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galadriel helpful
Please, everyone, if you could, think good thoughts for snowcoma's mother, who has broken her leg in two places and is going to have surgery this afternoon. I'm worried for both of them anyway, but to put it in the context that will make the most sense to y'all, Edward Cat needs his mom back.

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The longer snowcoma's mother is in the hospital the more chagrined Edward Cat is going to get. Let's get the prayer circle rolling.

Prayers offered for Edward's mommy.

Prayers and good thoughts definitely towards snowcoma 's mom.

Edward Cat needs his mom back, and I hope the surgery goes well and without complications.

I've been laid up with a leg injury. This person is going to need distractions from here to the moon. Portable internet for the must.

Oh, I'm really sorry to hear this. I hope that she has homecare lined up and that there is someone who can help out with Edward Cat. I can't get his chagrined little punim out of my mind.

I feel like I might have had a comment similar to this a few months ago.

Anyway. My grandmother is in her mid 80's and broke her leg near her hip. For a woman her age, that's really really bad. But she's a-okay and is now able to walk around with the help of a cane! I think this woman will be okay,but I shall send prayers and positive energy her way anyway. Nothing like getting a little additional positive energy for a speedy recovery. :) And I will keep your friend in my thoughts as well, it's always incredibly stressful for the family too. Big deep breath, things will be okay! <3

Sending good thoughts, and I hope her recovery is speedy.

Oh, augh. I hope snowcoma's mom is feeling better in no time.

Ouch, two breaks in the leg sucks unbelievably. =[
I'll pray for her speedy recovery.

Sending good wishes to snowcoma's mother and head scritches to Edward Cullencat.

I wish for snowcoma's mother's speedy recovery, and for Edward Cat not to worry too much before she's back.

Thinking good thoughts for snowcoma's mom. I hope she recovers well and soon!

I'll definitely be praying for a quick and comfortable recovery.

Update in snowcoma's lj: "I just wanted to let you guys know that Mom came through the surgery just fine." She's still in the hospital, though.

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