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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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On the seventh day of Sparklemas...
...my blogger gave to me: seven mobs a-mobbing!

So. I was having a mild panic attack earlier, but I think I've pulled myself together now. These are really a pretty recent thing; I don't even know. I will say that our fridge has died, our grill has died, and this morning, there was a carjacking in my old (but still pretty near) neighborhood. The slats fell out of my bed, three pairs of jeans spontaneously died (two of them sprang holes of varying sizes in the left knee--which is weird, that they both did. Denim sabotage?--and the third's zipper just came out, like, overnight and I didn't even do anything to it, I don't even KNOW), and I have no idea what I'm going to wear this evening when we go to the movie. It's like, I don't want to end up in freakin' black dress pants and a v-neck t-shirt, but so help me God, I will if I have to. And let's face it: none of these girls are going to be looking at me.

However, the third of the three articles I was interviewed for is up: Living (make that undead) dolls. Because on the Venn diagram of "Talks too much about Twilight on the internet" and "Is a stan for Tonner dolls," there is only one overlap. *hangs head*

(Notice, however, the reason given for my pseudonym, which, in context, is kind of hilarious.)

(I will however, clarify that I did not buy the Prom Bella. I bought the outfit, secondhand and on the cheap. Because the leg cast is, in fact, hilarious.)

Meanwhile, Eclipse is, predictably, wreaking havoc. Nikki Finke reports that "theaters are mobbed by Twi-hards at Wednesday 12:01 AM screenings in Boston, NYC, Washington DC, Paramus N.J., Detroit, Cleveland, Denver, Salt Lake City, Bellevue WA, as well as in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Brazil, Mexico, Philippines, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Africa, Hungary, and Finland." You also discover at that link that it has the widest U.S. domestic release in history--that is, released in the greatest number of theaters. And they seem to need them.

@alexdrovna: @cleolinda i wish u had been @ the 12am #eclipse i went to. the movie started 30 mins late. there was almost a riot. i was scared.

@alexdrovna: @cleolinda really, it was frightening, there was yelling and chanting and possibly Piggy's head on a stick

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Sets New Midnight Record. Keep in mind that sometimes, $30M is a #1 movie's entire take for the weekend.

(Also, today I'm posting a few of my favorite Twilight things--like comics panels and macros--on Tumblr (scroll down). The queue will probably be autoposting long into the night. Also-also! Edward Cullen Cat's adoption is slowly finalizing, it looks like! He may have a home by the end of the week!)

By contrast, there's... The Last Airbender. For starters, there's an ICE-COLD HALF-STAR BURN from Roger Ebert. Meanwhile, the movie has risen from zero to an impressive six percent on Rotten Tomatoes (the pull quotes are delightful). The interesting thing about Ebert's review is that his primary problems with the movie don't even involve the racial controversy (although he linked on his Twitter to a "devastating" blog entry about that); to hear him tell it, the movie isn't even competent filmmaking.

@ebertchicago: Frustrated by Airbender's lousy 3D, Peter Sobczynski took off his glasses & guesses roughly 2/3 of the footage was in 2D!

And yet, my mother still wants to see it. Really, really bad. So we're going on Sunday, I think. I really, really doubt I can take two Things Of Which We Do Not Speak at once (Dayna, DON'T EVEN SAY IT), so I promise nothing. I think we are recording a new Made of Fail on Saturday, though.

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...say what? *completely innocent*

Oh, good luck. I'm not even going anywhere near a movie theater for about a week, just so I don't get swept up in the madness.

Edited at 2010-06-30 09:20 pm (UTC)

Holy crap. I think I was at the most civilised midnight screening for Eclipse EVER. I was the only one wearing sparkles (I CAN WEAR SPARKLY PYJAMAS IF I WANT TO!) and nobody said a thing about them, and then there were a few cheers at the trailers, and then everyone was on good behaviour.

I went in expecting some kind of batshit, and what I got was...disturbing amount of normalcy from everyone.

And then the movie turned out to be good, and that's when my brain died. This was a marathon, so I had the first two movies to actually compare it to, and honestly, I think Eclipse is the best of the lot. I don't understand! How did this happen? What. *cries*

Now I want to see a Survivor: Twilight Fans edition. It would be the only Survivor I would ever watch.

And now I want to see a Survivor: Twilight Cast edition. The challenge would be walking across a rolling log; Bella would start to fall, Edward would flash-dash to cushion her before her bum made a pit in the sand, and Alice would all, "Whatever, she's getting immunity tonight anyway."

Summit nixed the baseball outfits for the dolls? You have got to be kidding me. I would have so bought Baseball Alice, but nooo Summit thinks they are smart.

Stupid Summit.

And I want to see Last Airbender, but I do not have high hopes.

Summit hates baseball. And America.


They aren't kidding about the mobs, you know. I went to see Toy Story 3 last night, and there must have been (at least) a hundred and fifty people camped outside the theater waiting for the midnight showing. And I do mean camped, I'm pretty sure I saw at least one tent, and almost everyone had chairs and so forth. And one girl had a Twilight blanket, some Twilight board game I didn't stop long enough to see, and a cardboard cut-out each of Edward and Jacob.

In contrast, there was hardly anyone seeing Toy Story 3, but as I told my parents "I'm sure everyone knew there'd be no parking with all those Twilight people here."

Also, my dad thought it was kind of cool that so many people would wait so long for a movie. I kept my real opinion to myself, and just said "Yeah, but it'd be even cooler if it was for a good series."

Also also, I found it interesting that of the t-shirts I could see, both store bought and homemade, the majority were "Team Jacob." Apparently southern California is werewolf country.

What I want to know is what do people do with their junk when they go in for the movie? Backpacks? Telekinesis? Run really fast back to the car and hope you get good seats?

(Deleted comment)
This was bout the same for me. Except people went "whoo!" every time Jacob was shirtless, and applause when Victoria got dead. Otherwise, fairly sane overall.

Saw this, thought of you


Pretty much what it says on the tin. No word on whether it sparkled at her.

Man, I'm sorry, I LOL'd a little at the OMG 129 DOLLARS? bit. Cheapest doll I ever got was like 300 bucks all told, and yeah, most of mine are modeled off celebrities too. :| (Not loling at you because man we are THE SAME ABOUT DOLLS, JUST DIFFERENT KINDS, just the whole sticker shock people have that OMG PEOPLE SPEND LOTS OF MONEY ON THEIR PASSIONATE HOBBIES? which I first typed as "hobbits". It's been a day.)


Thanks, I had to make up an excuse to my boss explaining why I started busting a gut laughing...

Yes, apparently, today I'm a teenager. *snicker*

Fingers crossed for Edward Cullen Cat. Like everybody else, I would adopt him if I lived anywhere near Seattle!

Piggy's head on a stick, hee.


AUGH. You poor thing!

The original cartoon is great, though. In my opinion, the single best animated series ever aired on US TV.

I could never do that to something so influential on my future tastes as Gargoyles--they're both firmly tied for first place, to me.

(Sidenote: I hope they never try to make a Gargoyles movie because it would be utterly dreadful.)

Last night my wife and I were at a nearby mall. She's blind, so we had her guide dog with us. He's usually really good at following directions and making sure she doesn't run into things. For some reason, as we passed the movie theatre, the dog felt a MIGHTY NEED to lead my wife into the line for Eclipse. Even when I tried to steer him right, he kept trying to head back for the damn line.


That just makes me think of the Bum Review for the first movie: "I smell pretentiousness! She must be over there!"