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galadriel tonner
SHIT. I totally forgot they were announcing this today. Fall/Holiday 2010 at Tonner:

Lord of the Rings: Legolas. What in the sweet name of Eru.

I just... it's like the Galadriel likeness is spectacular, and the Arwen one is pretty good from certain angles (and Noel Cruz's repaint is fantastic), and then... there's the guy dolls. I don't even know. It looks like they're reusing their Orlando Bloom likeness from the POTC line, and I didn't like it there, either. It's like... the head (see the profile shot) is just not shaped right, and the features need to take up more space on the face. I just... I know exactly how it's wrong, I just can't articulate it.

As always, though, the costume itself looks fantastically made.

And there's the Galadriel, but we've already covered that one.

Harry Potter: Aw, smaller 12" dolls! They're scale compatible with Lyra now! I am intrigued. The Ron is actually really great, IMO. I've seen the Hermione (pictures from convention displays), and I liked the 12" sculpt a lot better than the full-size doll. If I can find those convention pictures, I'll link them. Also: MCGONAGALL. Given the limitations of doll sculpting (wrinkles don't turn out too well)... they didn't do a half-bad job on that one.

Firefly: Zoe figure announced, no picture yet.

Alice in Wonderland: The White Rabbit.

DC Stars: New sculpt for Wonder Woman (no picture yet) and Supergirl. (Huh. I had not seen the Power Girl before.)

Gone with the Wind: The blue portrait gown.

The Wizard of Oz: They've been doing wacky shit (Exhibit A) (I say this lovingly) with this property for a couple of years now. I kind of like the Scarecrow girl doll, actually.

Anne Harper: Another Old Hollywood original character line (like their DeeAnna Denton, as opposed to the licensed Joan Crawford and Bette Davis dolls). There is clearly a lot of love put into their Hollywood-inspired lines.

The Princess Diaries. What? Now? I mean, I know Robert Tonner loves Anne Hathaway, but ...wow, the Julie Andrews likeness is kind of startling.

I'm not seeing anything new on the Twilight line (which is, after all, theoretically Relevant to the Interests of the Shelfians) I heard they were working on a Jasper doll, but--my hand to God--"were having trouble with the hair." NO KIDDING.

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Legolas's hair is bad...so so very bad.

They did go to a good deal of effort with the braids, it seems, if you look at pictures from the side and the back. It's totally the head sculpt that I can't get past.

...Why does Thranduil's son look like a member of the Malfoy clan?

I was going to say exactly the same thing -- Lucius Malfoy suddenly appears in Middle Earth...

Interesting - who knew that Tonner was filled with Viggorli shippers upset about the marriage. It's the only explanation I can think of.

Man, I love those Gone with the Wind dolls. And the Batgirl :D If they're sold out thru that site, I guess eBay is my only option?

There are a lot of other sites that sell Tonner that might still have it in stock. Just off the top of my head, Dreamcastle Doll and Cherished Friends.


I need the internets to shut down now so I don't do something foolish involving my VISA card.

Yeah, Legolas's forehead is kinda big. Also, the hair is too poofed up in front, exacerbating the problem. Is this just how doll hair has to be? Or can't they smooth it down or make it thinner, like Movie Legolas hair?

The Luna Lovegood likeness is amazing. But why do all the dolls look like bobbleheads?

Luna is crazy amazing. I guess some faces just translate to the doll medium better than others, and Evanna Lynch's is one of them.

Oh my fucking god. The yule ball Draco looks like a Jersey Shore cast member. WHY IS HE ORANGE.


Wow, the basic Draco looks a lot better either than it did, or than I remember it.

The Carol Barrie doll from the Anne harper line really reminds me of Meryl Streep. that might just be me though.

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, Tonner almost always, always gets the costumes amazingly right. (The gold Elizabeth Swann dress was a big ol' failure on just about every level, though. IT WAS YELLOW AND WHITE, FOR STARTERS.) I can't wait to see what the Galadriel's like in person. And even though I didn't like the choice of outfit for Alice, it looks well done.

Heh, Legolas kind of looks like Lucius Malfoy. =P

I am probably the only person who cares about the Cami & Jon line, but wtf is up with Andy Mills?! Tonner has a very sketchy record as far as male dolls go.

That said, the ickle wickle Harry and Ron are adorable! I covet them.

I hadn't even looked at WHAT IN THE SWEET NAME OF GOD

That Legolas looks a bit like Lucien Malfoy.


Aw no. Why does Legolas have bitchface? That's not nice.
Someone needs to grab the Orlando sculpt off of the Hot Toys doll and show the folks at Tonner.

Oh shit, does Hot Toys have a Legolas? Or was it a Will Turner?

Arwen, and random question

That Arwen repaint is *astounding*. Lovely.

So, I am not a doll person (though some of the Tonner lines are weirdly tempting....)- may I ask - why do they often have the body sculpt as part of the description (like, "Tyler body" or what have you)? Is that relevant for like, what outfits they can wear, or how they are standing - I mean, I can see that each body would not be unique, but why is that something that they include in the description to possible buyers?

I know that's odd, but I'm just curious. Yay dolls!

Re: Arwen, and random question

Yeah, the body types do matter because not all of them can wear the same clothes...the Antoinettes are super-thin, the Tyler body is in the average range, and the athletic body has GINORMOUS breasts and big hips. So if you are a collector who likes to dress your dolls in different outfits, it's important to know what body the doll has.

I'm a bit terrified of Legolas. I have Arwen (*stops herself from screaming OMGYAY I FINALLY HAVE A TONNER!!!!* ...too late? hee), and she's very beautiful in person. I think she's actually much prettier than she photographs. Galadriel looks like she's amazing. But Aragorn and Legolas? Just...what?

Is it weird that I actually think the female Scarecrow doll is awesome? They do such odd stuff with Oz, anyway, that this is at least new and original, and she's cool looking. Not sure I'm sold on the Tin Man or Lion, however.

The Princess Diaries baffles me. Will there even be a market for those anywhere? The gowns are lovely but wasn't that movie made ten years ago? I feel like I was 13 when it came out. And even then, I wouldn't have been terribly interested in a Princess Mia doll.

I just saw the Tonner Alice doll and...I really dislike her. It's so disappointing! They could have done a much better job, and Barbie made her prettier and much more accurate (especially the hair).

That's the thing about Tonners--they just do not photograph well, I'm not sure why. I mean, to the point where they're kind of notorious for looking better in person. (Except for Pirate Elizabeth. She looked fantastic all the way through.) Which is why I like to see pictures of them in the wild, as it were--convention displays and such.

And yeah, I threw a (facetious) tantrum* here over the Tonner Alice. If only it was the Tonner equivalent of the Barbie! Which was precious! Except that I want a Tonner-sized Alice! Dammit.

* Facetious Tantrum is totally the name of my new band.