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So I get a tearful message from snowcoma this morning:

There has been yet another snag in getting Edward. I went to the store today with my carrier, his new collar and toy, and....waited. And waited. When they finally got his foster mom on the phone she had YET MORE questions she wanted to talk with my mom about (despite discussing the same things with me the night before and giving me the all-clear). As of ten o'clock this night, my mother hasn't heard from her.

Did I mention we are leaving for Vancouver, WA [this] morning to SEE my mother? And that I am supposed to have a cat for her?

[snowcoma talks a little bit about panic and anxiety attacks here, which are something I can sadly identify with.] Add in the fact that I am now attached to an animal that someone is playing paperwork keep-away with, and well...

All I want to do is get the damn cat and visit my mother. I ended up crying in the middle of the pet store (and the employees were extremely nice, this is just out of their control). One of them even offered to let me pick him up before the store even opens if I can get the all clear.

You can share any or all of this, because this is goddamn ridiculous. And I feel like I'm letting a lot of people down every time I fail to bring him home. I'm sitting here with an empty collar in my hands and trying not to cry.


I am pretty sure that an angry mob is not going to convince a foster family that someone is more suitable for cat ownership. I am also pretty sure that catnapping is illegal. I just don't know what to do. Keep in mind that Edward Cat isn't even at the foster family's house, as I understand it--he's all alone at the pet store--

--while the foster family is somewhere on the phone all like NO CAT FOR YOU.

I am not understanding what the problem is here.

ETA: Okay, we have figured out that Edward Cat comes from a private/volunteer rescue, not the Humane Society, and a deeply-attached foster family really may have the final say. (And now you know why he's been in that window forever.) My problem with this is that snowcoma was cleared to take Edward home at least once, and they keep giving her this runaround of "We'll have to talk to you/her/someone else, we'll call later" and then it takes days. If you don't want her to have the cat, don't tell her she can have the cat.


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