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And off I go to dine
galadriel mist
Quick public service announcements: "As a lawyer, I think Facebook is the worst company in the world": The secret link to delete your accountFacebook Isn’t Private, and 7 Other Things You Should Know; Vox is closing down.

From brandied_plum: "The theatre I usher at (which does live stage shows as well as movies and is 95 years old) is up for a $25,000 grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and I'm appealing to the people of the internets to help us win, and I know we'd reach a lot more people with your help."


Bessemer native and "Beetlejuice" actor Glenn Shadix dies following a fall in his condo. 

Let's have something cheerful:

cleolinda: The two girls on the left crack me up so bad. Also, I’m not sure, but I think the lady on the far right is telling someone to steal third.

fleasonparade reblogged this from cleolinda and added: this one can accurately be captioned: “The origin of fangirling.”

@ebertchicago: Oh. My. God. My review of "I'm Still There," in which Joaquin Phoenix is not all there. ("If this film turns out to still be part of an elaborate hoax, I'm going to be seriously pissed.")

Homeless man calls 911 from hot tub, seeks cocoa. ...Joaquin?

First Look: Rooney Mara as the New Lisbeth Salander.

Come home to Daddy, Tom Felton. This. This is why we can't have nice things.

Speaking of which (Harry Potter, I mean, not gigantic creepers): Hi-res "Deathly Hallows" pictures from Empire; more "Deathly Hallows" screening spoilers; New "Deathly Hallows" Promos Feature Snatchers and Death Eaters (Updated), which has a really great Quibbler cover mockup. Although I'm not sure how much sense it makes to have those headlines on the Quibbler, I don't know. Also, Mark finishes Order of the Phoenix, cries all the tears. As you do.

Rumor Alert: Summit Working on First 'Twilight' Spin-Off. Spin-off movies you could make that would not make me want to die: 1) The adventures of Alice and Jasper. 2) The adventures of Kate and Garrett. 3) Edward's rebellious years of eating people and ~disappointing Carlisle~, because at least there would be actual vampiring. 4) Emmett punching bears. Movies that would make me want to die and take you all with me: This. Movies I somehow did not expect: BREE FUCKING TANNER?

@Lokiale: You know if it happens there will be a song made about a cheeseburger of pain. Cheeeseburgerrr of paaaaaaiiiin, lettuce of lies

Meanwhile, Baton Rouge Gearing Up For Breaking Dawn. Those who are about to sparkle: we salute you.

New 'Spider-Man' Musical Set Design Pic - Oscorp Labs!; Hilary Duff Now in 'Spider-Man' Love Interest Mix; Andrew Garfield talks Spider-Man and Never Let Me Go, plus a new gold standard for insane Doctor Who rumors.

Red Skull Will Be 'Rather Frightening' In 'Captain America' Movie, Says Kevin Feige. Of course, Hugo Weaving could phone it in and it would be terrifying, but there you are.

Natalie Portman Offered Lead in Gravity.

First TV Spot for Let Me In; Let Me In Hi-Res Gallery Open; 'Let Me in' Clip Establishes Setting, Features Creepy Car Kidnapping. I think I may be the only person in the world who is not angry about this remake.

'Hunger Games' Directing Gig Down to Three.

Liam Neeson Reportedly Signs Up for Battleship; "Liam Neeson joins cast of Universal flik that will feature Rihanna as a weapons specialist. Yep, you read that right."

REVIEW: Vanessa Paradis, Romain Duris Sparkle in Romcom-Done-Right Heartbreaker; Heartbreaker : An Exclusive Clip and Interview.

Danny Boyle's '127 Hours' Labeled "Too Intense" After Medics Called to Screenings.

Gemma Arterton NOT Scheduled To Talk 'Alien' Prequels With Ridley Scott. 

Jan de Bont to Direct Zhang Ziyi in Mulan.

Concept Art for Peter Berg's Unrealized 'Dune' Project.

M. Night Shyamalan (Kinda Sorta) Making 'Unbreakable 2'; 'Shyamalan' Trailer: The M. Night Shyamalan Film About M. Night Shyamalan Being Terrible. We're reaching dogpile proportions on the mockery now. I start to feel sorry, and then I remember The Happening.

And, in a gloriously literal use of the Uwe Boll Slot: Today in Unwatchable Things: Uwe Boll's NSFW Holocaust Movie Trailer. 

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Nooooooooo not Glenn Shadix! Anyone but Glenn! *sobs*

Origin of fangirling, definitely.

Also, I would like to see how the Bree Tanner spin-off would go, just out of curiosity. Would they keep to the book or would they change details, such as the constant vampire deaths and the grim ending for the title character?

My brother and I saw the trailer for Devil before Scott Pilgrim and pretty much decided that it's a shame the trailer actually looks sort of cool, because Shyamalan came up with the story and at this point in his career it'll just be two hours of cheap peek-a-boo scares before ending with, "... and that's when they found out the calls were coming from inside the elevator!"

Edited at 2010-09-07 11:29 pm (UTC)

"Those who are about to sparkle: we salute you."

I SOL'd. (snorted out loud)

I'm here to throw in some support for the theatre PSA because the Paramount in Austin is a truly awesome place and ask anyone who didn't click on the link the first time they read the entry to please, please go back and do it and vote if you can. They do an amazing series of repertory films every summer of classics, art house, foreign cinema, etc. where you really do get good value for your money and a little taste of old Hollywood glamour while you're at it.

At least Breaking Dawn filming in Baton Rouge will help me figure out who NOT to associate with. :/

Y'know, I'm not sure which of the following is creepier...

The Felton Creeper? Pretty creepy, yes. The OH-GOD-WE-DIDN'T-WANT-THIS news of Bree Tanner, well, it'll tank and then hopefully the nightmare will be over. Nope, I'm awarding the full-on OMG-THE-CREEPINESS-KNOWS-NO-BOUNDS to Facebook. Again.
On the bright side, you did include to adorably strange origin of the fangirl. Also, THANK GOD, BREAKING DAWN. (Not the movie, just that the shoot means that Taylor Lautner will get the hell out of my state and off my local news.) Seriously, I feel sorry for Baton Rouge, but I'm really sick of Lautner-sightings being called news. Also: NOT ONE mention of Alfred Molina and Sigourney Weaver. Not one. Failtastic.

Re: Y'know, I'm not sure which of the following is creepier...

Alfred Molina and Sigourney Weaver? WHERE?

4) Emmett punching bears

LOLS this, i would watch!

I think I may be the only person in the world who is not angry about this remake.

i am not angry about THIS remake, though i am annoyed that the girl is so....girly since, in the book, Eli is not only not a girl, HE is not female. Oskar is all torn up about this because he think it means that he is gay.

however what remake i AM annoyed at is the girl with the dragon tattoo. it makes me want to hurl things across the room (not actually)

I understand anyone complaining about Eli being a boy compared to the book, what I do NOT understand are all the people on my flist who never read the book and are complaining about "America making Eli a girl" when the original film glossed over his sex to an extent that I didn't know he was supposed to be male until I read spoilers from the book later. The brief moment they showed his scars was so fleeting in the theater that I thought she had simply been a victim of sexual assault or genital mutilation.

I saw the gravity tag and not knowing about the movie, assumed it referred to the guy who died after a fall. I am a terrible person.

(Deleted comment)
i think they are sweeping all of that under the carpet as they have made Eli all girly looking when Eli is, in fact, not a girl (as in not female)

(Deleted comment)
The I'm Still Here review makes me sad. I caught Hotel Rwanda on TV awhile back, and I was impressed with how good he used to be. What happened?

(Deleted comment)
I just don't even know.

I'm probably the only one at this point, but UMBREAKABLE 2 YES! The first one is M Night's best movie, and I want to see the rest so bad! :D

(I love the guy, BTW. Haters to the left.)

4) Emmett punching bears.
This, I would pay EXTRA money to watch. Just two hours worth of Kellan Lutz acting like Grizzly Adams (except he eats the bears) and doing "confessionals" and stuff...

OR! They could do like The Edge and have him stalk a man-eating Kodiak bear.

That would be beautiful; they need to scrap Bree's project and do this now.

cleolinda: The two girls on the left crack me up so bad. Also, I’m not sure, but I think the lady on the far right is telling someone to steal third.

The second lady from the left is on her cell. "This match is SOOOO boring."


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