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Edward Cat, finally home

After two weeks of me haranguing the internets to SAVE EDWARD CAT and his sad goldenscotch eyes--

--and snowcoma spending much of that negotiating with the rescue foster family for his release, with the support of sarasaid: may I introduce you to ~*Edward Chagrin Cleosara Slater*~ and his new sparkle collar.

Yeah, he looks a little weird from this angle. He may be trying to dazzle the camera.

Ah, now he looks like the Edward Cat we know. Grace says she took this picture after she woke up and found him there:
"As soon as he realized I was awake, he was purring and kneading and trying to eat my iPod."

There are many more pictures of Edward Cat and his GIANT PAWS being precious and giant-pawed and ridiculous over at snowcoma's journal, along with her story of the ordeal. (I think this one is my favorite.) It's even more amazing to me that all of these pictures of him splayed out for pettings were taken the day he got home, to people he had never met before, after a four-hour car ride. Apparently Edward Cat is a lot more forward mellow than his namesake. At the very least, he seems to be a born cuddlemonster. I hope he and snowcoma's mom will be happy together for a long time to come.

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