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First of all: a new Secret Life of Dolls cliffhanger, wherein Bella finally discovers the Sparklerosa, is thataway. 

(Looking over my shoulder, my mother asked me to explain what was going on in the entry. She had to have most of the doll source material references explained, but she knew immediately why I had called it the Sparklerosa. Heh.)

So: I left the house twice this weekend, and it took two days for the piper to show up wanting payment: I have now come down with fluish symptoms (may not actually be flu). Basically, I hurt all over and I feel clammy-feverish, in addition to my general autumn snerfle-blarg and three or four nights of insomnia. And yet, I am leaving the house TOMORROW as well. YOU CAN'T HOLD ME DOWN! I DO WHAT I WANT!

Coughing all the way.


Zack Snyder Tapped to Direct the Chris Nolan-produced 'Superman' Reboot; Zack Snyder Is The New 'Superman' Director... And Here's Why You Should Be Excited About It! I would say "In before THIS! IS! KRYPTONNNN! jokes!" but I'm probably way, waaaaay too late.

Emma Stone Will Play Gwen Stacy, Not Mary Jane in Spider-Man. 

David E. Kelley To Make New Wonder Woman TV Series.

Peter Jackson Confirmed as 'Hobbit' Director and Film Will be Shot in 3D. You know the music that plays when Gollum finally gets the Ring in ROTK, that fallen-angel mix of doom, horror and glee? I'm kind of hearing that now.

Dario Argento talks “DRACULA 3D.” I'm hearing it a lot louder now.

Fox Goes Vampire Hunting with Abraham Lincoln. Now I'm just hearing the part where Frodo starts choking him.

'Let The Right One In' Author John Lindqvist Digs 'Let Me In': MTV News Exclusive. Speaking of which, we had some really great movie discussion here over the weekend. P.S. If you want to get Let the Right One In--the Swedish original--the DVD and Blu-Ray on Amazon have the correct "theatrical subtitles." People on Twitter report that discs from Netflix are correct, but the Netflix Instant version is not.

"Deathly Hallows" Set Reports.

Jeff Bridges And Matt Damon Blow Us Away In New 'True Grit' Trailer; Trailer for Julie Taymor's 'The Tempest' Arrives Amidst Poor Festival Buzz; ‘The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest’ trailer; Come Preview the 'Burke and Hare' International Trailer.

'Hatchet 2' Director Updates Us On Why The Film Was Pulled From Theaters. 

Bill Condon announces key crew for ‘Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.’ Please note that they have hired the actual makeup artist from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button for Renesmee. I... I was just joking about that! Also: The Woman on the Cover of Twilight: Sorta NutsNew 'Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide' Will Tell Alice's Backstory And More!  Aw, fuck, am I gonna have to recap this? Because I really don't want to know Alice's back story. God knows what fuckery might be therein. Alice spent several decades abiding in awesome, the end, thank you for your time.

@cleolinda: Guys, please stop sending me Robert Pattinson's preteen modeling pictures. Chris Hansen's come to my house three times already.

@queenanthai: @cleolinda I was wondering why he didn't show up for our usual noon chat.

@thomasls: @cleolinda Why don't you have a seat over there?

@cleolinda: @thomasls My favorite Hansen line was, "Did you bring enough vodka for me?"

@gfrancie: @cleolinda BEST Chris Hansen line ever, "Did you bring your collar with you? What is all this slave talk in here?"

@cleolinda: @gfrancie I am going to use "What is all this slave talk in here?" IRL if it kills me.

Speaking of effects that David Fincher has used, Will Bad CGI Breath Cost The Social Network a Visual Effects Oscar Nomination? Which would be a damn shame, because I loved the Winklevi. (That was the other movie I saw this weekend, but the discussion writeup devolved into Allegra D-fueled ramblings that didn't even make sense to me by the end of it.)

And finally, because it made me laugh: "I hope my bike takes you straight to hell." 

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