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I am all out of titles

I have been writing so hard and so fast lately--seized by an idea and therefore cheating on my long-term projects, which actually seems to happen a lot in the second half of any given year--that I am miserably behind on the news. (And I'm at the really exciting part, too, where you get to do lots of research and world-building. I'm letting it take over because I actually have a window of opportunity, it looks like, to pitch it to someone if I can get enough of it to come together. But it's also making me feel a lot more energized about writing my regular things as well. Except that some of them I've had to table, because of Things We Cannot Speak Of. I know it sounds confusing. It confuses me too, because everything kind of got thrown up into the air and now I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing, because I have so many things I can do that I don't know where to start. It's like walking into a really big buffet, or a a fairground, or a library, or a museum, and feeling a kind of wonderful panic because you don't know where to go first.

WHAT I AM SAYING IS that I feel like I also need to post here more regularly, because a couple of people have said things like "since you've moved to Twitter" and I was like OH BUT NO. Twitter's just an easy way to keep up with things (but not all things) and people (but not all people) with a minimum of effort. Which is useful when you're putting a maximum of effort into other things.

Of course, I did post here yesterday. You all may have come to regret that now.

(I'm sorry--I know how disturbing that whole Edward Fashion Cat thing was, but that last picture, I can't stop looking at it. It's like this perfect storm of hilarrible. I laughed so hard at it yesterday that I gave myself a headache, in fact. I think it's because the--victim, let's say--hanging over that woman's shoulder looks like a cat AND a child AND a goblin AND a serial killer, and he really only ought to look like two of those. Because no jury in the world would convict him if something "happened" to his owner. Even if cats got jury trials. What I'm saying is: that shit is so wrong.)

ANYWAY. Let us have a little linkspam!

Because I know you guys like Icelandic epics: the Tattúínárdœlasaga of Lúkr Anakinsson.

It's Halloween LE season at BPAL! There are so many scents (I mean, in life generally) that don't work on me, but their Halloween and Christmas blends tend to have at least a few fruity/foody scents in there. I don't know what the current version smells like, but I will say, Sugar Skull ('04 or '05?) is one of my all-time favorites. And there's a whole new Gothic Fiction set as well, not to mention the Vampires Don't Sleep Alone section.

Via snacky: Noel Cruz's Tonner Arwen and Aragorn repaints are on eBay. The Arwen is just... wow.

Two harpoons and a gunshot later, they brought the halibut in.

An update on that situation with my school: Birmingham-Southern president Pollick resigns. TOO BAD THE SCHOOL GOT JACKED UP FIRST. Also: "“David brought a vision to grow the college in size and national stature that resulted in an increase in our first-year and overall enrollments, and in a significant restructuring of the fundraising operations that resulted in the successful completion of Phase I of the Destiny: Delivered campaign." WHAT ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT.

@cleolinda: I am breaking up with today. Get your t-shirts and your mixtapes and your toothbrush and GTFO.

@cleolinda: Having broken up with today, I am now eating the last of a container of Ben & Jerry's Creme Brulee ice cream. Interesting custard texture.

(Their Strawberry Cheesecake is also pretty good. Interesting graham cracker swirl.)

New Deathly Hallows pics, including Scrimgeour, Xenophilius, Gregorovitch, etc.

Helen Mirren stars in a fantastical recreation of Shakespeare's "The Tempest." Check out the poster.

Cast announced for BBC Two's The Crimson Petal And The White. One of two books I've wanted to throw across the room, and the other one was Eclipse. It's great up until the very last page, though.

Jason Flemyng Joining X-Men: First Class.

Affleck and Weisz Join Terence Malick's Next Project.

Karl Urban Confimed for a Hard R-Rated 'Judge Dredd' Movie. 

Trailers: Love and Other Drugs, Next Three Days, Woman, a Gun, a Noodle Shop, How Do You Know, Enter the Void.

And finally, mind-blower of the week, via foresthouseScott Pilgrim is Twilight for boys. This review is incredibly well-reasoned. I now fear for this man's life.

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