Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones


First of all: a new Secret Life of Dolls cliffhanger, wherein Bella finally discovers the Sparklerosa, is thataway. 

(Looking over my shoulder, my mother asked me to explain what was going on in the entry. She had to have most of the doll source material references explained, but she knew immediately why I had called it the Sparklerosa. Heh.)

So: I left the house twice this weekend, and it took two days for the piper to show up wanting payment: I have now come down with fluish symptoms (may not actually be flu). Basically, I hurt all over and I feel clammy-feverish, in addition to my general autumn snerfle-blarg and three or four nights of insomnia. And yet, I am leaving the house TOMORROW as well. YOU CAN'T HOLD ME DOWN! I DO WHAT I WANT!

Coughing all the way.

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