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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Did not feel well today. Slept. Blarg.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT YESTERDAY: Deathly Hallows trailer omg.

A light linkspam, but with several key items:

Kimberly Peirce to Direct Wicked Lovely. 

Michael Emerson, re: The Ben and Locke (Kind Of) Show: "I am AMAZED."

Stephen Colbert to testify on Capitol Hill: "Colbert's will appear as an expert witness. He has focused on the UFW's 'Take Our Jobs' campaign on his nightly show on Comedy Central, 'The Colbert Report.' He had spent a day last month picking vegetables on a farm in upstate New York."

'True Blood' + 'Sesame Street' = 'True Mud.' I am starting to think I need to start up a second slot called The Daily What. Because seriously. What. AND THEN: Sesame Workshop Cites 'Parent,' 'Care-Giver' Demos in Katy Perry Snafu.

'The King's Speech' Trailer: Is This a Lock for Best Picture? Well, this year in movies has been kind of crappy, so I think people are flinging themselves at a well-made Colin Firth/Geoffrey Rush movie like Titantic passengers at life rafts. (Wow, actually there are a lot of people in this.)

Chloe Moretz Cast as Emily the Strange. I have a soft spot for the whole Emily thing (Hot Topic staple or not), so I am giving this the side-eye for now.

Foster, Winslet, Waltz and Dillon in Polanski's God of Carnage; Roman Polanski Gets a Bunch of Award Winners in Movie Despite Fugitive Rapist Thing. ...Yeah.

Because I have no idea how else to follow that: Strictly Ballroom stage musical!

Kristen Bell Threatens to Fund Veronica Mars Movie, Invites Warner Bros. to Man Up.

Christopher Guest's Next Movie to Mock Retro Collectors. 

Day of the Triffids Planned for 3D.

Rob Zombie Ditches 'The Blob' For 'The Lords Of Salem.' 

My next task for the evening is to see if current household logistics will permit location shooting. I also probably need to update the readthrough backlog. There are those of you who will know what this means.

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"Christopher Guest's Next Movie to Mock Retro Collectors."

*looks sheepish and walks out of the room

Hey, you ever seen The 40 Year Old Virgin? The scene where Steve Carell and Catherine Keener are fighting over him getting rid of his massive collection of action figures so he can stop being a gigantic nerrrrrrd? And you can very clearly see an Anna Valerious doll/box?

Yeah. I'll join you in the shame corner.

I read somewhere that Stephen Colbert will be testifying in character. How...how does that work? Is that valid? Odd.

Also...not going to lie, pretty excited about that last bit. In a completely no pressure kind of way, of course.

What? In front of Congress? That seems...ill-advised.

oh Kate Winslet, I loved you so :(

oh! I just realised what that last bit was referrig to. SQUEE

Oh man, Veronica Mars. I remember when you used to recap those, which is going back some.

Yeah--I know I've bailed on a number of series recaps, but I think that's just the one show I wouldn't even want to try to finish out the season for. Not because it was terrible, but because it just didn't take, in terms of me wanting to recap it. The others, I just stopped because the recaps were so work-intensive that I had to choose between writing them and actually enjoying the show.

(Deleted comment)
I had heard none of the buzz about The King's Speech and, having followed the links above, am determined to see it. Probably in the theaters. Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth? The only thing that could have improved it would be Michael Caine.

It looks amazing, but I'm a bit flummoxed the R rating. For language, says IMDb. For *language*? Just how gutter-mouthed can a high-end British period drama get? (Don't answer that, I don't think I want to know.)

Yaaa! Go Kristen Bell, teehee :D

Ugh, KBell, haven't you already done enough to ruin the awesome that once was Veronica Mars?

*shuffles off to see if grave_watchers people have anything to say about this*

Meanwhile, I am SO IN FAVOR of a Michael Emerson/Terry O'Quinn buddy show. SIGN ME UP.

Wait, what did she do to "ruin" it? I know the writing went seriously downhill third season, but she's not a writer.

My next task for the evening is to see if current household logistics will permit location shooting.


Totally grateful for anything that you feel up to posting. :)

Speaking of location shooting... Have you been seeing any of the period footage they're shooting in Manchester for the Captain America movie? It's pretty sweet. The cars! The hats! The pin curls! I am happy. Even if they have to borrow a chunk of Manchester to pull off '40s NYC, it looks AWESOME. Hugo Weaving as Red Skull? GENIUS.


*loves period settings something fierce*

Chole Moretz should be amazing as Emily, although my dream casting would have been Jodelle Ferland

Oh, good call. Not that I was terribly impressed with the Bree business, but she has the right look.

I'm a fan of Marr's Wicked Lovely series, but I honestly don't know how well it'll translate on film, so I'm going to go ahead and not really expect the film to do very well once it's out.

For what it's worth, on Wednesday I was at an event where Melissa Marr was speaking and signing, and while she didn't name the director she said it was someone she had been really wishing would do it.

But then, I was there to see Kelley Armstrong (and my wife was there for Amrstrong and Jennifer Lynn Barnes), so I can't really say how well it would translate. Though after that event I definitely intend to give Marr's series a spin.

(Deleted comment)

there is the posibility.....

that the movie gets polanski name attached to it, but he doesn't actually direct it? what's with the forced exile and everything.

plus, while I maintain my stance that i'm remaining Total Neutral on the whole Polanski controversial opinions/issues....

I do think it's unfair to judge his work and or actors/actresses i his movies because of Him.

He is the one that did The inhuman thing, not the other people.

and he is probably not going to get any reprieves because of his movies.

so i for one not holding Any actor who act in his movies to the same level of judgement he is getting thrown in piles.

Wicked Lovely - Damn, I knew someone would get to adapt it before me! *g* I've been saying for several years now that faeries are the new vampires.

So I hadn't even heard of The King's Speech but that trailer definitely has me intrigued! Geffory Rush AND HBC in a period film?! Count me in.