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Did not feel well today. Slept. Blarg.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT YESTERDAY: Deathly Hallows trailer omg.

A light linkspam, but with several key items:

Kimberly Peirce to Direct Wicked Lovely. 

Michael Emerson, re: The Ben and Locke (Kind Of) Show: "I am AMAZED."

Stephen Colbert to testify on Capitol Hill: "Colbert's will appear as an expert witness. He has focused on the UFW's 'Take Our Jobs' campaign on his nightly show on Comedy Central, 'The Colbert Report.' He had spent a day last month picking vegetables on a farm in upstate New York."

'True Blood' + 'Sesame Street' = 'True Mud.' I am starting to think I need to start up a second slot called The Daily What. Because seriously. What. AND THEN: Sesame Workshop Cites 'Parent,' 'Care-Giver' Demos in Katy Perry Snafu.

'The King's Speech' Trailer: Is This a Lock for Best Picture? Well, this year in movies has been kind of crappy, so I think people are flinging themselves at a well-made Colin Firth/Geoffrey Rush movie like Titantic passengers at life rafts. (Wow, actually there are a lot of people in this.)

Chloe Moretz Cast as Emily the Strange. I have a soft spot for the whole Emily thing (Hot Topic staple or not), so I am giving this the side-eye for now.

Foster, Winslet, Waltz and Dillon in Polanski's God of Carnage; Roman Polanski Gets a Bunch of Award Winners in Movie Despite Fugitive Rapist Thing. ...Yeah.

Because I have no idea how else to follow that: Strictly Ballroom stage musical!

Kristen Bell Threatens to Fund Veronica Mars Movie, Invites Warner Bros. to Man Up.

Christopher Guest's Next Movie to Mock Retro Collectors. 

Day of the Triffids Planned for 3D.

Rob Zombie Ditches 'The Blob' For 'The Lords Of Salem.' 

My next task for the evening is to see if current household logistics will permit location shooting. I also probably need to update the readthrough backlog. There are those of you who will know what this means.

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