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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Many updates
pallas cat - chagrin
Before I start whining, let me give you an update on my mother. Her knee replacement surgery went wonderfully, it seems, and she was texting me by the early afternoon. I mean epic, multi-paragraph texts.

How is everybody? I'm just laying in the bed with my leg in a machine that continuously moves it. Just ate jello and cold chicken broth and grape juice um yummy.......

Apparently the surgergy went well. Pain is only about 3 on a scale of from 1-10.

It's funny - I'll just fall asleep in the middle of anything. [My stepfather] said you and [Sister Girl] were coming by tonight. I'm in the main hospital building. [Note: she was not in the main hospital building.]

No specific visiting hours. You might want to coordinate your visit with [her sister's]. I'm still sleepy so I fall asleep suddenly sometimes. Just keep the housekey in your pocket so u don't get locked out. Make sure you get the mail.

Already responded to 15 work emails - you know me...

I'm just glad it's over. Tell your internet friends thanks for their well wishes.

And many thanks from me as well.

Sister Girl and I did, indeed, go to see her for a couple of hours at the hospital last night, and she was a bit loopy, but mostly coherent and very alert. And, I was glad to see, she didn't have that awful Hospital Look--you know, when someone looks really pale and fragile and sunken. She just looked like she'd just woken up and hadn't put her makeup on yet (which... was pretty much the truth). She hates the food (so my stepfather is smuggling things in for her), but she likes the people.

"My doctor looks like Dr. Cullen!" she chirped. My sister and I looked at each other, and then we both put our hands over our mouths. "I mean, he wasn't white or pasty or anything, but he was kinda blond! He was niiiiice."

See, Sam (seen here with a fresh trim) keeps getting her up super-early in the mornings, because he wants to be fed but has no concept of time, so she gets up and tries to sleep in the recliner with him so he'll stop woofling and sneezing at her. And she turns on the TV while she's trying to drift off. And inevitably, Twilight is always on some cable channel somewhere. And she always leaves it on. I am so sure that there are no other entertainment options on all 800 channels. Clearly, she has no choice--despite all my rantings and warnings--but to watch this movie, of all movies, with distinct frequency. I'm hoping they might put her through sparkle detox while she's on the premises.

I'm still kind of stressed, but much of my anxiety evaporated after I knew that she was in recovery and okay. Unfortunately, aside from that good news, I am having something of A Week. I should be posting linkspam, because there was some good stuff, but I'm kind of frazzled. I have been getting some well-intentioned emails/comments that are ill-timed at best and inappropriate at worst. The Birmingham-Southern situation is not getting better. Nobody in this house seems to understand how to wash the must-wash-by-hand plates except me--either they don't even bother, or I have to wash them all over again. I dropped a piece of cake--a nice little square piece of yellow cake (mmm, tastes like yellow) and chocolate icing--onto my headphones. I was able to wash most of it off--these are cheap Sony headphones with foam ear pads, not tidy little earbuds--but now all my music smells like Betty Crocker. I mean, I experience a good bit of synaesthesia, but I've never had this happen before. And, worst of all, I have this horrible thing on my lower lip--not a sore (although, believe me, it hurts like a motherfucker), but kind of like a blemish that started at a pore on the edge and then took over my face. There are very few features I ever get compliments on, but my lips are one of them, and now, I am convinced that I will be disfigured for life. If you have an opera house with an underground occupancy, let me know. The Phaaaaaantom of the Interweb is therrrrrre... inside your blog.

(Okay, here is some parenthetical linkspam.)

Thanks, you helped make this alot clearer.

The Comic-Con pen stabbing happened right before Harrison Ford was led into a panel in handcuffs--a gag that had apparently been planned the day before. Awkward.

However, this panel--for Cowboys and Aliens--did yield a shot of Daniel Craig from the movie.

Speaking of whom: Daniel Craig Set To Star In 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' Remake. 

SDCCers counter-protest professional trolls from Westboro Baptist Church: “WHAT DO WE WANT?” “GAY SEX!” “WHEN DO WE WANT IT?” “NOW!”

Dolls from Comic-Con, because this is my journal, after all: Tonner Jayne from Firefly, complete with hat; the newest Tonner Edward is (still) a creeper even in doll format; Tonner Galadriel: also gorgeous in person.

Mark Ruffalo officially new Hulk, Jeremy Renner playing Hawkeye; all Avengers assembled on stage at SDCC.

Four Posters from 'Green Lantern.

First look at the new Godzilla at Comic-Con!

Check Out the Poster from @markromanek's 'Never Let Me Go.'

First look at Penelope Cruz in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides!

Rihanna Joins Alexander Skarsgard And Taylor Kitsch In 'Battleship.'

Zack Snyder's ridiculously bizarre, sexy and badass Sucker Punch trailer now online. (VIOLET BAUDELAIRE. YOU PUT SOME CLOTHES ON RIGHT NOW.)

New Let Me In posters, clip reactions, and trailers. I'm actually getting really interested in this, remake be damned.

Filmmakers React With Shock And Dismay To Scrapping Of UK Film Council.

Ryan Reynolds: ‘Deadpool Is Not A Superhero.’

Get Excited: Nick Cave is Taking Over 'The Crow' Script.

Lee Pace Kicks Off 'Breaking Dawn' Rumors. He's rumored for Garrett, the one new character I gave a shit about--you know, the one who had the gift of being awesome. I have seen Garrett erroneously described as "Edward's BFF" in another headline, which assumes that Edward has time in between wringing his hands and fretting all through that last book to make friends. ETA: Negotiations confirmed. ETA: OR ARE THEY?

Justin Timberlake Asked To Star Opposite Amanda Seyfried In 'I'm.mortal.'

Teen dressed as the Joker burns down his high school in Ireland for "hypocrisy." As you do.

Lady Gaga Kidnaps Commissioner Gordon.

Deborah Gibson And Tiffany Brawl In This Bizarre 'Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid' Clip.

'Titanic II' Trailer Hits; Yep, It's a Real Movie.

@cleolinda: Yes. RT @hollywoodcrush: so what do we think of Zac Efron in a nicholas sparks movie? Perfect? Horrible? http://ow.ly/2hbQ2

So, I have a poll for you, because I believe there is only one solution to any of this:


What do we drink this afternoon?

Peach daiquiri in a bag
Strawberry daiquiri in a bag
Welcome to Bagaritaville
How much booze could a Woodchuck chug if a Woodchuck could chug booze?

ETA: I'm on the phone with Mom now, and she says she sat up in her bed, put in her contacts, put on her makeup, and painted her nails. YOU CAN ONLY HOPE TO CONTAIN HER.

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I'm glad to hear your mother's doing well.

I love woodchuck, you even have pictured my favorite kind. Now I need to go to the store.

"Lee Pace Kicks Off 'Breaking Dawn' Rumors. He's rumored for Garrett, the one new character I gave a shit about--you know, the one who had the gift of being awesome. I have seen Garrett erroneously described as "Edward's BFF" in another headline, which assumes that Edward has time in between wringing his hands and fretting all through that last book to make friends. "


(Deleted comment)
Drugged out moms are awesome!

(Deleted comment)
I don't know why I am so squicked out by the idea of Lee Pace being in Breaking Dawn, but...I am. I really, really am.

The only thing - the only thing - that could make it ok is if Anna Friel is cast as Kate. And then there must be a long scene in which they make out. Make this happen, Condon.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
OMG I've had SO many things from HeBrew and they are all AMAZING. Jewbilation and Origin are both seriously great for dark beer lovers like me.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I'm so glad that your mom's doing well. She's a force of nature!

Sucker Punch trailer causes me to keysmash with glee- audhsfudsdsjkfdlfsa! Even though it looks a bit like someone cloned Taylor Momsen and put her in a movie about fighting. I really hope the movie earns a feminist seal of approval.

Dammit, everyone on the internet seems to have some booze right now and I am too hopped up on wisdom teeth painkillers to join in. Percocet just isn't the same as Bailey's.

I am in total agreement with the last two sentences. I'm not really much of a drinker, but I had my wisdom teeth out yesterday and I suddenly want a margarita. Or one of those bagquiris.

Yay for your mom! I'm really happy to hear that.

And that teen.... that burned down the school...

I think I'm speechless. !!!!!

And between that Lady Gaga article and the Titanic II thing - I don't know, the news is just strange today. Weird.

Glad to hear all is well--in a manner of speaking, the major things at least--at Cleo Towers.

I am superexcited for Sucker Punch. I will admit I have inordinate fondness for Vanessa Hudgens (SHE IS A LITTLE BALL OF HAPPY, I SWEAR) but after seeing the teaser trailer...holy fuck, it's either going to win an Oscar for FX or bomb and win Razzies all over the shop.

I kind of have issues with the "warrior chicks in tiny outfits" concept of female empowerment, because it seems like such a male fantasy of what a female fantasy would look like, which... maybe negates the "empowerment" part. I mean, my empowerment fantasies generally involve pants, for one. But... it looks really awesome.

Vanessa Hudgens' poster is pretty awesome, I admit. Also, I think she has the closest thing to a full outfit.

800 channels? this just sounds like such an unreal concept to me. no wonder shows keep getting cancelled, who's going to be able to settle on anything with that many options! we have like...30, 35? yeah, we watch a lot of dvds.

Well, a lot of them are movie channels, duplicate HD channels, audio music channels, and incredibly specific niche channels (The Military Channel!).

I do not have an underground lake, but there is an unfinished basement, lots of capes and a ridiculous amount of different Phantom of the Opera recordings.

I love your mom's loopy texts and I'm glad it all went so well.

ETA: Already responded to 15 work emails - you know me...

HEEEEEE. Next week she can explain about the drugs to her colleagues. ("Oh, I was kind of high when I sent that. I didn't REALLY want you to fill the boss's desk drawer with Cheerios. That was the Oxy speaking.")

Edited at 2010-07-28 08:11 pm (UTC)