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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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I am so behind on everything


Please, a warm welcome for rollfizzlebeef, aka Mark who Reads Harry Potter, joining us back on the previous entry. Also, pegkerr notes that the blog is syndicated at markreadshp, which may be easier to follow.

IMPORTANT: How to Disable Facebook Places: "If you're not convinced that posting your location can be a bad thing, check out PleaseRobMe for some evidence. Of course, if you're careful, check-ins aren't inherently a bad thing. Whether or not you want to disable them is entirely up to you, but Facebook—yet again—has made the assumption that you want to take part in all of their privacy-eroding new features."


No Mary Jane for the Spider-Man Reboot? But they're looking at actresses, so... Gwen Stacy? I was about as sorry as someone who's never actually read comics could be that they didn't do The Gwen Stacy Storyline (Bryce Dallas Howard in a blonde wig for 20 minutes is not what I'm talking about), because that always looked really interesting to me. Meanwhile: David Fincher Can't Picture Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man. Well, no, that picture is not convincing me, either.

Did Alice Eve Leave X-Men: First Class Because of Script Problems? I don't know who I thought this actress was, but... she's not.

New Harry Potter, Yogi Bear and Due Date Preview Pics; Warner Bros. Goes After 'Harry Popper' Condom Line. Oh dear.

Let Me In's Viral Website Updated with Riddles and Surprises.

Three More Stills from The Tempest! & high res poster.

New Look at Keira Knightley in TIFF Closer 'Last Night.'

The Gorgeous World of Fake Criterion Covers.

Idris Elba Takes Alex Cross Role Made Popular By Morgan Freeman.

Depp and Jolie Thriller The Tourist Coming Dec. 10.

Inebriation, the Inception Parody: Your Mind is the Scene of the DUI. 

Two Clips from The Last Exorcism; 'Last Exorcism' Chatroulette Marketing is Excellent. The only problem is (since the setup is that the various guys think it's a girl who's about to take her top off) that I keep wondering where... the guys' hands are. Like... I mean, I know that's what most, if not all, the guys probably intended to do, because that's come to be pretty much the entire raison d'être of Chatroulette, exposing yourself to complete strangers, but... is it already happening even as we're watching these clips, out of frame? I mean... can you tell what they're doing, with these invisible hands? Is it possible to tell? Is it something we can ever really know? It's like Schrödinger's Wank or something.

Paramount Hires Marcum & Holloway For Fast-Tracked 'Ninja Turtles" As Next Big Franchise. 

More Children of the Corn Are Coming. 

And finally: Guess Which Movie is Flirting With a Rare 0% on Rotten Tomatoes? GOOD.

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After all the utterly cretinous bullshit they pull, it fucking boggles my goddamn mind that any sentient life form would still have a facebook account. Jesus.

A friend of mine keeps bugging me to get FB, I'm sure she doesn't have a CLUE how awful it is.

Orlando Bloom is gonna be a Dad, Miranda Kerr is four months preggers. :(

I read that one sentence too fast and thought it said, "Let Me In's Viral Website Riddled with Updates and Surprises." Which, interestingly, still makes sense.

(Well, to an English major it's interesting.)

Oh my gods, you have a Dorothy L. Sayers icon! I am making my way through Lord Peter Wimsey and I'm also reading "Creed without Chaos" about her theological writings. Clearly you are awesome.

At first I thought the 0% RT rating was for The Last Failbender, but I remembered some people like that movie.

It held steady at 8% for a while, now it's to 7%. I can only imagine its miraculous avoidance of the Dread Zero is for a) those who have never heard of the show, and thus like the movie for its concept, or b) the MST3K value.

Appropriate icon, though. XD

I'm almost certain that Facebook wants us all to become the subjects of a series of Lifetime films focusing on the dangers of the internet.

Sadly, one critic gave Vampires Suck a favorable review and ruined things (the movie's now at 4%). Shockingly, it wasn't even Armond White. :P

Funnily enough I was just at the "Vampires Suck" Rotten Tomatoes site and it's sadly at 0% no longer. 4% is still pretty bad, but not nearly as funny.

Aw. I haven't been this disappointed since Airbender suddenly went up to 6%.

I suspect the guy in the blue shirt was totally palming himself subtly, but his face is possibly the greatest reaction to anything I have ever seen.

Wait, TMNT again? I... kind of liked the CGI thing a few years ago. (C'mon, that rooftop throwdown between Raph and Leo...) Oh well. Maybe they'll bring something new to the table, but I think I saw Michael Bay involved, so I'm not getting hopes up too high.

In other interesting news...another cat named Edward.

I got my first pet like two months ago a kitten and I of course named him Edward (Yeah I'm a twilighter... move on) turns out that when I went to the vet he told me there is a big change Edward is a SHE!!
Oh my is God trying to tell me something?!

I'm sure the haters would love a female cat named Edward.

Anyway its not that big of a deal I'm Team Bella too (yes we do exist...move on) so I would just rename her if the other vet agree with the gender. Of course the first vet was a fan and didn't charged me for take a look at her/him when he saw my Edward sticker on the top of the crate, not sure Bella would cause the same effect.

My husband says that I should keep the name anyway because is funny, but he is a hater so I'm wary of his intentions...Maybe I should just name him/her Twilight and be done with it. But then how do I name the other kitten we will get so he/she has company: Vampire Chronicles?

(Deleted comment)

..... WB is going to win that one, right? RIGHT?

because... eww. that's just... eww

I really, really hope WB force them to change their name because seriously that's... *shudders*

can someone pass me the brain bleach?

Re: ..... WB is going to win that one, right? RIGHT?

Not only does that scandalize my HarryPotter brain, it sounds also vaguely like Mary Poppins and... and... NOOOOOOO!

Thank you so much for linking to those Mark Reads Harry Potter things. It's literally like reading them for the first time all over again, only he's experiencing them as an adult and reacting to them as an adult. I love how he connects with the characters - the way we all did - but in a way more mature fashion. I can't ever really do that because my first reaction will always be the one I've had since I was a kid - I don't get to Obliviate myself and read them for the first time again.

It's fun, though. I keep getting excited about future events, like, "OMG, it's gonna be SO MIND BLOWING when he gets to X or Y part!"

Cleo, you always have the best links.

Thanks for the facebook heads up. THEY NEED TO STOP THIS SHIT THO OMFG.

seriously WHAT THE FUCK is mark zuckerberg's deal, i don't even. "privacy" apparently has no place in his lexicon.

they should probably just stop with the spiderman movies altogether, i have a bad feeling about this whole reboot thing.

So I was thinking today: In a love triangle, the three people involved are the vertices, right? With the love between them being the sides, if you will. So technically, in a love triangle, each of the people involved should be in love with a different person, otherwise the sides won't be connected correctly; i.e., Steve should be in love with Jane who is in love with Bob who loves Steve. So, in Twilight, we have a... love V? Love carat? I may have officially given this too much thought.