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Aight. Portfolio is largely done. He said something about turning in all the exercises we did, just not the ones done in class, and... really, I don't know what else that leaves. Like, maybe two things. Whatever. I get really lacksadaisical about portfolios, in terms of Stuff Other Than the Actual Revisions. And this time I actually managed to hold on to the originals with the prof's comments.

You know, I just realized... I think I just took my last creative writing workshop. Like, ever. *tear*

Oh, and does anyone actually want to see the revised stories? I added a good bit of material to chs 2 and 3 on the detective story with Gwyn and Princess Anna, and new endings to the two Yellow Dog stories.

ETA: The Fametracker Forums are back up, but the software is all new, and you have to reregister (unless I'm an idiot and just not understanding, which is possible, but I tried to log in as "cleolinda," my old name, and the forums were like, "Bizzuh?"). So I tried to register as "cleolinda"... AND IT WAS TAKEN. (Wait a minute, they just said it didn't exist...) And then I tried "cleolindajones," and it was ALSO TAKEN. HORS. So I ended up snagging PrincessCleo. Which, after all, was the name I went by for a while wayyy back in the day--Princess Cleolinda, because of the George and the Dragon bit, blah blah blah. Whatever. If you're on FT, PrincessCleo is me. So, in conclusion: HORS.

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