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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Early catchup linkspam
galadriel decipher
New Secret Life of Dolls thataway. We've had three new entries so far and the read-through is updated, if you need to catch up on those (Christmas II is the first of the new ones). I'm trying to decide which day is best to update on--I'm trying to space them out with some kind of regularity. I was doing them on Saturdays, but I'm not sure if people actually see them on the weekends. Monday seems like a terrible day because, as someone suggested, people are busy catching up. Tuesdays, maybe? Although... if people learn to expect them on Saturdays, maybe it's not a problem. I don't know.

In case you're wondering, it's not that I got tired of the series or forgot about it for nine months. It's that I had a massive block as to how to make those last three entries work. I would sit and pick at the drafts every other week or so, and just... nothing. That last one, I pretty much ended up rewriting the entire thing from scratch the other week. It happens. And if I have to wait nine months for something not-crap to occur to me, well... there it is.

The good news is, I have the next seven entries either written or mostly written, and shit, as Mark would say, is about to get real.

Meanwhile, it's an "I see this working out well for you" kind of day on the movie news front:

‘The Simpsons’ airs controversial opening sequence by Banksy. I am really, really impressed that they got away with this, to be honest.

@cleolinda: I like that no one seems concerned that a camel is eating a small child.

Today's Scary Deathmatch: Millennium vs. Twin Peaks. 

Warner Bros. opts out of 3-D for first installment of ‘Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows’ (SAY HALLELUJAH); A spreadsheet plot written out by J.K. RowlingThey see me Rowling, they hatin'. 

Back to The Simpsons, Daniel Radcliffe will voice Edmund the vampire. I feel a shameful urge to cuddle these pictures. Who is a precious baby preteen vampire? ~YOU ARE.~


'The Bourne Legacy' Won't Feature Jason Bourne or Matt Damon.

Joe Wright talks about his live-action ‘Little Mermaid.’ 

More How to Train Your Dragon Sequel Details. 

My Week with Marilyn Finds its Vivien Leigh and Arthur Miller. Plus: First look at Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe. Uh.
Ridley Scott meets with Noomi Rapace, Carey Mulligan, and Abbie Cornish for 'Alien' prequel. Can someone please tell me the correct pronunciation of "Noomi Rapace" before I embarrass myself somewhere?

Fifth Stieg Larsson Book Exists, Won't Be Released. Apparently he did not write a book #4, however, because he thought #5 "would be more fun to write." I would say something snarky, except that's pretty much exactly how I work. Speaking of which:
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Adds Three; Daniel Craig: 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' Stockholm Shoot; New Photos of Rooney Mara on the Dragon Tattoo Set. 

Speaking also of Daniel Craig, I found myself watching the last hour or so of that last Bond movie the other night on cable.

@cleolinda: You know, I like Quantum of Solace more than most people, but even I wouldn't stay in a hotel built entirely out of explosives.
@cleolinda: The problem with writing Victorian is that you can't have any car chases.
@cleolinda: HORSES GET TIRED RT @queenanthai: @cleolinda Horse chases HORSE CHASES
@cleolinda: Also they are not very good at rolling over and blowing up.

Accents! Mirages! Wolves! The Trailer for Peter Weir's The Way Back Arrives.

Back to Michelle Williams, 'Blue Valentine' Gets a Trailer and an NC-17 Rating.

New Trailer and Poster for Boyle's Excellent '127 Hours.'

'Your Highness' at NYCC: What We Learned About Danny McBride's Medieval Comedy; NYCC 2010: Danny McBride Says Natalie Portman Is Hot In 'Your Highness.'

David O. Russell Kills 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,' Heads to 'Old St. Louis' Instead.

@cleolinda: RT @Annaleen: happy Friday! it's the lesbian burlesque version of Twilight, complete with pregnancy and birth scene
@cleolinda: I understand all of those words individually. Together, I just... what? Huh? What? Huh? #what #huh

Justin Bieber launches nail polish line: Fun? Or sign of the apocalypse?  Y'all's plan to feed his doll to the Edwards looks better every day.

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@cleolinda: Also they are not very good at rolling over and blowing up.

Honestly, some days? Well, okay, not icon horsie. That would be WAY too much work. But pinto horsie yesterday belonging to barn owner? I had a few moments of wondering.


That Simpsons Trailer: wow.

As for Secret Life of Dolls, IMHO, I'd like to get updates on Saturdays *because* that tends to be a slow day on the internets...it'd be nice to have something to read on a regular basis.

Or Sundays. I don't even get as much junk e-mail on Sundays.

The article about the Simpsons opening credit thing kind of puzzled me. "Reports" that they outsource the tweening animation to South Korea? I thought that was common knowledge, and not all that controversial. Am I completely imagining that?

Yeah, I thought everyone knew that. That credit sequence is interesting, because it seems both like an accusation and a sarcastic reply.

Saturdays are good, although I somehow do keep up on my f-list anyway so I'm not picky.

YES NO 3D FOR HP YESSSSSSS, I would be ridiculously sad if 3D prevented me from seeing it.

This linkspam really pertains to me in a bunch of different ways so I'll just stop going, "____ YAY". XD

"Warner Bros. opts out of 3-D for first installment of ‘Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows’ (SAY HALLELUJAH)"

you know that scene in LOTR the 2 towers where Gollum and Sam are bickering over the rabbits and Gollum is like "whats taters" and Sam is all "PO-TA-TOES!" and Gollum sticks his tongue out/spits? Yeah that is what i do basically every time i hear a movie is coming out in 3D.

i really need a GIF of that!

Cleo, I logged on JUST to beg you. Please. FEED BIEBER TO THE EDWARDS.

Can someone please tell me the correct pronunciation of "Noomi Rapace" before I embarrass myself somewhere?

I too desperately wish to know this.

CONFESSION: Everytime I see her name I want to read it as "Rapeface"

Can someone please tell me the correct pronunciation of "Noomi Rapace" before I embarrass myself somewhere?

In my head it is NEW-mee rah-PAH-see but I am prolly wrong somewhere.

i pronounce it new-me ra-pa-chay but i always pronounce things wrong....

Seems to be pronounced about right here, too.

How to pronounce Noomi's name


It's New-mee Ra-pahss. They have pronunciations from real live Swedish people on there. :)

As a couple of people have said, Saturday updates are good for me, because when a lot of sites don't update over the weekend it's nice to have something to look forward to :)

(Deleted comment)
That's the closest I've seen to how I say it, which makes me feel better. (I'm assuming it's related to the name "Naomi"?)

(Deleted comment)

Re: "the lesbian burlesque version of Twilight, complete with pregnancy and birth scene"

Where can I get divorced on an Astral Plane? I think I need to divorce Alice. Right now. Before it's too late.
(We don't seem to have any famous underwater-living monsters that I'm aware of, anyway. And "Gorynych" is a patronymic - won't work as a first name.)

Oh, and I agree with others who say that Saturday updates are good.

Oddly enough, perhaps, my views are more 'hrmmmm... I think Banksy can finally be considered sold-out' instead of anything else.