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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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pallas cat - meep
--from snowcoma:

So, after having a minor breakdown in the store, and relentlessly calling the foster mom, I got ahold of her, got everything settled, and got the official all clear. She seemed very apologetic for the difficulties. Now, I am going to pick Edward up in the next few hours, and I will not have an internet connection. I DO have a paid account, however, so for better or worse, I will leave a voicepost containing the news of Edward. PRAYER CIRCLE, Y'ALL.

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This deserves some party gifs but I don't have any. :(

I feel the main problem here is clear: obvsly, the foster family is seekritly Team Jacob.

Secret tunnel~
Secret tunnel~

Prayer circle, indeed! I hope all goes well this visit and you leave that pet store with a much-less-chagrined Edward Cullencat.

I am breaking out the Emergency Rosary Beads forthwith! I want - no, I NEED that cat to be happy!

go snowcoma go!

I would do party .gifs, but I fear jinxing it.

(With apologies to Charles de Lint and Charles Vess)

Cute! :-) Keeping up the prayers!


This. So much this. When I saw this lolcat picture, I looked up at Nar, the giant black cat who is sooooo happy to be in a home with other cats and people who love him and not in a cage, and I cried. I wish I could get them all out of cages. I wish I could save them all. But if I can only make the difference for one more, I will.

Adding my prayers for this to work out to my prayers that Spain JUST SCORE ALREADY.


tbh I do not really care who wins so much as I care that the winner CRUSHES GERMANY TO A SMALL PINK SMEAR ON THE PITCH TUESDAY.

I hope it all actually works out this time!

I hope it all goes smoothly! *fingers crossed whilst joining said prayer circle* I just can't take any more of the sad...I can almost hear the Sarah McLachlan song when I see his chagrined little face.

This is fantastic news! I am so happy for snowcoma and her Mum and of course, Edward :D :D :D

Yay! Glad this poor kitty finally found a home :) may he sparkle like the sparkliest kitty ever.