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Checking in

So, a few things--mostly Twilight-related, now that I think about it. Sorry in advance for that.

I'm still working on the Eclipse thing (eh, we can speak of it. We've all known for months, if not since November 2008, that I would be doing it). For some reason, I pretty much had a mild nervous breakdown trying to do the New Moon one, and for some reason... I really don't give a shit this time around, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. Maybe because I feel like New Moon turned out really well and I'm just not even bothering to worry that I could top that; maybe because it's summer and it's hot and life is too short. I "wrote" a few scenes in my head--I do that--but didn't even type anything out until I saw the movie a second time. And today I was just sitting there, trying to figure out what to do--I get to this point where it's like, I can do parody dialogue, but when you get to the text descriptions you need to move from point A to point B, that's when I start rocking in the corner. Those are the bits that take me the longest to make work. So, you know what, I thought? Fuck it. I'ma write in more Viking saga any time I get stuck. I'm going to have people walking in off the street, as it were--people who only hear about the Fifteen Minutes stuff and don't read my regular journal--who are probably going to be confused or dismissive, but there you are. At least it's something new to play with. So what I'm telling you here is that Not Giving a Shit is turning out to be a very positive experience, and I'm back to having fun with it.

Anyway. There's a great thread on the Edward Cat entry where people are sharing pictures of their own cats (and a few dogs). Also, speaking of Edward Cat: it has been pointed out to me that if snowcoma woke up to find him in her lap, that means... he was watching her sleep. Just like an Edward should. Bless.

(Do y'all have a rocking chair? He might like one.)

I still keep going back to that entry of snowcoma's, by the way. I am a ridiculous softie for pets anyway, but it just makes me feel extra fuzzy to see Edward Cat and his giant bear paws so happy.

You guys. Seriously.

(I also noticed that there's a bell on his collar, so he gets to have his very own chime accompaniment, as a catpire should.)

Speaking of cats! Eclipse with lolcats is up! (The Twilight one is where my icon comes from.) I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS.

Also, someone sent me a comic about Twilight a long while back, and I didn't bookmark it and can't find it now. I hate to give away the punchline, but I'll have to, in order for anyone to know what I'm talking about. It was: "I thought she meant anal." So... yeah. ETA: Ah! Here we are.

Also-also: This trailer chagrins me. But then, I want the Epic Movie people shot into the sun anyway, so.

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