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SHIT. I totally forgot they were announcing this today. Fall/Holiday 2010 at Tonner:

Lord of the Rings: Legolas. What in the sweet name of Eru.

I just... it's like the Galadriel likeness is spectacular, and the Arwen one is pretty good from certain angles (and Noel Cruz's repaint is fantastic), and then... there's the guy dolls. I don't even know. It looks like they're reusing their Orlando Bloom likeness from the POTC line, and I didn't like it there, either. It's like... the head (see the profile shot) is just not shaped right, and the features need to take up more space on the face. I just... I know exactly how it's wrong, I just can't articulate it.

As always, though, the costume itself looks fantastically made.

And there's the Galadriel, but we've already covered that one.

Harry Potter: Aw, smaller 12" dolls! They're scale compatible with Lyra now! I am intrigued. The Ron is actually really great, IMO. I've seen the Hermione (pictures from convention displays), and I liked the 12" sculpt a lot better than the full-size doll. If I can find those convention pictures, I'll link them. Also: MCGONAGALL. Given the limitations of doll sculpting (wrinkles don't turn out too well)... they didn't do a half-bad job on that one.

Firefly: Zoe figure announced, no picture yet.

Alice in Wonderland: The White Rabbit.

DC Stars: New sculpt for Wonder Woman (no picture yet) and Supergirl. (Huh. I had not seen the Power Girl before.)

Gone with the Wind: The blue portrait gown.

The Wizard of Oz: They've been doing wacky shit (Exhibit A) (I say this lovingly) with this property for a couple of years now. I kind of like the Scarecrow girl doll, actually.

Anne Harper: Another Old Hollywood original character line (like their DeeAnna Denton, as opposed to the licensed Joan Crawford and Bette Davis dolls). There is clearly a lot of love put into their Hollywood-inspired lines.

The Princess Diaries. What? Now? I mean, I know Robert Tonner loves Anne Hathaway, but, the Julie Andrews likeness is kind of startling.

I'm not seeing anything new on the Twilight line (which is, after all, theoretically Relevant to the Interests of the Shelfians) I heard they were working on a Jasper doll, but--my hand to God--"were having trouble with the hair." NO KIDDING.

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