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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Heroine A + # years = love interest B
Did get some work today. Spent the morning... mathing. 

@cleolinda: Using algebra to figure out characters' ages relative to each other over time based on how old when things happen. Stay in school, kids.

@cleolinda: I'm dealing with teenagers, so time is kind of sensitive. "Um. That would make her 10 years old. That's not going to work." MATH IS HARD.


@cleolinda: IT'S A MIRACLE http://twitpic.com/2mr3j6

@cleolinda: So apparently I am now writing a YA series that takes place over six years about a character who goes from 15 to 21.

@cleolinda: "He can't be 17 because she's 21 and THAT IS NOT GOOD. FFFFFFFFF--"

So this is what I've been working for a few weeks now--and today, specifically, working the numerical age needs of two teenage characters into a pre-existing fantasy storyline with its own timeline requirements. It's a brain vacation from Black Ribbon, and seems to have done me some good. Feeling kind of refreshed. No matter how much I work on this, though, I don't think there's any way I could finish it before the first Black Ribbon. So that's still a priority.


Missed Connections personal ads from Dragon*Con attendees. "Alien vs Predator Interstellar Swinger Party. Full Alien or Predator costume required. All single women and couples will be accepted. There will be limited spots for single men."

The New Poster for Let Me In Debuts! ...eh. Also: A Trio of Clips from Let Me In. Which I will not be watching, because I actually want to see the movie.

'Priest' Trailer Blows Lid Off the Human-Vampire War of the Future.

The new trailer for Megamind.

The Full Trailer for Saw 3D.

The New Hansel and Gretel: Jeremy Renner and Noomi Rapace; Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters is Supposed to Be a Joke, Right?

'The Hunger Games' Director List Grows Longer.

Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls Gets a Title Makeover'; Eight exclusive, stunning posters featuring actresses from 'For Colored Girls.'  

Naomi Novik says fanfic is part of literary history - and reveals what's next for Temeraire [Interview]. 

J.J. Abrams and Jonah Nolan Team for Series.

Did Tony Blair Plagiarize 'The Queen'?

And finally: Josh Brolin Is Not Proud Of 'Jonah Hex.' "Now that I don't have to promote it? . . . No."

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Oh, Dragon*Con. That was good times.

I hit up PAX last weekend.

Which was also good times.

hehehehehe, math is hard. there's too many numbers and stuff.


Ugh, figuring out character ages. I pretty much stopped setting any stories after 2002~ish because I got fed up with doing the math and figuring out important life events for anyone later than that.

"Anyway, all these computers and digital gadgets are no good. They just fill your head with numbers and that can't be good for you." — Prince

Take it from Prince.

I love Temeraire (guess I never really grew out of that dragons! squee! phase), and that interview makes me just love Novak more.

She was totally like that when I saw her at Comic Con, too: "The Napoleonic wars were broken. They didn't have enough dragons. So I fixed them." Hee!

Really intrigued about your new concept! Is this something you think you'd want to share with your Livejournal horde?

Also: I will probably be weirdly excited for Priest, if I can ever get the trailer to load, because my best friend and I enjoyed the hell out of Legion. Paul Bettany and religious themes are never a bad thing! Even if the hero is named Jeep.

I don't think it'd be a good idea to give out details.

Honestly, haven't you learned from Stephenie Meyer that no maths are EVER required? That goes for research as well. Feel free to put an iPod in your series set centuries ago.



@cleolinda: "He can't be 17 because she's 21 and THAT IS NOT GOOD. FFFFFFFFF--"

...made me sad because I was 20 when Rpattz was 17, which I WOULDN'T EVEN CARE ABOUT IF NOT FOR STUPID STEPHENIE MEYER.

I hate her.

Or you could not sweat the ages and give all your fans headaches, like JKR. Or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, for that matter. =)

It has to be right if someone with a Sir in front of their name did it, right? Can't argue with that.

I'll be surprised if LET ME IN is any good. Have you seen LET THE RIGHT ONE IN yet?!
JONAH HEX lost my interest at the words "with Megan Fox". John Malkovitch was just doing another "Cash the Cheque" part as well...

I saw Let the Right One In last week and loved it, although the creepiness/gore did get to be a bit much for me. Imagine my surprise when, following the link Cleo provided, some commenter let it slip that in the book, the little girl was actually a castrated boy...

So, yeah. Not sure how I feel about that. Except that I'll be obsessively looking for subtext if I rewatch the original. Oh, and my brain will probably break if I watch the American version. I love my country for many things; its track record with remaking foreign films is not one of them.

Excel can be your world building friend.

For serious. I was working on paper because I wasn't at the computer, but I was mentally plotting future Excel documents the whole time.

Storybook is a simply wonderful plot mapping tool which will do all that math for you. Kind of. You have to enter in all the dates and stuff, but you can set up the individual arcs for each character, and date significant events, so that the events are charted out parallel on the characters' arcs and you can see how it all falls together. It's not actually going to give you their ages at those events, but you'll be able to SEE what's going on because it's all laid out.

I find it really helpful, as confusing as the above explanation may be.

Aw, sucks to be me: Storybook isn't available for the Mac. Woe.

The last time I had a need to keep locations and dates straight ("Wait, I can't have him in Location X on that day... he's already established as being in Location Y"), I put together an Excel spreadsheet. Clunky but effective.

I cannot math for the life of me.

And I am so ridiculously excited for Saw 3D...I mean the movies are terrible (although I really enjoyed the first one.) but I will not be able to pass it up since I'm such a Cary Elwes fangirl.

Random fact: There was at least one guy cosplaying Westley at Dragon*Con. It was pretty hot.

I always feel so in the know after reading your linkspams. Thanks for keeping them up!

However, in this one the 'For Colored Girls' title makeover link leads to the JJ Abrams story. Unless that's the change, replacing Perry with Abrams? :)

hahah, we had the exact opposite reaction to the math problem. I pretty much just went "OOOOOO THAT LOOKS FUN"

/math nerd

(Commenting by facebook, cause I'm too lazy to get a live journal and would have nothing to say on it anyway. Lol)

Wow, I feel out of the loop. I didn't know about the new Tyler Perry movie coming out. I'm quite excited for it now. :)

"Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls Gets a Title Makeover';" <---this link goes to the wrong page.

Also, I don't use all that algebra to decide my characters' ages, but I do understand some of the frustration lol. WRITERS UNITE!