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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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The plot thickens
Short version: thank y'all so, so much for helping Emily (foresthouse) out with her eye surgery. It means a lot to both of us. Altogether, she now has about three months' worth of payments, thanks to y'all. "Oh my God! I'm just over here waving my hands," she said to me last night--"well, waving one hand with the phone in the other. Oh my God!" She said that so much weight was already lifting off her shoulders, which was great when she went into surgery this morning.

Long version:

Somehow, it got even worseCollapse )

As an unrelated update--both of my grandmothers aren't doing well at the moment, as previously mentioned, but my mother's mother is at doing better at home with her 24-hour sitters; I went to the hospital last night to see my father's mother in ICU, and she's in relatively good spirits.

I've just been too wrung out to deal with a lot of things this week, so I'm going to try to catch up on linkspam at some point, after I go to the zoo tomorrow with small children to visit the Pallas cat YAY, and there will be a two-part Secret Life this weekend, probably one part on Saturday and the other on Sunday. It's one coherent installment, really; it's just too much material for a single post, so I'm splitting it up. Not to get too NEXT WEEK, ON LOST about it, but ~THE SHELF WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.~

Also there is a podcast-related surprise but I cannot tell you about it because it is a surprise.

OH WAIT AND: BREAKING HOBBIT NEWS: Martin Freeman confirmed for Bilbo Baggins, and Richard Armitage for Thorin, which I did not see coming at all, but am very intrigued by. Read the article for other confirmed dwarves, and unconfirmed names that include David Tennant, Stephen Fry, Bill Nighy, James Nesbitt, and Saoirse Ronan.

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Yay Richard Armitage! As... a dwarf??
Yay for The Hobbit!
Yay for SLoD!
Yay for Pallas cats!!

Not so much on the surgery and the hospital being shady. What the hell?? Let me see what I can do. :)

I don't mean to be a wet blanket or anything, but I think Paypal's limit is $500 per month to transfer from paypal to a bank account. At least, that's what it is with my account. Just to help waylay any potential problems.

That said, I'm going to keep an eye on that comm to look for art!

Hm. That's a problem--she does have a business account, though, do you think that'll help?

(Honestly, I do too, and I don't remember having any problems last fall when I did the e-book. It may depend on what kind of account you have.)

The only thing that makes me feel bad about Martin Freeman being cast as Bilbo is that there is going to be loads of horrifying Sherlock/Lord of the Rings crossover fan fiction. I bet someone is writing it right now!

I'm pretty sure I saw instigation of such on Twitter a few minutes ago, yes.

By the end of the month or what? They're going to undo her surgery?

That's really horrible of them to go back on their payment plan like that >:P

Just remember, medical bills can't effect your credit score and as long as you pay some every time you get a statement you'll do alright.

We just had to do both of my boyfriend's eyes. It seems like all these places are kind of hincky.

best of luck to you all....

Best of luck to both your grandmothers. may they both make a fast, lingering and lasting full recovery!

and best of luck foresthouse...

*i mean Seriously????? Doctor should not be allowed to do that. Ever.
it seems like distortion to me*


I am so torn. Tiny Watson with furry feet! DO WANT. But no new Sherlock soon? Nooooes. :(

I remember reading that they were in talks so that he could do BOTH, which is full of glee.


The Tenth Doctor travels far back into Earth's history, and finds himself in an unassuming Hobbit Hole one stormy night while trying to get over the loss of Rose.

"What, Tolkien? He was a Time Lord, just a bit barmy about the Third Age." "Like you're barmy about the late 20th Century?" "Hush, you!"

I love David, but I don't really know what part he would be good for in this. I just don't see it.

The "special credit card" is probably CareCredit or something similar. It's a card used only for health care. I have one. They're not crazy-horrible...she could probably get a promotional rate of 14.99% over a period of 24 months. I don't math, but I *think* that would mean a monthly payment of less than $200.

Of course, I don't KNOW she'd get that exact deal, but she might want to look into it before writing it off completely. Even if she still decides against it, at least she'd know she'd definitely considered every option, ya know?

YAY Hobbit casting news!! As soon as I read Martin Freeman was in the running for Bilbo I couldn't unsee it. I can't wait to see him bring Bilbo to life.

So who would Saoirse Ronan play?

Looks like Neil Gaiman is getting involved, hooray!

Speaking of Pallas Cats, I saw this today and knew I had to link it to you:


Heeeee, I love that poster.

that's uuuhmazing. it's really cool to see people come together for the greater good of a complete stranger. you know it wouldn't have happened had you not made it public, cleo - you're a star, too :)

I PayPal'd her ten bucks. Wish I were Bill Gates and could PayPal her three grand.

Edited at 2010-10-22 09:59 am (UTC)

Re: moneys:

Have you considered setting up a tip jar in your sidebar? Josh Fruhlinger does that on Comics Curmudgeon. One of his commenters also does a biannual donation drive for him -- that last part draws nasty comments sometimes, so that might not be a good idea, but no one complains about the tip jar.