have found a home that'll work out (and a back-up offer if it doesn't, I think), but it's not certain yet.

At least he has a special bed now.

(omg look at that face)

Meanwhile: the first Deathly Hallows trailer. Warning: there are scenes here that I did not expect to see until we got to the movies themselves. Also: you may tear up.

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I teared up a little...but goodness knows I won't see the event in 3D. That's worse than tears, it's a splitting, hammering headache. >>'

My brain would explode if i saw it in 3d.

I want to adopt him so much!

I'm with you about not expecting some of the scenes in the DH trailer.

POOR EDWARD CULLEN CAT. Geez, if no one adopts him soon I may just grit my teeth, drive up to Seattle and do it myself. Although I'm sure he wouldn't be too thrilled with an 18-hour car ride home unless it was in a Volvo. He's so precious!

And YAY, trailer! These look like they're going to be the best movies in the entire series, and that's definitely saying something.

Honestly, the mere thought of Deathly Hallows pretty much makes me start planning my suicide. I think I may steer clear of the trailers.

Part one comes out the day after my twentieth birthday, eleven years to the day when I got my first Harry Potter book.

I grew up with Harry Potter... and now it's ending :( Basically, I am so happy that it's two movies.

I missed the HBP film, bad RP experiences have killed my HP love. :/

One day earlier and I could have had Harry Potter for my birthday, as it is, I will be going to a midnight screening. Gah...I am so excited and nervous and I cannot wait.

For me, the HP trailer news is overshadowed by the fact Steve Carell really is leaving the Office.

Butting in, but WHAT? :(

That poor kitty. I want to kiss his sweet pink nosie. :3

I watched the trailer, and got shivers. But rolled my eyes at the 3D part. I'm sure 3D is super-great, but I have amblyopia (one eye is 20/200 and cannot be corrected) and very little stereo vision, so I really can't get excited. Three dimensions in real life is hard enough. :/

How is he still homeless? This is terrible! D:

OMG! He has TOPAZ EYES, y'all!


Someone adopt that cat before some Twihard gets him and covers him in body glitter.

... I can just see the latter part happening. Especially if Twihards got into a fight over him, lol.


And if they can explain the REALLY IMPORTANT crap they FOR SOME REASON left out of HBP, the the DH movies look like they WILL TOTALLY ROCK.

But I without judgment until I see them.

Oh, the previous entry is even worse, in terms of the picture I posted. I have five pictures of this cat now, and that one up there on the right is the least sad one. The least.

If I didn't already have two dogs and a cat....

Anyone else a die-hard boycotter of the films? Anyone? Bueller?


I saw the first one in theaters because I was twelve and didn't know any better, and the fifth because I was working at a summer camp and that's what ALL the counselors were doing on our night off (so there was really no choice). Apart from that, I've only seen the others on DVD because my mother literally FORCES me to watch them... despite the fact I somehow always end up getting sent to my room for laughing.

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The trailer gave me goosebumps. Holy shit.

Poor Edward Cullen cat. If I wasn't already one cat over limit, I'd find a way to get him to Texas!

Also, the trailer gave me chills. And some tears. Fun fact: My husband spontaneously proposed to me after the midnight showing of Goblet of Fire. Not because we are Harry Potter nerds (though we are) but because it was 3 AM, we were hopped up on sugar and caffeine, and apparently I am just so awesome he couldn't wait until he had planned to do it. But I always connect HP films with that now.

awwww, that's really cute :)