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So, to recap from yesterday's entry plus the ETA, in which Twilight somehow got even creepier: based on new information about Breaking Dawn (spoiler: Nahuel is a sea monster), I have now developed a theory that there will be future books, and they will focus on the most pointless love triangle of all time (and after the original four books, that is really saying something). In an ETA, I developed a secondary theory that instead of having Nahuel meeble over Renesmee for several books and then get imprinted on by Leah (she can't have kids! he shouldn't! LET'S PUT THEM BOTH TOGETHER), Renesmee will decide that, hey! Imprinting means that Jacob has to be whatever she wants! So how about they be nothing but friends while she goes off with The Only Other One of Her Kind? And thus, Jacob will get screwed over by two generations of Swan women in favor of sparklepires. Which option is more ridiculously plausible? Discuss.

And then we got to talking in the comments, and I realized I had never discussed the Clare Quilty Conundrum in an entry proper. Yeah, it's bad. It's so bad. Even worse, it's completely inexplicable.  

cleolinda: I have to think that 1) someone suggested the names to her, snickering all the way; 2) she heard them somewhere and didn't know the context; 3) this is the greatest cosmic coincidence of all time.

incogra: Oh man, just the thought of possibility #1 has cheered me up. I would buy that person all the beers.

And with that, I think I have officially run out of things to horrify you with. I am pretty sure that's all I've got at this moment in time. There's nothing else I've forgotten; I am holding nothing else back.

Except, wait--did I ever mention that I suddenly realized, like, a year and a half after reading Breaking Dawn, why the whole wedding night fade-to-black sex scene starts out in the "warm, tropical waters"?

Go get yourself a popsicle and think it over.

Meanwhile, LiveJournal is up to new shenanigans. Actually, I found one of them really helpful, one of them potentially obnoxious due to inevitable user abuse, and only one of them a little bit shady.

1. If you have a Facebook account, you can comment on LJ with it.

See, this is great for me, because so many people have Facebooks that, if you added in Twitter users, you'd pretty much cover 95% of everyone who reads this journal who wants to comment but can't. (Occasionally people get an LJ account just to do so, but the reluctance with which they do it tells me there are more people who would like to comment but don't to go such lengths.) I don't really care if you comment under a real name or a fake one, but I want people to attach their comments to some kind of identity, because that makes them less likely to flame me (see: The Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory). Occasionally you get a cleoloindaisgay, but that was one of the most awesome things that ever happened here, so I'm okay with that.

2. You can now cross-post your random-ass, context-free LJ comments to your Facebook and/or Twitter.

I think you can see how some spam-happy people with no sense of moderation could turn this into a massive annoyance. However: if you do not enable this, and/or you do not tell LJ what your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts are, it will not happen. Unlike everything else on every other social network ever, you actually have to opt in to this, and go to some length to do so. Even then, I'm pretty sure you either can set the feature to approve this for each comment individually. And if you're sick of seeing the useless ticky boxes you don't want to use anyway, there's a Firefox extension for that. But LJ is not making you annoy the shit out of everyone on the internet. That's totally your call.

3. Please note that you can choose to have comments posted to protected entries cross-posted to Facebook and/or Twitter, and the text of those comments will appear to all your followers on those sites, but clicking the link will not show the full entry to anyone who does not have access to view it. The cross-posting options will automatically be unchecked when commenting to a Friends Only or Private post, so that no protected comments are sent to Facebook or Twitter by accident.

Well, this is... ill-advised. They pretty much need to take the option to cross-post anything on an entry that is not public, period, off the table. However... I hate to break it to you, but people you trusted being able to screw you over is not new. People can cross-post an entry link/comment fragment to Twitter... or they can copy the whole thing out and repost it on their journal, just the way they always could. Maybe I'm an idiot, but I'm not seeing the Shock Horror here. It's not a good idea per se, but LJ is trying to help people not do it accidentally; I'm sure some well-meaning people will cross-post comments they think look innocuous, but again: they always could have done that. LJ has done some objectively shady things. I just don't think this is one of them.

Anyway. I look forward to getting my ass chewed off in the comments. By which I mean, I am looking for my riot gear.

ETA: Okay--on the other hand, here's a good explanation of how #3 is a problem. I think I'm having a hard time visualizing all the information a cross-post would give away (maybe because I don't pay attention to Facebook, where you have more than 140 characters for a message). Also, why you would ever want to do it in the first place. Like I said, it's a bad idea, regardless.

ETA 2: In the name of science, what a cross-post looks like on Twitter. It won't let me connect to Facebook (?). There are some definite issues.

 Linkspam! Apple announces revamped Apple TV, new iPods, music social network Ping; Apple To Offer ABC & Fox Shows For 99C; Other Nets & Studios Oppose The Plan.

This $18M mansion here in town has 15 bedrooms, 16 full baths, 2 poolside cabana homes, a movie theater, an apartment in a barn, and 12 office cubicles. Just like I always wanted.

Oxford English Dictionary 'will not be printed again.'

American Girl's Felicity line discontinued. D: D: D:

Two new Deathly Hallows pics from Empire (oh, Scrimgeour); NBC Developing 'Harry Potter For Adults.'

@justinpie: @cleolinda if you keep sending NBC Ron-Draco slash, they will eventually make a show out of it.

First Look at Ian McShane as Blackbeard in Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

Alexander Skarsgard Says He Handles 'A Big Gun' In 'Battleship'; First Look at 'Battleship': Rihanna Pretends She's in the Navy.

Black Swan's Venice Debut: Is This The Psycho Ballerina Movie We've Been Waiting For?; 'Black Swan' Reviews Call Film "Weird, Sexy and Devastating";
Black Swan and The Wrestler originally envisioned as one movie (...what?); Natalie Portman's gown is pretty awesome.

REVIEW: Machete Cuts Just Deep Enough to Leave a Mark.

'The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader' Sets Out For MTV's Fall Preview; Kristen Bell Puts On Her 'Burlesque' Show in aforesaid preview as well.

New Image From Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch. Now with 63% more dragon.

New 'Conan' Images Prove Weird Topless Orgy Scene Does Exist! All kinds of weird shit came out today, y'all. I don't even know.

'Nowhere Boy' John Lennon And Paul McCartney Meet For The First Time In This Fall Preview Clip.

"The Rock" Replaces Brendan Fraser in 'Journey 3D' Sequel.

'Kick-Ass 2' Will Happen, But Is It Worth It?

A syllabus and book list for novice students of science fiction literature [Scifi101].

'RoboCop: The Musical' and 'Terminator 2: The Opera' Will Make Your Day.

Watch This: Juliette Binoche Says Gérard Depardieu Might Be Jealous of Her. Man, who picks on Juliette Binoche? She's like... rainbows. Made of ice cream.

And finally: Which Of These Movie Posters Is Worse?

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