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Please, a warm welcome for rollfizzlebeef, aka Mark who Reads Harry Potter, joining us back on the previous entry. Also, pegkerr notes that the blog is syndicated at markreadshp, which may be easier to follow.

IMPORTANT: How to Disable Facebook Places: "If you're not convinced that posting your location can be a bad thing, check out PleaseRobMe for some evidence. Of course, if you're careful, check-ins aren't inherently a bad thing. Whether or not you want to disable them is entirely up to you, but Facebook—yet again—has made the assumption that you want to take part in all of their privacy-eroding new features."


No Mary Jane for the Spider-Man Reboot? But they're looking at actresses, so... Gwen Stacy? I was about as sorry as someone who's never actually read comics could be that they didn't do The Gwen Stacy Storyline (Bryce Dallas Howard in a blonde wig for 20 minutes is not what I'm talking about), because that always looked really interesting to me. Meanwhile: David Fincher Can't Picture Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man. Well, no, that picture is not convincing me, either.

Did Alice Eve Leave X-Men: First Class Because of Script Problems? I don't know who I thought this actress was, but... she's not.

New Harry Potter, Yogi Bear and Due Date Preview Pics; Warner Bros. Goes After 'Harry Popper' Condom Line. Oh dear.

Let Me In's Viral Website Updated with Riddles and Surprises.

Three More Stills from The Tempest! & high res poster.

New Look at Keira Knightley in TIFF Closer 'Last Night.'

The Gorgeous World of Fake Criterion Covers.

Idris Elba Takes Alex Cross Role Made Popular By Morgan Freeman.

Depp and Jolie Thriller The Tourist Coming Dec. 10.

Inebriation, the Inception Parody: Your Mind is the Scene of the DUI. 

Two Clips from The Last Exorcism; 'Last Exorcism' Chatroulette Marketing is Excellent. The only problem is (since the setup is that the various guys think it's a girl who's about to take her top off) that I keep wondering where... the guys' hands are. Like... I mean, I know that's what most, if not all, the guys probably intended to do, because that's come to be pretty much the entire raison d'être of Chatroulette, exposing yourself to complete strangers, but... is it already happening even as we're watching these clips, out of frame? I mean... can you tell what they're doing, with these invisible hands? Is it possible to tell? Is it something we can ever really know? It's like Schrödinger's Wank or something.

Paramount Hires Marcum & Holloway For Fast-Tracked 'Ninja Turtles" As Next Big Franchise. 

More Children of the Corn Are Coming. 

And finally: Guess Which Movie is Flirting With a Rare 0% on Rotten Tomatoes? GOOD.

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