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Occupation: Girl

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Edward Cat, finally home
twilight lolcat
After two weeks of me haranguing the internets to SAVE EDWARD CAT and his sad goldenscotch eyes--

--and snowcoma spending much of that negotiating with the rescue foster family for his release, with the support of sarasaid: may I introduce you to ~*Edward Chagrin Cleosara Slater*~ and his new sparkle collar.

Yeah, he looks a little weird from this angle. He may be trying to dazzle the camera.

Ah, now he looks like the Edward Cat we know. Grace says she took this picture after she woke up and found him there:
"As soon as he realized I was awake, he was purring and kneading and trying to eat my iPod."

There are many more pictures of Edward Cat and his GIANT PAWS being precious and giant-pawed and ridiculous over at snowcoma's journal, along with her story of the ordeal. (I think this one is my favorite.) It's even more amazing to me that all of these pictures of him splayed out for pettings were taken the day he got home, to people he had never met before, after a four-hour car ride. Apparently Edward Cat is a lot more forward mellow than his namesake. At the very least, he seems to be a born cuddlemonster. I hope he and snowcoma's mom will be happy together for a long time to come.

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Phew. I am so happy to see these. Edward Cat is so cute. And LOL at that collar.

Awwww, Edward Cat! I'm so happy for him, snowcoma and her mom.

This is the best news (and the most grin-inducing thing) I've read all week. Huzzah!

(Deleted comment)
I'm over here quietly squeeing because I'm a fan of your book (and your wonderful attitude and clothes), but have been too shy to say anything. Hurray for kitty ice-breakers!

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*sniff* I actually teared up. He looks so happy now.

I seriously can't stop going through the pictures. My mother dropped by for lunch and was like, "What are you smiling about? --the cat? AGAIN?"

YAY!!! I have a white kitty myself so I'm so happy to see another marble Adonis cat find a home.

I had no idea white cats are so beautiful. Bad Cat is grey, and the only other two I ever had (and they were neighbor cats who made themselves at home in our yard) were a dirty white one with ginger tail stripes and a Birman, which is kind of like a Siamese-point Persian-looking breed. I mean, Edward Cat's fur just gleams.

(Yes, dazzle, sparkle, etc.)


Edward Cat looks adorably happy. I'm so glad everything worked out in the end!

Eeeeee!!! I love a happy ending! Congratulations all around!!

these pictures make me very happy - but not nearly as happy as knowing he's in a loving home

I'm just so happy he's with a family that's going to love him so much.

I'm so happy that Edward Cat finally got settled into his new home. I still miss my cat, who died last September, an awful lot, and it's good to hear a happy rescue kitty story. :)

Aw, I'm sorry to hear it. One of my dogs passed away in September of--2006? It was really hard for at least a year afterwards. I still miss him a lot. Which is just to say, I know what you mean. Animals can mean so much to people--and vice versa--so I'm happy to see this work out.

Awww! I'm so glad that Edward has a good home and that everyone involved seems so happy!

Apparently Edward Cat is a lot more forward mellow than his namesake.

I'm sure he's just okay with the physical stuff because it's all legal now...

(Deleted comment)
I know! It's like he's my godcat!

You'll have to link this in the show notes. HAPPYCAT IS HAPPY.

Oh, yay! I am so happy, you have no idea. Seeing his little chagrined face before this was just too much. If he was in my city I would've considered adopting him (pretending, of course, that my own cats wouldn't have tried to kill me in my sleep in retaliation).

Love the pictures. He's adorable <3.