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Priorities, I have them

I didn't get shit done today in the work department, but: TONNER ALICE DOES COME WITH THE LITTLE GREY CHOKER! ALL IS FORGIVEN. Well, a lot is forgiven. I can mess with her hair; I can't make tiny dumbass doll heraldic crests.

(I think Alice, particularly Alice the doll, has become completely divorced in my mind from Twilight. Shit, I think pretty much all the Twilight characters in The Secret Life of Dolls have nothing to do with Actual Twilight in my mind. It's a coping mechanism, people.)

(There is a new Secret Life coming soon, once I work some logistics out. No, really this time. Sadly, we're still on... Christmas... but I think you'll like the presents they get. We're working up to one of the most epic things that has ever happened, which is what's hanging me up to an extent.)

Meanwhile, Tonner's Zoe doll from Firefly is up. I have to say, it actually looks good.


Facebook Coming to General Motors' OnStar. OH COME ON NOW.

Martin Freeman May be Hobbit Frontrunner. ETA: HE TURNED IT DOWN FOR STUPID SHERLOCK. ETA: Okay, we have realized that the dates on the articles indicate that the first link is the newest, and that "they're trying to work the schedules out" supercedes "he turned it down." HOPE LIVES.

Could This Girl Be Breaking Dawn's Vampire Spawn?; 'Eclipse' To Be Rereleased Friday To Celebrate Bella's Birthday!, ome, wtf, etc.; Sofia Coppola is a Twilight Mom, Calls Series 'So Romantic'; 'Breaking Dawn' Fans Could Win A Trip To Set And Help Beat Cancer. Speaking of trips, apparently Robert Pattinson is taking a road trip across much of the country. Things you should do if you run into him: Leave him the hell alone. Things you should not do if you run into him: Brag about stealing his arm hair.

Will Amish Romance Dethrone Vampire Romance?

@justinpie: @cleolinda seems like there's gotta be a way to Reese's these pieces.

Probably the greatest thing I will read this week: Helena Bonham Carter: "We were having dinner in a pub in the country, and I noticed a man kept staring at me. Outside, as I was leaving, he approached me quite innocently. ‘I hope you don’t mind me saying so, but you look exactly like you’ve been drawn by Tim Burton. Do you know who I mean?’ I replied that not only did I know whom he meant but that I had two children by him and, in fact, he was standing behind him. The man looked round and nearly died."

Images: Unused 'Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets' Poster From 'The Art Of Drew Struzan'; The Drew Struzan 'Hellboy' Poster That Never Made It To Theaters; Promo Poster for The Cold Light of Day; Rom-Com or Drama? First Poster for 'Love and Other Drugs'; First Look at January Jones as Emma Frost! This is... not what I was expecting.

James Hance: "Most Likely Lose It Again Anyway"

'The Dark Tower' To Make Movie History as a Hybrid Film Trilogy and TV Show; Is Ron Howard's Insane New Dark Tower Plan the Craziest Hollywood Gambit Ever? No: Terry Gilliam's Dark Tower would be.

Gilliam Loses Financing for Don Quixote Again, Seems Even More Similar to Title Character. I'm saying.

Will filmgoers cling to 'Never Let Me Go'? (with exclusive clip).

New Monsters preview gives a first glimpse of Mexico's intergalactic horror. 

Excess Hollywood: Michael Caine will take ‘Journey 2.′ 

'Judge Dredd' Movie Gets Renamed, More Story Details Posted Online.

ONTD goes to the VMAS. Officially. On the red carpet. God help us all.

And finally: The 9 Most Unsettling Things About Joaquin Phoenix's Mock-Documentary, I'm Still Here.  

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