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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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The time has come, the walrus said
pallas cat - meep
I am waiting for a professional do you like me yes/no/maybe check one answer right now, and I am not doing a very good job of not driving my friends and family crazy with my Eeyore stoicism and nervous upset stomach. I have also broken out with strange rosacea-like blargh across my cheeks, because my body likes to think of new and interesting ways to rebel every time I intellectually compartmentalize anxiety and pretend it's not there, but this is still better than that GIGANTIC HEINOUS FEVER BLISTER I got on my lip when Mom went into surgery. (Anxiety I calmly refuse to acknowledge has, over the years, also chosen to express itself as dizzy spells, blood pressure spikes, severe fatigue, nausea, facial blemishes, and, on occasion, boils. I am hoping none of the other plagues of Egypt show up.)

Meanwhile! As I am waiting! We have many things to discuss.

My sister has a new cat, and his name is Jackson. (ETA: My sister does not have a new cat here.)

There is a new Made of Fail episode up.

Also, a Help Pakistan fandom auction (I heard something to the effect that 20% of the country is underwater?).

Mark is now three chapters into Order of the Phoenix.

Stephen Fry is... on his way to Mobile, Alabama? I don't even know.

Entertainment linkspam! Man, it's nice when I can keep reasonably on top of this stuff and not spam you with a Wall o' Text.

'Avatar' DVD and Blu-ray to Include an Even Longer Cut of the Film. Nine minutes longer. O THE HUMANITY.

Trailer for Danny Boyle's '127 Hours' Starring James Franco. ... I don't think I'm going to be able to watch this.

Neil Gaiman On His 'Doctor Who' Episode And Deleted Scene.

Scream 4 Attracts Anna Paquin, Kristen Bell. Speaking of whom! 'True Blood' Stars Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer Are Married! AWWWW.

Could Weta Make 'Panzer 88' the Next Big Thing?

Why the Lost Epilogue Doesn't Ruin the Show.

'Breaking Dawn' May Ditch Shooting in Rio After Hostage Crisis. YES. I THINK MAYBE WE SHOULD DO THAT.

(Side note: in addition to thirty-five people taken hostage and one person killed, Brazil is unusually... intense... with the Twilight fannishness, as I understand it. I would kind of maybe strenuously suggest the production not go there.)

Speaking of Really Scary Real-Life Things: 100 Reasons David Fincher Might Have Made the Wrong Facebook Movie, or, The 100-Name Facebook Hit List Terrifying a Colombian Town, which has already resulted in three teenagers dead. Don't go there either.

'Inside Job' Trailer: In Case You Didn't Realize Wall St. Effed Everyone.

And finally, not intended as the Uwe Boll Slot: Imagining Scott Pilgrim's Gruesome Alternate Ending. 

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um. Yes, please, lets talk about how "this would be a great movie omg!" rather than how Facebook is facilitating serial murder.

WTF indeed.

Eh, if it wasn't facebook it would be Craigslist or something. Not that making light of it isn't tacky.

All I am thinking about right now is how your anxiety could produce frogs.

Just wanted to wish you good luck with your possible opportunity :) I think you're to be congratulated on getting to this point since many don't even get to go this far!! Congrats!!

Sorry cannot make it past the adorable picture of the KITTY <3

Where'd you guys get him, if you don't mind my asking?

Well, if the tobacco crop is eaten by locusts, we'll know who to blame.

I am so glad you linked Mark here--I was following his Twilight liveblogs back in the day, but these are so much better. It's nice seeing him all squeeful and happy.

"Old Archie, bringing down the patriarchy one flowery nightgown at a time!"

Your sister's cat is pretty.
(No commenting about Serious Business of unfunny character, because I'm in a wrong condition for that.)

Awww! Your sister's kitty is so cute. He looks like my brother's cat, Tucker, only Tucker has a dark smudge on his chin that looks like a goatee.

Re: Facebook: As if I need another reason to hate Facebook beyond its privacy issues. And honestly (and I know it sounds terrible) it was only a matter of time before something like this happened.

Did you see the episode of Criminal Minds where this happened? Only not with the hit list, just with the stalking and murdering.

D'awww, that cat is adorable. He looks far less sad than Edward Cat, anyway.

DUDE, YOU SHOULD TOTALLY STALK STEPHEN FRY. Maybe you can even learn an Alabaman accent for him. ...Oh, wait. >____>


Pretty cat!

I hope Bad Cat hasn't tried to kill him.

Every now and then I'll think, "The Twilight fandom can't get any worse." And then it does. Woe.

Oh, Jackson and Bad Cat aren't even in the same house.

About the Rio thing, I'm equal parts "Go away, do NOT want you here" and "OMG please come we could use the insanely huge exposition eventough we're not prepared to receive huge amounts of people".
Also, the city is (very) violent but hostage situations do not happen often (this the only situation I can remember that affected turists), and the wealthier parts of town (where Bella and Edward would be, obviously) are mostly safe - it's the people who take buses and trains who suffer the most. The biggest risk would really and truly be the fangirls who would rent helicopters or whatever to get close to RPattz and KStew.

No!! If they're allowed to take roots, the Twihards will NEVER leave! Its like a weed infestation, pull them out and throw them across the fence BEFORE the root system takes hold.

eeeeeeeeeeeeeee. i'm in love with Jackson's little pink nose and lips. adorable!

Aw, hi, cute kitty!

Re: Twilight -- is there even such a thing as "unusually intense" where Twilight is concerned? :-) It's more like ALL INTENSE ALL THE TIME.

My devil cat's name is Jackson! May your sister's cat not enjoy gnawing on her ears.

(Deleted comment)
It's short for Michael Jackson.

Yes, really.