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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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galadriel helpful
Voice post: "Edward is in the car with us right now." (snowcoma does go into what was going on with the foster family a little bit, and doesn't want any hard feelings about that.) He is in his cat carrier! With his catnip toys! He is chill and relaxed! She's going to be off the grid for a little while, but she says we will get happycat pictures on Monday.

I swear, I started laughing just from sheer relief. I can't stop, actually.

ETA: awanderingbard has transcribed the entire post for us.

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I've made a transcript of the voice post for any Hard of Hearing Team Edward Cat Folks:

Hi guys, this is snowcoma, aka Grace. I wanted to let you know, we have Edward! We have Edward! He's in the car with us right now in his cat carrier with his cat nip toys, he's so chill and relaxed, it's awesome. And I wanted to say a big thank you to cleolinda and sarasaid(?) and everyone who is Team Edward Cat. Thank you guys so much for all the support, it's really helped. Um, and the situation has just been really complicated. I don't want anyone to have any bad feelings towards the foster mother and definitely not the pet care place, because they're wonderful. I think what was going on is she told me - the foster mother that is - this her first time actually interacting with an adopter of one of her cats and I think that probably drove home the fact that all of her previous cats are in situations that are unknown and, you know, they might not be what she wants for them, so I think she just really wanted to ensure that this one was perfect, so she had the opportunity to do so. And I won't really have interact access, I might be able to pop on, my mom has dial-up and I guess on either Sunday evening or Monday night when we return I will be making a big post with lots of pictures of happy Edward and my mom and thank you guys all again and just have a great weekend! All right, bye!

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