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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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I'm in a book!
You know, a long while back, Diane Duane (the Young Wizards series) asked me if she could use my name for a character, but a couple of years went by and I forgot about it. But then particle_person picked up a copy of Omnitopia Dawn.

I definitely endorse this product and/or service. Please go read it (it's the first in a series! You don't have to catch up on anything!) and confirm/deny whether Aunt Cleolinda is awesome. Of course, if a single name-drop is my only appearance, that is perfectly cromulent, because clearly there is some kind of awesome bike and I want to ride it, which makes me an awesome bike-riding aunt. I can definitely live with this.

ETA: As someone in the comments reminded me--if you really want to get your mind blown, take a gander at the listing for a TV movie she cowrote back in the day. It's gone by at least six different titles that I know of, but I heard of it at a costume site (lo these many years ago) as "Kingdom in Twilight."

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I used to LOVE the Young Wizards series! This is very cool, go you!

Awesome on two levels! 1) Aunt Cleolinda and the Bike of Awesome, and 2) a new Duane book I knew nothing about!

Aw, congratulations! I think we should start calling you Aunt Cleolinda. It just sounds so cool, like when the dolls call you Miss Cleo.

I can't call her aunt Cleo! I am older than her! (i think)

That is so cool. Also, I want an awesome-bike-riding Aunt Cleolinda.

Hee, shiny! I really want to get hold of Omnitopia Dawn some time in the next two weeks, so I can take it to DWcon and ask her to sign it. :D

Holy crap, that's awesome! I love her Young Wizards books!

Diane Duane wrote Barbie: Fairytopia! Also that Ring of the Nibelungs TV movie! Those are my favorite facts about her.

Edited at 2010-08-11 05:26 pm (UTC)

Hey, Shakespeare got to get paid.


Incidentally, I just finished watching and MST3K of an old, black-and-white, Flash-Gordon-ripoff type space movie in which the evil empress's name was Cleolonda. I thought that was neat.

(Deleted comment)
I love it!!
I love the Lend me feature too!=)
Right now only book I have on that is "fallen" :)
I got it for my b day:)
Best gift!