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As a follow-up on yesterday, since I don't think things are going to get any better--what I'm sad about is that my grandmother's mental and physical health took a steep downturn this past weekend. There are some other problems as well, emotional and/or financial; I've started having mild panic attacks again. And foresthouse--she's a longtimer around here, you may recognize her. She's one of my closest friends and my agent now as well. And she's going to have to have a really expensive trial surgery on both eyes--it was that or a double corneal transplant--at the end of the month, and I keep thinking, if I'd finished something to sell by now, we'd have money to pay for it. But I haven't. So we don't. So.

That said, I got 14 pages of a 25-page chapter cleaned up and revised today.

So... now that I've totally brought the room down...

...big casting news for three or four major movies in the linkspam:

@cleolinda: Lee Pace confirmed. RT @comingsoonnet: Twilight: Breaking Dawn Cast Announced.

@cleolinda: And lo, there was weeping and the rending of garments.

@queenanthai: @cleolinda I am NOT seeing Breaking Dawn without you; I will WALK TO ALABAMA IF I HAVE TO.

@cleolinda: @queenanthai If you start now, you might be able to get here in time for a weekend matinee.

As solace to queenanthai, Pepsi and Mountain Dew Throwback (sugar instead of corn syrup) are here to stay.

Tom Hardy Reunited With 'Inception' Helmer Chris Nolan On 'Batman'; Will Tom Hardy Play The Riddler in Batman 3? I really, really wanted Joseph Gordon-Levitt (so close!), but it was being reported last week that his brother very suddenly passed away, so... that's why that may not be happening.

Rhys Ifans Is Some Sort of Spider-Man Villain. ETA: As The Lizard, then?

Did Damon Lindelof just save the Alien Prequel?; 'Alien' Prequel May Star Natalie Portman and Be PG-13.

'Harry Potter 7' Basically X-Files Photoshopped in a Subway (actually, I thought the first one looked very James Bond); Warner Bros. Converting 'Harry Potter' Movies for 3-D Blu-ray Release. GIVE IT UP ALREADY.

Noomi Rapace, the girl with the dragon tattoo, will have a vampire bite in Last Voyage of the Demeter. Consensus on the pronunciation of her name from the other day seems to be NOO-mee ra-PAHS. Given that I could think of at least four different pronunciations of her last name, it's good to know I've been using the right one.

Darren Aronofsky in Talks for Wolverine 2; Deadpool script review says this could be Ryan Reynolds' defining role'Avatar' Villain Stephen Lang Wants To Play Cable In An 'X-Men' Film. 

Luke Evans Joins Poe Pic 'The Raven.'

Tarsem Singh in Talks to Direct Snow White. 

Joe Wright talks about his live-action ‘Little Mermaid.’

Morgan Freeman, David Fincher Still Planning A 'Rendezvous With Rama.'

'How To Train Your Dragon' Sequel Details; 'How To Train Your Dragon' To Spawn Animated Series On Cartoon Network.

Jim Henson's Son to Direct Dark, Twisted Muppet Movie for Lionsgate. 

3-D Version of Beatles' 'Yellow Submarine' To Shoot In April 2011, Says Star Cary Elwes.

ABC Wants 'Romeo & Juliet' Series And Maybe 'Twilight' Helmer Catherine Hardwicke. "After ordering contemporary versions of Romeo & Juliet set in New York and Chicago the last two pilot seasons, ABC is going for the real thing this year, picking up for development a retelling of William Shakespeare's classic tale set in Renaissance Verona." I don't even know, y'all.

What a Thing: 'Family Circus' Film Coming. I don't foresee this draining my will to live at all.

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