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Delirium in Hi-Fi

The Awful Record Cover site was so awesome that I had to make icons. (ETA: I ought to mention that I saw it on razzberryberet's journal.) I'm more partial to '50s-'60s kitsch, so if you want some of the more bizarre stuff, you'll have to make it yourself. Samples (see them all here):

Want/take/have. Just don't hotlink, because--unless my Photobucket album is just ragingly popular this month, someone's been a bad children, and my account is thisclose to getting shut down for the month. Take what you want and put it on your own server, people.

P.S. If this is the kind of stuff you dig, may I recommend:

1., featuring the beloved Gallery of Regrettable Food;

2. "Frontier Psychiatrist," by the Avalanches. A song composed from cartoon samples, including what sounds like clips from Dexter's Lab. I got it off my radio station; don't know where you can download it.

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